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Product Datafeed Magento Extension Module Review

Although we are trying to review only Magento 2 extensions, this time our attention has been captured by a reliable M1 solution by Commerce Extensions. Meet the Product Datafeed Magento module – a convenient solution for importing/exporting third-party supplier feeds. Below, we shed light on core extension’s features that should be soon available for Magento 2.

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According to Commerce Extensions, the Product Datafeed Magento module will help you move large-scale product datafeeds. Thus, you will easily create or update products on your Magento-based storefront. To make the whole process flawless, this Magento extensions carefully uses RAM. While importing an enormous feed, you won’t run out of RAM. Timing out is also eliminated! The process is safe, user-friendly, and easy to setup. Repetitive running is possible without any extra efforts.

Since Commerce Extensions Product Datafeed Magento module was developed with ecommerce merchants in mind, it provides the ability to combine multiple data feeds updating your store from several sources. To make the import process more precise, you can fully leverage composite identifiers. Commerce Extensions provides the following example: “manufacturer+sku”.

And as mentioned above, there is no timeout! As for the RAM usage, the Magento module allows you to set a limit, so a feed won’t use more than the amount you provide.

Also note that it is possible to add new columns to the main product grid that will displays additional information related to updates. Another great feature is autocomplete for file field names. At the same time, you can create conditions to exclude rows from the feed. Thus, the Product Datafeed Magento extension makes import accurate and easy to setup.

Besides, it is possible to precompile feed files. It is necessary to find out how Magento sees data before running a feed. And if some products are no longer present in the feed, you can easily set up a command that will delete them automatically.

And to illustrate the import progress, Product Datafeed Magento extension uses a progress bar. If you understand that something went wrong, you can kill the feed while running it avoiding further possible problems.

To make the feed creation more user-friendly, the module allows you to duplicate the existing feeds. You only have to change something within a new copy to create a unique feed. And if there are any unanswered questions, Commerce Extensions adds a section with instructional blocks to every feed page.

As for import sources, the Commerce Extensions Product Datafeed Magento extension allows you to upload feed files from a local server or FTP and HTTP and their safe variations. The module supports such formats as CSV, TXT, and XML. Furthermore, you can even import a ZIP file without unzipping it. Note that the archive should contain a file of one of the aforementioned file types.

Backend Configuration

After the Commerce Extensions Product Datafeed Magento extension is installed, configure cron on server. Note that this is a mandatory requirement. For cPanel, Plesk, or the command line configuration, the cron job should run every 1 or 5 minutes and execute the file from your Magento installation root directory.

In case of FTP/SFTP import, go to File Exchange -> Manage Server Connections and hit the “Add New Server Connection” button. Next, it is necessary to specify your connection credentials. Now, when all the necessary information is entered, you can check whether the connection was configured correctly. Click the “Test Connection” button. If everything is ok, save the configuration.

 Product Datafeed Magento Extension Module Review

Next, let’s see how to add file configuration. You can do it under File Exchange -> Manage File Configurations. There is the “Add New File Configuration” button. Hit it, follow the instructions, and save the configuration.

 Product Datafeed Magento Extension Module Review

A new product feed can be created under File Exchange -> Manage Product Feeds. There is the “Create New Product Feed” button there. Hit the button and follow the instructions. Next, clicks “Save and Continue Edit”. Now, you can enable the Test Mode. It imports only 10 products providing the ability to check whether the import works correctly. Hit the “Add to Queue” button to test the feed. If everything is ok, disable the Test Mode and run the feed by clicking the “Add to Queue” button once again.

 Product Datafeed Magento Extension Module Review

Final Words

If you still use Magento 1 and need a lot of products from several sources to be imported to your ecommerce website, pay attention to the Commerce Extensions Product Datafeed Magento module. It offers powerful capabilities when it comes to feed import/export. Unfortunately, the extension is not available for Magento 2, but we are waiting for the release!

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Magento 2 datafeed solution

If you are still looking for a Magento 2 datafeed solution we would like to point out Improved Import and Export extension for Magento 2. It is a full-featured import/export extension, with the open code, which is fully operational from the Magento 2 backend.

Improved Import and Export extension is capable of performing migration tasks from Magento 1 (including MagMi formats), Shopify, WooCommerce and other. The extension comes with the following features:

  • Support of import and export of all Magento 2 entities: products, orders, categories, customers, cart price rules, CMS blocks, CMS pages, product attributes and other.
  • Support of Magento 2 B2B and MSI extensions and can import: companies, shared catalogs, requisition lists, quotes, stock inventory and stock sources.
  • Multiple file formats: CSV, XML, Json, XLSX, ODS.
  • Multiple import and export sources: Google Sheets, file upload, url upload, FTP, SFTP, Dropbox.
  • Mapping of prices, categories, attributes and file separators inside the import/export jobs, including export job filters.
  • Open code with customization endpoints.
  • Extensive documentation covering every entity import and export with sample files.

The extension offers a complete solution for CRM and ERP systems and can serve as a solid integration base. With XSLT transformation templates support you can handle any XML file import. The extension can also be used as a PIM service for your Magento 2 store with Google Sheets support you can keep all your product data updated.

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Keep in mind that FireBear offers a free Product Feed Export add-on for Magento 2 that allows you to transfer your product feeds to such famous marketplaces as Google Shopping, Yandex Market, eBay, Facebook Page Shops, Amazon (Inventory, Marketplace, Ads), etc.

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