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Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of e-commerce store in search engine’s unpaid search results. Higher ranking and more frequent appearance in the search results list affects more traffic to the web site. For better SEO optimization of your Magento store you can use SEO Magento extensions. In this post, we gathered the best existing SEO toolkits and modules that improve other ecommerce aspects of your Magento website and at the same time positively affects SEO.

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Amasty SEO Toolkit

Magento SEO extensions

With this Magento SEO extension, you will bring your ecommerce website to a completely new level. The module offers an exclusive selection of tools designed to upgrade your Magento storefront according to the latest SEO trends and requirements.

The module provides the ability to create  a comprehensive sitemap, generate relevant meta tags, as well as export and import product tags without any headaches. Besides, you will be able to create short attractive URLs with Amasty SEO Toolkit. Another important feature, offered by this module is related to optimizing your product reviews and making them SEO-friendly. Hit the following link for further details.

Download / Buy Amasty SEO Toolkit Magento Extension

When it comes to Amasty, it is also necessary to mention other SEO extensions for Magento produces by the company. There are 13 more tools designed to improve your Magento website available here. The full portfolio of SEO Magento extensions includes:

Please note that some of Amasty’s SEO extensions are already included into the SEO Toolkit module, so you can get the desired features and at the same time save your expenditures.

Download / Buy Amasty SEO Toolkit Magento Extension

Advanced SEO Suite by Mirasvit

Magento SEO Extensions

Mirasvit also introduces a reliable SEO tool for Magento. The company’s solution heavily relies on various templates, so you can easily optimize categories and product groups for specific search terms. Consequently, you will improve the performance of your Magento storefront in all major search engines without any headaches.

Besides, this SEO Magento extension brings optimizations and improvements into the following areas: key phrases, URLs, canonical links, sitemap (both frontend and Google), ets. The module already includes Automatic Internal Links extension designed to improve internal relinking and support a lot of  3rd party plugins. For further information, follow the link below.

Download / Buy Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite Magento Extension

SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx

This Magento SEO extension has been designed to bring all important SEO features to hold successful search engine promotion. 

SEO Suite Ultimate by MageWorx includes such features as:

  • SEO Meta Templates for product, category and layered navigation pages,
  • Canonical URL and Robots Meta tags fine tuning.
  • advanced rich snippets,
  • extended SEO breadcrumbs,
  • custom SEO redirects and redirects for the deleted products,
  • tools for optimization of paginated categories.

Another important feature of SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx is the functionality of the Extended Sitemap Magento extension. It renders all Magento Catalog Categories, CMS Pages, Products, and additional configurable links with a hierarchical structure SEO which is optimized for web spiders on a single Site Map page. Such page is available through store footer link.

By installing SEO Suite Ultimate you also replace the default Magento Google Sitemap functionality for XML Sitemap files auto-generation with a more advanced functionality. With the extension, XML sitemaps can be generated separately for product, category, CMS and targeted landing pages. 

Hit this link:

Mageworx Magento 2 SEO Suite Extension

Google Shopping feed by Rocket Web

SEO Magento ExtensionsGoogle Shopping feed by Rocket Web is the most popular extension for Google Shopping. Being advanced and feature rich, Google Shopping feed extension also meets all the international requirements and specifics for apparel products. It requires some data entry, but the process is as painless as possible. As a result you get feed appropriate to Google’s full specification.

The main goal of Google Shopping feed is to get as close as possible to excellent feed data and zero maintenance when the feed is setup. All tutorials are available on the product page of this Magento extension. You can set up Google Shopping feed yourself or ask Rocket Web to do this.

The extension costs $199 and you can download it here. Note that good feed might be considered as a ranking factor, so don’t miss a chance to improve your Magento SEO.

Google Universal Analytics by Aromicon

SEO Magento ExtensionsThis free extensions adds Google Universal Analytics to e-commerce store (new Google Universal Analytics Script is used). It also includes Ecommerce Tracking. Google Universal Analytics by Aromicon is compatible with the latest Magento CE and Magento EE versions. Besides, the “old” Google Analytics Script also works with this extension.

Google Universal Analytics is fast and easy ti install. It enables e-commerce Tracking for Magento Store and Funnel Tracking for Checkout. Another graet new is that no template changes are required. To give Google Universal Analytics by Aromicon a try follow this link and don’t forget that robust analytics will always help you improve your SEO.

Magento WordPress Integration by FishPig

SEO Magento ExtensionsBlog was always a reliable SEO tool, therefore we’d like to draw your attention to Magento WordPress Integration by FishPig. The module combines a WordPress blog with an e-commerce Magento store and keeps the same URL’s. As a result WordPress posts are associated with Magento products.

The extension is completely free and it is easy to install via Magento Connect. Magento WordPress Integration doesn’t require any modification to the Magento core or of WordPress files. With this extension you can use the same theme for both Magento and WordPress. Hit this link to download Magento WordPress Integration by FishPig.

AddThis by AddThis

SEO Magento ExtensionsBy installing this extension you can get more traffic back to your e-commerce site and consequently improve SEO. With AddThis your users get possibility to promote your content on 330  social networks and bookmarking sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc).

The module is used on over 12 million domains. Besides sharing options, it also provides you with statistics: which services are used for sharing the most, which content is most popular, what text is copied from the site. All this data are available in real time. The extension has a strong SEO potential, is free, and you can download it here.

Creare SEO by CreareGroup

SEO Magento ExtensionsMagento is very SEO-ready out-of-the-box, but with Creare SEO extension can make your e-commerce store even more SEO friendly. By installing this SEO Magento extension you will get a list of new settings tools, designed to solve such issues as unwanted 404 pages or duplicate content.

To learn more about Creare SEO by CreareGroup visit this page. You can also download the extension there for free.

Turpentine by Nexcess

SEO Magento ExtensionsTurpentine is a full page cache solution for Magento e-commerce stores that works with Varnish. By default, Varnish does not cache requests with cookies so every Magento system sends the frontend cookie with every request causing very low hit-rate for Varnish’s cache.

By installing Turpentine you configures Varnish to work with your Magento and modifies Magento’s behavior and algorithms. It improves the cache hit rate significantly. Turpentine by Nexcess is absolutely free and you can get it here. Note that FPC modules offer better user experience and, as a result, improve Magento SEO.

One Step Checkout by

SEO Magento ExtensionsOne Step Checkout is absolutely redesigned from the standard checkout process of Magento. It turns six standard Magento checkout steps into one.

By installing this extension you get a more user-friendly checkout process, so more customers complete their sales. And once again: the happier your customers are the better treatment from search engines you have. Thus, One Step Checkout is a good Magento SEO extension that costs €245.00 and you can buy it here.