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Best Magento SEO Extensions 2016

- Magento tips & tricks

magento seo extensions

Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of e-commerce store in search engine’s unpaid search results. Higher ranking and more frequent appearance in the search results list affects more traffic to the web site. For better SEO optimization of your Magento store you can use SEO Magento extensions. In this post, we gathered the best existing SEO toolkits and modules that improve other ecommerce aspects of your Magento website and at the same time positively affects SEO.

Magento SEO Guide

Magento 2 SEO Guide

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Amasty SEO Toolkit for Magento 1

Amasty SEO Toolkit Magento Extension; Amasty SEO Toolkit Magento 2 Module

There is also a place for a full featured SEO solution among other Magento extensions by Amasty. Although the SEO Toolkit module is not the most popular SEO tool in the ecosystem, it still deserves your attention. Besides, we also recommend you to check Mageworx Magento 2 SEO Suite Extension. Other reliable SEO extensions are described here: Best Magento SEO Extensions 2016. But let’s return to Amasty SEO Toolkit for Magento 1. It’s Magento 2 version is reviewed here: Magento 2 SEO Toolkit by Amasty. Continue Reading


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DIY SEO: Mobile SEO Guide; Magento mobile SEO guide

It has been a year now since Google announced mobile friendliness to have become an important factor for determining the relevance of a website. This seems to be inevitable if we consider the fact that each year there are more and more people preferring mobile over desktop for surfing the Internet, communicating, working, and relaxing. Every fourth instance of an Internet search is performed through a mobile device, while almost 80% of all smartphones are used for local search purposes. Moreover, due to the functional differences, searching on PC and searching on mobile is performed in a completely different way. With this information in mind, E-Commerce businesses should obviously start thinking about enhancing their online presence by meeting the needs of mobile searchers and their devices.

Becoming mobile-friendly is the first requirement of a good mobile search engine optimization strategy. Like traditional SEO, mobile SEO allows you to rank higher in SERPs, but the actual ways of achieving this aim are a bit different in the latter one. The concept of mobile friendliness is linked to the mobile user himself, what he expects to see when tapping on your link, and how he is to behave on the mobile version of the site. However, mobile SEO is much more than that.  It is an opportunity to use technological growth for the sake of the growth of your own company.

So, this definitive guide is going to answer all your questions concerning mobile SEO and the ways of making your website both mobile-friendly and technically efficient.  Note that the following article can be used as a Magento mobile SEO guide. The information gathered below is aimed at various platforms and websites, so you can easily leverage it while optimizing your ecommerce business. Continue Reading

DIY SEO: Local SEO Guide (Magento Tips Included)

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DIY SEO: Magento local SEO guide

You’ve heard for many times already about the crucial importance of content in any type of SEO campaign. You’ve heard about the power of keywords that make it possible to significantly improve your website ranking. What you could’ve missed, however, is that in 2014, Google released the update for its local search algorithm, also known as Pigeon, which was aimed to provide a better visibility of local listings in Google’s search results. This event had a massive influence on the entire E-Commerce community: some businesses experienced a certain decrease in their rankings, while others suddenly got to the top positions in the search results list. After location and distance became prioritized by Google’s search engine algorithm, there was a slight shift in search engine marketing that made local content the primary SEO aim for both large and small E-Commerce businesses. That’s when local SEO comes into focus. Note that that the following material can be used as a Magento local SEO guide.  Continue Reading

DIY SEO: Google PageRank

DIY SEO: Magento Google PageRank Guide

It is hard to imagine how much E-Commerce depends on search engine rankings nowadays. Numerous websites continuously compete against each other for the right to get to the top positions in Google search results with the ultimate aim to drive more traffic and attract more potential customers. It is widely known that the most proven way to get good rankings is through creating a high-end content which is likely to be relevant to other websites and users. Being relevant to people equals being relevant to search engines – this is the concept underlying Google’s famous link analysis algorithm that has been successfully used for years to effectively rank websites based on their potential importance to internet users. So, this is our extensive guide on everything that concerns Google PageRank, its main features, SEO implementation methods, and many more. And as you might have guessed, the guide is fully compatible with Magento! Continue Reading

Ultimate Guide to Magento SEO

- E-Commerce

E-Commerce and Magento SEO Ultimate Guide

Search engines provide your potential customers with a list of search results, where your e-commerce Magento website is shown. The list of search results often consist of hundreds of pages, and you will agree that your store should be at the top of this list. Otherwise, it will be lost among other results, and your potential customers will never find it. In this post, we have gathered everything you need to know about search engine optimization of your Magento store. Want to know what to do with the website in order to optimize SEO and climb to the top of all search results? Check the post below.


You can read the full version of this post in our “Magento DIY. The complete Guide” book. Besides SEO, the it describes a lot of other improvements and modifications. For instance, the book shows how to improve performance, security, and other vital aspects of every ecommerce website, run a successful marketing campaign, and create a top-notch user experience. Furthermore, “Magento DIY” teaches how to get all Enterprise-level features on the basis of the Community Edition platform and implement opportunities which are not available in both editions out-of-the-box. The article is just the beginning, and all robust improvements are described in the book. For further information about  “Magento DIY,” follow the link below:

Magento DIY. The complete Guide

DIY Guide to Magento

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Multilingual SEO Ultimate Guide

- E-Commerce

Multilingual SEO: search engine optimization for multiple languages and countriesE-commerce opens up opportunities to enlarge the scope of your enterprise to keep up with the times of the global economy. If you take a look at an international market, you will notice that outside of your country there are millions of people that could easily become your own customers. All you have to do is to let them purchase your goods and services as easy as they can do it through their local websites. It is time to adjust your website for an international consumer and to become a part of a really competitive market.

For those of you who would like to get the guaranteed search engine optimization for your website there is a safe strategy that will become handy if you’re aiming at an international audience. The matter concerns multilingual SEO which allows you to take a firmer grip of both English-language and foreign-language searchers. The strategy includes writing, designing and ranking a website to make its content equally accessible and user-friendly in multiple countries. Here’s our useful and rather profound insight into multilingual SEO strategy and the ways to adjust it to your website. Continue Reading