The Best Live Chat Magento Extensions

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Live Chat Magento ExtensionsChances are, you regularly lose potential customers, because they don’t receive answers to their questions in real time. But you can change the situation dramatically by adding a live chat support. With an online chat system your customers will get an immediate access to help. Keep in mind, that they also get the reduced waiting time, which is often much less than in a case with a call support. At the same time, it is also more cost effective solution than a call support. Live chat leads to lowering average interaction costs and reduces the need to hire more employees.

By installing live chat on your Magento store you will increase conversion rate, reduce costs, and get more loyal customers. But which solution should you choose? In this post, we will answer this question by discussing the best Live Chat Magento Extensions.

Live Chat Magento 2 Extensions

Official Zopim Live Chat

Live Chat Magento Extensions

This extension is a great tool for improving interaction between you and your users. As a result, you can increase the time they spend on your e-commerce site. Zopim Live Chat is extremely easy to setup. The overall process takes just 60 seconds. The extension allows you to initiate a chat with your visitors, monitor their activity and gather data (entry, history, location, current URL). In addition you can customize the chat widget. Don’t forget, that Official Zopim Live Chat Magento extension is absolutely free.

Download Official Zopim Live Chat Magento Extension

LiveChat – live chat software

Live Chat Magento Extensions

LiveChat Magento extension enables you or your salesforce to communicate with visitors right on the website. With the extension, you will help customers to find what they are looking for before they leave the site. Thus, your e-commerce store will get higher conversion rate. Provide your customers with reliable and secure communication with LiveChat Magento extension! The module costs $36.

Purchase LiveChat – Live Chat Magento Software

Olark Live Chat

Live Chat Magento Extensions

Olark Live Chat lets you answer questions immediately while your visitors keep shopping. Additionally, you can see how your customers browse your store, what is in their carts, and what they are looking at. There is also a notification system, provided by Olark Live Chat Magento extension. The module is free.

Download Olark Live Chat Magento Extension

LiveAgent – Live chat & Helpdesk

Live Chat Magento Extensions

This is a complete customer support platform. LiveAgent provides Live Chat integration and different Helpdesk features: Call center, Email ticketing, Facebook and Twitter support,  Knowledge base, Feedback buttons, etc. The contact button is fully customizable. It is possible to change its welcome message, position, or color. The extension supports multiple languages, and you can get it for free.

Download LiveAgent – Live chat & Helpdesk Magento Extension

Casengo Live Chat Widget

Live Chat Magento Extensions

This is another live chat for your Magento store. Unlike other solutions, it requires a registered account. The extension itself is fully customizable. It relies on the usage of a knowledge base, but also supports a real-time interaction. In addition, you get basic reporting tools. You can download Casengo Live Chat Widget Magento extension for free, but keep in mind, that Casengo account is free for only 30 days.

Download Casengo Live Chat Widget Magento Extension