Best Tools And Extensions For Magento Developers (debug, extensions development, IDE plugins, data base debug, unit tests)

- Magento tips & tricks


In this post, you will find all the necessary extensions and tools for the Magento development. Although there are free and paid solutions with absolutely different functionalities produced by both big companies and single developers, each Magento development extension, plugin, or tool offers a great opportunity to improve the way you work within the platform. Some tools will help you to reduce time and effort usually spent on performing various routine tasks, while others will make your projects more robust and reliable. We will provide you with more details after the break.

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The Best Referral And Affiliate Marketing Magento Extensions

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Add new customers to your e-commerce business by implementing referral and affiliate marketing. The difference between them is that the affiliate marketing relationships are financially driven while the ones in referral marketing are personal. By choosing affiliate marketing, you motivate your customers to promote your business for the financial reward. As a result, they work with people they don’t know. In its turn, referral marketing relies on altruism, underpinned by a discount or some other incentive. In referral marketing, your customers recommend you to someone know quite well. Now when you know the difference, we can introduce you to the most reliable referral and affiliate marketing Magento extensions.

Referral Magento Extensions; Affiliate Magento Extensions

Magento 2 Referral And Affiliate Marketing Extensions

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Custom Product Options Magento Extensions

- Magento tips & tricks

Create and assign new custom product options for Magento with ease. You just have to choose one of custom product options Magento extensions described below. Such tools allow you to create custom options and assigning them to all your products or chosen few ones. It is possible to apply new options right on the product edit page. If you have a limited budget. note that our post provides both free and paid extensions.

Custom Product Options Magento 2 Extensions


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The Best Magento Extensions For Extended Discounts And Promotion Rules

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Get your customers involved into the marketing process by adding the advanced discount system to your Magento store. Create different rules and motivate your visitors to perform certain actions by installing one or several Magento extensions for extended discounts and promotion rules. Enhance your e-commerce business with reliable tools and toolsets.

Magento 2 Extensions For Advanced Discounts And Promotion Rules

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The Best Improved Catalog Layer Navigation Magento Extensions

- Magento tips & tricks


Provide your customers with a clear path from the homepage of your website to the product they are looking for. Make it simple and obvious, otherwise your customers will get lost and left you store. Stop losing your revenue with optimized layered navigation. To improve the default option you can choose one of the further mentioned Improved Catalog Layer Navigation Magento Extensions.

Improved Catalog Layered Navigation for Magento 2

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The Best Magento Extensions For Improved Catalog Search

Magento extensions for improved catalog search

Every e-commerce site needs a great searching tool. By installing the correct extension you will provide your visitors with the ability to easily navigate and find the content they are looking for. Add a fast and friendly search to your ecommerce store with one of the best improved catalog search Magento extensions. The best solutions are described below.

The Best eCommerce Search Engines

Magento 2 Extensions for Improved Catalog Search

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Must Have WordPress Plugins

- Word Press

WordPress is both a blogging tool and a content management system, which is free and open source with more than 60 million websites. It is based on a plugin architecture and templates. WordPress first appeared in 2003, and now it provides a lot of possibilities for both blogging and e-commerce. In this post we gathered all must have extensions for a successful WordPress projects.


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