Magento 2 Git and Deployment

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Magento 2 Git strategy

If you had a coding experience with Magento 1, you might have utilized a deploy tool designed to pull in the GIT repository, ran such commands as modman deploy-all, and check if a var directory is writable. But how did all these things change with the appearance of Magento 2? Below, you will get the answer. The following Magento 2 Git and deployment guide describes such important aspects as the best gitignore, project deployment, pre- and post deploy commands, etc. Continue Reading

How to install PHP 7

- PHP 7

installing PHP 7

Below, we explain how to install PHP 7. If you think it is a complex procedure, we have to disappoint you – installing PHP 7.0.0 is a piece of cake. Our guide is divided into several sections each of which describes PHP 7 installation depending on a specific platform. Additionally, you will find links to other Firebear’s materials about the latest version of the coding language in the end of the article. Continue Reading

How To Set Up & Configure Server For Magento 2 & 1

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Magento server configuration

The following guide teaches how to set up and configure server for both Magento 2 and 1.X. Below, you will find a list of providers that offer cheap but quite powerful and reliable dedicated server solutions, discover how to install all-in-one web stack required by your Magento website (including Nginx, Apache, MariaDB, PHP 5.6, OPCache, and Redis), get a deep insight on the usage of Composer, Git, IonCube, XDebug & PHPUnit, Solr, Varnish, as well as Grunt and RabbitMQ on a server. Magento server configuration is a piece of cake! Continue Reading

Magento Marketplace – facts, thoughts, and expectations

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New Magento Connect

Magento 2 is now available, but it is not the only ecosystem’s improvement. Meet a completely revamped version of the platform’s marketplace. Below, we share some facts, thoughts, and expectations related to Magento Marketplace.

Being the largest ecommerce resource for Magento apps and services, Magento Marketplace gathers the most reliable software solutions by top developers. Their products expand the potential of the ecommerce platform with new features and you can easily get all desired improvements with Magento Marketplace. Extensions on the website are:

  • easy to discover;
  • of high quality.

The marketplace is designed with customers in mind (and with developers), so it is easy to discover relevant products. As a customer of Magento Marketplace, you get curated user experience, new functionality, and everything necessary for making your business thrive. You can trust all products from the new website, since they are precisely reviewed and checked for quality.

Thus, Magento Marketplace introduces a great chance to stay on top of all new innovations. The platform offers a plethora of themes designed to make your website looking fresh and unique. Besides, you can get voice support and even installation of extensions as a part of your purchase.

Magento Marketplace Merchant Guide

Magento Marketplace Developer Guide

UPD (18.11.15): Magento Connect has been updated

UPD (14.12.15): Magento Marketplace (70/30 revenue share split)

UPD (10.04.16): Magento Marketplace has been released

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Magento 2 Observers

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Observers in Magento 2

This article sheds light on Magento 2 observers – event handlers that listen to events they are attached to and respond to these events. Since Magento 2 signifiantly differs from 1.X, the observers registration and creation include some new aspects described below. Continue Reading

Magento 2 Developer’s Cookbook: Useful Code Snippets, Tips, and Notes

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Magento 2 Development; Magento 2 tutorial

Since Magento 2 has been already released, there are a lot of reliable data sources related to the new version of the platform. Thus, we’ve decided to create this tiny Magento 2 Developer’s Cookbook, which is based on our experience, official devdocs, materials from Magento StackExchange, and other sources.  In the post below, you will find code snippets, tips, and notes about Magento 2.  And don’t forget to examine the following links, as they also provide a lot of useful information.

Everything about Magento 2 on Firebear

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