Magento 2 Developer Training in London, February 27-28, 2019

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We are delighted to share with you new Magento 2 Developer Training by Pronko Consulting. Ever wanted to grow your knowledge with Magento 2? The new training will cover practical aspects of development and customization techniques with Magento 2.

Are you ready to empower your development skills with Magento 2 and earn more money?

About Magento 2 Developer Training

This is going to be a 2-day training led by Max Pronko. Usually, one-day training isn’t always enough when it comes to Magento 2 platform. New-comers are looking for a more practical explanation on how to start working with Magento 2.

More mature Magento developers are looking to bring the gap between their practical experience and the overall understanding of how Magento 2 platform has been built and what are the possible capabilities developers can benefit from.

Even if you are an experienced Magento 2 developer with a good understanding on how to write Magento 2 extensions there are endless learning opportunities which will allow you to grow to a new professional level.

Lately, Magento has released new Magento 2.3 Open Source edition will all new features like declarative schema, GraphQL, Multi-Source Inventory support etc. The Magento 2 Developer Training is going to be focused on Magento 2.3. However, we are going to also discuss, how you can build Magento 2 extensions which support multiple Magento 2 versions and editions including Magento 2 Open Source, Magento 2 Commerce and Magento 2 Cloud.

There are lots to learn if you would like to build high-quality functionality with Magento 2. It includes Magento 2 layout system, UI Components, and UI Library, request workflow, Dependency Injection, Configuration, Dependencies between modules and dependencies to Magento 2 core modules, Virtual Types, Preferences, declarative schema, GraphQL and so on.

During the 2-day Magento 2 Developer Training, we are going to see how Magento 2 works, how we can build custom extensions, how Magento 2 can be installed locally and configured, so we can effectively develop customizations backend as well as frontend ones. The Magento 2 Developer Training will be a great start if you want to get better with your development skills.

After this training, you should understand how Magento 2 is structured, learn available tools for development, and be able to develop extensions using great development practices. At the same time, the training will cover the most important technical concepts every Magento 2 developer should know.

Magento 2 Developer Training Location

What other location can be better for the training than London city? London city is the very fantastic city which makes travelers come back again and again. The Magento 2 Developer Training is going to be in Central London, UK. The exact location is finalizing and will be sent to all attendees. Also, we have great hotel recommendations close to a venue which we also plan to share for your convenience.

Dates and Prices

We are happy to share a limited amount of seats for Early Bird price only £300 which lasts till January 31, 2019. The regular price is £500 and will last till February 26, 2019.

Magento 2 Developer Training is scheduled for February 27-28, 2019. This is going to be 2 full day training, starts from 9 AM and up until 5 PM, with the lunch break as well as a few coffee breaks.

Commonly asked questions

Should I bring my laptop to the Magento 2 Developer Training?

Yes, as part of the Magento 2 Developer Training we are going to perform exercises and write code to get a better understanding of best development practices. Also, it will help to personally try new knowledge on practice.

Will the Magento 2 Developer Training be online so I can watch later?

The benefit of the 2-day training is to ask as many questions as possible and get as much practical advice during the session. Usually, when you try a new technique, there are lots of questions and trying to find yourself is a time-consuming process. We aren’t sure if the training will be online.

How can I reserve a seat for the training?

Simply go the link below where you can read all information about the Magento 2 Developer Training, its agenda and buy a ticket.

About Consultant

Max Pronko is a leading Magento 2 developer with over 15 years of hands-on development and consulting experience. Max has Magento 2 Professional Developer and Magento 1 Developer certifications. Max runs a YouTube channel where he shares tutorials and best development practices on how to work with Magento 2 platform. His primary goal is to share knowledge and help developers to become professional Magento 2 developers and build complex and elegant e-commerce systems. Max is the CEO and Founder of Pronko Consulting.