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Elastic Ecommerce All-In-One Magento 2 Extension

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Today, we present a highly flexible and robust solution built to improve the Magento search functionality on an ecommerce site – Elastic All-In-One Magento 2 extension by Elastic Ecommerce. The module is powered by the Elasticsearch Engine, providing users with a high-speed and accurate search function on a Magento 2 store. The complete Elasticsearch suite gathers all features of Elastic Smart Autocomplete, Elastic Multifaceted Autocomplete, and Elastic Layered Navigation in one mighty extension. With the Magento 2 module, you drastically improve customer experience on your storefront, while your admins enjoy user-friendly backend interface.

Below, we shed light on the benefits the Magento 2 Elasticsearch suite by Elastic Ecommerce brings to both online shoppers and Magento admins in more detail.

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Mageplaza Magento 2 Security Extension

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Have you ever concerned about your e-store’s vulnerability? It seems like there exist many security flaws of which hackers can take advantage to serve their evil purposes. In fact, it is uneasy and costly to hire an IT expert to keep an eye on your store’s security issues; but if you don’t care much about this, your store can be an ideal prey for bad guys. That is the reason why it is essential to have a thorough yet economical solution that helps handle all the fundamental difficulties you are facing.

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Meet the Future: 10 Most Impressive Electronic Magento Templates

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10 Most Impressive Electronic Magento Templates

Modern technologies develop fast. Sometimes too fast. The things we considered to be innovative become outdated in a few months after the launch. So, in the light of fast changing environment it’s important to make a brand noticed among many others to succeed.

Creating a website is one of such ways. It helps the company to establish its own brand and make it noticed. Technology companies and online stores usually lead the way for other companies. And in most cases they have the best websites created with the latest trends in mind.

To keep in pace with fast changing world of technology, it’s better to get a good base for a website and fill it with your content. Ready-made templates are some kind of a sheet anchor here. They save you from many issues and worries concerning a website creation. Choosing a proper platform and installing a ready-made template to it allows a technology-business owner getting online presence fast. Continue Reading