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How to Export XLSX Files From BigCommerce

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BigCommerce Import: products, customers, orders

When it comes to choosing export file formats, you might experience limitations associated with BigCommerce’s preference for CSV files. If you and your partners prefer this file standard, it won’t take much effort to complete your export procedure. But what if your partner specifically requires updates in XLSX format? The only conventional method BigCommerce offers involves converting these files from CSV to XLSX after exporting, which can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, there’s a more efficient way to update your partner’s system without the need for this conversion, associated with the Improved Import & Export Tool for BigCommerce. This application offers full support for XLSX files in both import and export operations. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of exporting XLSX files from BigCommerce. But before we dive into that, let’s take a moment to explore the distinctions between CSV and XLSX. And be sure to check out our BigCommerce Cookbook for additional helpful recommendations. Continue Reading

Important official security & business announcement from Firebear Studio GMBH about Vitaly Verbitsky – 28.04.2022

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Important official security & business announcement from Firebear Studio GMBH about Vitaly Verbitsky – 28.04.2022

Vitaly Verbitsky is no longer affiliated by any means with Firebear Studio. Vitaly has been fired for cause, fraud, and fraudulent behavior. We are pressing charges against Vitaly and strongly advise against doing business with him. Firebear Studio GMBH partners and customers are safe and can always count on our support and expertise.

If you are receiving any emails from Vitaly on behalf of Firebear Studio – make sure to ignore them and block the person.

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Import/Export cookbook: How to import product prices for Magento 2 Shared Catalogs

Shared Catalogs allow Magento 2 Commerce owners to create product categories for particular companies (Magento 2 B2B feature) with the individual prices, which are not available for general customers. In this article we will use Improved Import & Export extension to import and export prices for the Shared Catalogs.

Shared Catalogs feature the same exact products which are available in your product catalog, however the prices for such products may be adjusted for B2B company customer accounts. Now, how can you import these product prices inside your Magento 2? In this cookbook article I will explain that it is nothing new, and you already know how to do it, and have probably done it many times.

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Import/Export cookbook: How to import products to Magento 2 with VAT price included and deduct the VAT automatically to display regular price

When you import products to your Magento 2 store, often the ‘Price’ column from the file already includes VAT. However, if you want to sell products for their real price, how do you import such products?

Do you edit the imported table manually before the import? Ask your supplier to send you prices without VAT?

However, you sometimes cannot get prices without VAT. Your supplier sends you the file from their warehouse, and cannot control how the prices are printed. Or the ERP system sends a json file, which is hard to edit.

You can do it, specify VAT and have it deducted automatically with the Improved Import & Export extension for Magento 2. Below, I will tell you how to do it, in a few steps.

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MageMojo – Magento Hosting of Your Dream

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For over a decade, MageMojo delivers the best hosting services to Magento users all over the globe. The company provides merchants, developers, and agencies with the most powerful, reliable, and feature-rich services via Stratus – a modern cloud-hosting platform from MageMojo. Here at Firebear, we were always impressed with what the company does. And now, we are happy to announce our partnership with MageMojo. 

While most of our readers are probably familiar with Improved Import & Export, SAP connector, and other tools and services that we provide to our partners, let’s say a few more words about MageMojo and its Stratus. Continue Reading

Cipher – Digital Craftsmen from Bangkok

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We are glad to announce another digital agency that relies on our products. Meet Cipher – one of the rapidly growing IT companies of Thailand. Our partner started as a software development agency and became a significant market player in its country and the surrounding region. Its primary goal is to provide IT services to other businesses in Bangkok and beyond. As for Firebear’s role, we offer our Improved Import & Export along with other extensions to help Cipher streamline multiple complex integrations, synchronizations, e-commerce migrations, and numerous other processes associated with data transfers. Continue Reading

How to export customers with custom attributes in Magento 2

Magento 2 export CLI

We continue sifting the endless StackExchange desert in an attempt to discover the most helpful discussion. This time, our attention has been captured by an export-related issue. Transferring customer data from Magento 2 has never been a problem. Unless you change something. In this StackExchange discussion, the author created a custom attribute before moving prospect data from the website. However, the default export tool failed to satisfy the designated business requirements. 

Below, we shed light on how to fix the problem and export customers with custom attributes in Magento 2. We provide the solution from the StackExchange discussion. You will find a method that helped its author export customers with custom attributes from Magento 2. Note that it requires coding experience to be implemented. Thus, non-technical users won’t be able to satisfy similar business goals with this approach. Therefore, we also deliver an absolutely different way of transferring any custom buyer data from Magento 2 based on the Improved Import & Export module. The tool lets you work with any custom attributes and also delivers numerous other features that simplify data transfer processes.
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SAP Business One In-Depth Review: How to Prepare for an MRP Run in SAP B1

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sap business one tutorial

In the following article, we continue our exploration of the SAP Business One MRP. Recently, we’ve defined the material requirements planning of SAP B1. Below, we describe how to prepare for the corresponding processes that take place in the ERP system. As you’ve probably guessed already, much of the preparations for an MRP run in SAP Business One take place through the normal routine of using the system. Initially, you need to prepare master data for such areas and entities as items, inventory, purchase orders, production orders, sales orders, bills of material, forecasts, etc. Next, keep all the related information up to date, and MRP will gift you with an accurate view of your requirements. Continue Reading

Magento 2 import and export guide list

Since Magento 2 import and export are complex processes that require additional knowledge and skills, it is hard to cover all their nuances in a single article. Therefore, you can find dozens of materials dedicated to Magento 2 data transfers in our blog. To simplify your interactions with all these publications, we’ve gathered them in this guide list. Below, you will find articles related to Magento 2 import and export processes divided into the following groups: General import instructions, Magento 2 product import, Additional import entities, other articles. We describe the native data transfer solutions as well as shed light upon the core alternatives. You will find out how to automate import/export processes, transfer data from external systems, use Google Sheets and other platforms to move data files from, leverage APIs in import and export processes, etc. By default, Magento 2 offers quite scarce data transfer solutions, especially when it comes to the Open Source version. However, you can easily enhance the basic functionality. Read the corresponding materials listed below to discover the most reliable ways to get fully featured import/export instruments.

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