DIY SEO: The Best SEO Software And Tools 2016

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40 SEO Analyzers, Checkers, And Reporting Tools

In this article, we’ve gathered the best SEO software available on the Internet. There are both free and paid solutions, which have a wide range of use. Our DIY SEO post describes various SEO analyzers, SEO reporting software, SEO management tools, SEO optimization platforms, and SEO checkers. Each tool has a short description and a link to its official website. All solutions are relevant for 2016.

If you don’t know how to check SEO keyword competition or are wondering how to perform a sterling SEO keyword competition analysis, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we introduce the best SEO competitive analysis tools.

IOCheck SEO Tools

IOCheck SEO software

Run a SEO check with IOCheck – the latest SEO software tool. Research keywords, find out keyword grouping, analyse competitors, and run morphological analysis with the newest SEO optimization software.

Paste several keywords relevant in your business niche  and get a bunch of new keywords from various sources. Upload a list of keywords and IOCheck will provide you with the analysis of your competitors. Run a competitor’s website SEO check and the map keys necessary to improve your own content.

For further information, follow this link:

Ahrefs SEO Software

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

With Ahrefs you get the ability to check your backlinks, brand mentions, and keywords. The platform provides such tools as site position, and content explorers; position tracker; alert system; and crawl reports.

By using the site explorer, you can get a deep insight into a backlink profile of your website. Besides, you can scan your competitors to see, how well they are doing with backlinks and anchors.

As for the position explorer, it analyzes search traffic. Take a target website and get all information about its ranking in search engines, find out if it relies on paid advertising, or check its paid keywords.

In its turn the content explorer helps to scan a certain niche and discover the most popular content there.

You can find other Ahrefs’ features on its official website. Please note that this SEO software is recommended by Brian Dean (Backlinko founder) and Neil Patel (KissMetrics).

Get Ahrefs SEO software


SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

The SISTRIX SEO toolbox is a top-notch software solution popular among SEO specialists, which offers 6 independent blocks: SEO, Universal, Links, Ads, Social, and Optimizer. If you don’t need all these blocks, you can easily subscribe to a single module. Consequently, you pay for features you need.

As for the first SEO block, it offers SEO optimization software and SEO analyzers necessary to streamline your organic search results.

The Universal module analyzes Universal Search Integrations within news, videos, photos, and other content.

The block dedicated to links provides you with a deep insight into your backlink profile. Alternatively, you can scan your competitors or check any link risks.

The Ads block offers all possible tools aimed at AdWords and banner campaigns analysis.

And the Social module introduces social signals from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ +, and LinkedIn.

The Optimizer block has everything necessary for creating unique keyword sets.

As you can see SISTRIX is another robust SEO software which provides reporting, optimization , and management SEO tools. Follow the link below to find out more information:

Get SISTRIX SEO software


SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

If you are looking for a free SEO software solution, we recommend you to pay attention to It covers everything from from broken links to keyword monitoring and provides tools necessary to optimize all aspects of your websites including source code.

Besides, OnPage SEO software provides intelligent algorithms which help to leverage all SEO potential of your content. You will also get a single page analysis solution that works in real time.

And you will be able to monitor your competitors as well. Keep an eye on third-party websites to be aware of the latest trends and innovations other market players implement in their businesses.

As for the free plan, offers over 160 tools and features. Besides, you can utilize Robots.txt, Text Uniqueness, and Compatibility Check tools out of charge. For further information, hit the following link:

Get OnPage SEO software


SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

If you need a free SEO software solution that can provide an instant review of your website, pay attention to WooRank. Although the tool allows generate a limited number of reports, you can save them for further review. The paid plan doesn’t have any limitations.

Every WooRank’s report contains the following sections: Marketing Checklist (the most important actions), SEO (correspondence to the best SEO practices), Mobile (mobile optimizations related to SEO), Usability (shows how user-friendly your website is), Technologies (different SEO aspects and features), Social (the popularity of your website on social networks), Local (listings in local directories), and Visitors (popularity from the perspective of traffic estimates).

Get WooRank SEO software


SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Searchmetrics is famous for its enterprise SEO suit. The platform provides tools which essentially simplifies your routine related to search engine optimizations, content marketing analysis, and business forecasting. This SEO software analyzes your online enterprise and offers reports and recommendations regarding website improvements necessary to make it more reachable for your potential customers. You get the analysis that reveals opportunities, the decisions are up to you.

Searchmetrics offers the following blocks of SEO software:

  • Content Optimization. SEO tools from this block provide the ability to engage more visitors.
  • Mobile SEO. With the Mobile SEO block, you get an opportunity to examine your mobile rankings and the appropriate traffic.
  • Social SEO. This one helps to improve content strategies and fine-tune your appearance on social media services.
  • Global SEO.  Global SEO is designed to boost your global search performance.
  • Local SEO. In contrary to Global SEO, the Local SEO block reveals trends and opportunities related to your neache and local market.
  • Backlink Analysis. The name of this block speaks for itself. Structure with Backlink Analysis
  • Site Optimization. The Site Optimization block provides tools developed to make your website more attractive to all possible search engines.
  • PPC. There is even a SEO software solution aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of your PPC activities.
  • Keyword Analysis. Is another obvious set of SEO tools and features.

Go to the official Searchmetrics website for more detailed information.

Get Searchmetrics SEO software

SEO Site Checkup

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

SEO Site Checkup is another SEO analyzer you can utilize out of charge. Additionally to your own website, you can scan your competitors or any other third party websites with this SEO software.  SEO Site Checkup performs 45 checks divided into 6 categories. A summary generated by this free SEO analyzer contains the following data:

  • Your Common SEO Issues
  • Possible Speed Optimizations
  • Necessary Server & Security Improvements
  • Mobile Usability Enhancements
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Semantic Web & Structured Data Usage

Get SEO Site Checkup

Site Auditor

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Being a part of the Raven Tools suite, Site Auditor is also a robust SEO analyzer. Although there is no free plan, we recommend you to check this SEO software, since it provides quite informative reports:

  • Site Auditor shows website’s visibility for various search engines;
  • describes how well is your metadata;
  • analyses textual content;
  • provides information on links both internal and external;
  • examines images with their metadata;
  • analyzes site’s headingsand microdata;
  • shows page speed for both desktop and mobile devices;
  • compares crawls of your website.

Run SEO check with Site Auditor SEO Software

Site Analyzer

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Free SEO software is also represented by Site Analyzer. This tool covers 71 data points, divided into 5 groups. The tool offers a global score as well as provides isights into:

  • general data about your website (Accessibility);
  • HTML/CSS elements implementation (Design);
  • text-related data (Texts);
  • images, frames, and icons (Multimedia);
  • internal links, indexation, integration with social media (Networking);

Generate a report with Site Analyzer

Marketing Grader by HubSpot

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Although there are a lot of robust SEO analysis tools, Marketing Grader offers wider opportunities, because it analyzes your marketing strategy in addition to SEO. An ordinary Marketing Grader report provides information on your:

  • blogging activities;
  • social media activities;
  • on-page SEO ranking factors;
  • off-page SEO ranking factors;
  • landing pages effectiveness;
  • mobile-friendliness.

HubSpot’s Marketing Grader

SEO Workers

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

SEO Workers is another useful tool which only requires to enter a website’s URL to generate a report. As a result, you can easily analyze your own website, or get insight into your competitor’s business.  After evaluating your URL, the SEO analyzer presents report with the following categories:

  • HTTP headers and advice on how to make them better;
  • the most popular keywords and phrases of a page;
  • the look of the page among search results;
  • internal and external outlinks of a page.
  • keywords from anchor tags;
  • keywords from alt attributes;
  • page’s heading as well as stylistic tags.

Analyze website with SEO Workers


SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Another reliable SEO analyzer is called Lipperhey. It is not a very popular SEO software solution, but it offers rich reports. Every SEO analysis report generated by Lipperhey is only based on the website’s URL you leave on the platform. In addition to a numerical score, you get the 5 following sections covered:

  • Visitors show the quantity of people your website receives;
  • Indexability sheds light on the indexability of your site for search engines;
  • Hosting describes your hosting infrastructure;
  • Design covers the appearance of your website on mobile devices as well as other design elements;
  • On-Page SEO provides an insight on how your website is optimized according to HTML elements.

Get a SEO analysis with Lipperhey


SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

If you decide to analyze your website’s SEO with UpCity, the service will also provide you with a numerical score. As for available categories, they are listed below:

  • Rank Analysis: is your site ranking for the targeted keyword;
  • Link Building: how well is your backlink profile built;
  • On-Site Analysis: are targeted keyword used in title and body tags;
  • Website Accessibility: the performance and accessibility of a homepage;
  • Trust Metrics; is your site well established;
  • Current Indexing: is your website indexed in search engines.

Analyse your website’s SEO with UpCity


SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

With the aid of Seoptimer you will easily investigate all on-page SEO ranking factors of a given URL. SEO analysis results are broken down into 7 categories. The name of each category speaks for itself:

  • HTML Header
  • Internal and External Links
  • Body Content
  • Social Media Signals
  • Additional Files (robots.txt and XML Sitemap)
  • HTTP Headers
  • Domain and Server.

Get a SEO report with Seoptimer

Google Webmaster Tools

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

If you are wondering, what is the most reliable way to find out how well your site is built and managed from the perspective of Google, is to ask the search engine itself. Thus, utilize Google Webmaster Tools and you will get a deep insight into SEO friendliness of your site. Optimize URLs, run speed tests, and get other precious data with the official SEO software by Google. Additionally to GWT, you can rely on other Google services and tools listed below.

Go to Google Webmaster Tools

Google Trends

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

With Google Trends, you can take all your search query volume and check how it changes. It is vital to keep up with the time and new market trends even if you are going to improve SEO. Thus, streamline Google Trends and all its features. In the right hands, this tool leads to awesome results.

Google Trends

Google Keyword Planner

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Get monthly search query for dozens of keywords with Google Keyword Planner. The tool generates tons of important data that can be utilized in your further SEO improvements.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Analytics

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

And of course we should not forget about Google Analytics, since this service offers the most valuable SEO data. If you are going to get a deep insight into your current SEO, this tool is a must.

Google Analytics

Web Gnomes

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Web Gnomes also offers a free SEO analysis tool for your website. As a result, you can run a SEO audit based on 5 following categories:

  • accessibility for search engines;
  • content quality;
  • HTML markup;
  • URL SEO optimization.

Run a SEO check with Web Gnomes

Check My Links

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

If you are not sure whether your external and internal links works, use Check My Links. This free broken link checker will help you find out if everything is ok with your links. Note that all good links are highlighted in green, consequently red links are broken.

Get Check My Links Chrome Extension

Moz Pro Tools

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Purchase a Moz Pro subscription and you will get a reliable an all-in-one SEO software suite designed to increase your website’s search ranking. Available tools provide te ability to check SEO opportunities, track the growth of your online business, and create precise reports. For more detailed information, go to the official website of Moz Pro

Moz Pro Official Website

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is designed to examine URLs for SEO issues. In case you have a site with dozens of pages, this SEO tool will come in handy, because it is designed to avoid such tasks as manually evaluating and optimizing the URLs.

Run URL test with Screaming Frog SEO Spider

SEO Audit Tool by Found

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Found will teach you how to check seo keyword competition. If you are going to outperform your competitors in terms of SEO effectiveness but have a small budget, pay attention to this free SEO tool. You only have to enter your website’s URL to receive a SEO audit dedicated to the following issues:

  • technical features, such as XML sitemaps and canonicalization;
  • content issues related to metadata and keywords;
  • external links and their quantity / quality.

Run a SEO audit with Found


SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

For those website owners willing to get rid of unnatural links, we recommend Remove’em. This SEO service is not free, but it helps to clean all your threats up. Remove’em examines your backlink profile to provide you with a set of contacts related to all bad links and domains. As a result, you can easily reach out administrators and ask them for removal.

Clean your backlink profile with Remove’em

SEO Overview Tool by Varvy

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Varvy offers a SEO auditing tool that provides you with information about your domain strength, image SEO, links, social mentions, page and technical SEO, speed of your website, etc. The free SEO analyzer requires less than a minute to provide a comprehensive report.

Run SEO audit with Varvy


SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Every complex SEO optimization procedure is based on examining the speed of your website and diagnosing opportunities for improvements. All parameters that provide influence on UX impacts SEO, so site speed is a vital aspect of your optimizations. If you are looking for a page-speed test, pay attention to GTmetrix, since it is a reliable tool with advanced usability.

Run a speed test with GTmetrix

Various Toolbars

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

There are also a lot of useful toolbars which offer reliable SEO tools. For instance, you can check the following solutions:


SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Hootsuite is a SEO management software solution with the emphasis on social media. It is pretty useful for promoting your content. Staying on top of your competitors and engage with key influencers with Hootsuite.

Manage social media SEO with Hootsuite

Wayback Machine

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Wayback Machine is not a typical SEO tool. Being a historical archive, it can provide you with missed data vital for your SEO improvements. Besides, you can find out something new about your competitors there.

Improve SEO with Wayback Machine

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit is going to improve your stock of keywords. Enter a query and get a result. All data is based on algorithms used by Google, YouTube, Bing,  and App Store. More about keyword research, read here: DIY SEO: Keyword Research 2016.

Bing Webmaster Tools

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Bing Webmaster Tools is another prominent set of tools. Although it offers lots of all possible solutions, there are also features aimed at SEO. Therefore, we recommend you to run SEO check with the aid of BWT.

Run SEO check with Bing Webmaster Tools

Term Explorer

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Term Explorer is one of the most useful keyword generators. It looks like Google Keyword Tool, it is incredibly fast (requires 30 seconds to provide a list of precious data), and offers a huge list of keywords (about one thousand). Besides, you can easily use everything without copying brackets.

Generate keywords with Term Explorer

AMZ Tracker

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

AMZ tracker is a SEO tool designed for Amazon search engine. If you sell something on Amazon this SEO software is a must.

Run a SEO test with AMZ Tracker


Vectorfy is a content relevancy checker that shows what and how vector keywords to use and how to utilize them. Consequently, you can enhance your current SEO conditions.

Check SEO with Vectorfy


SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

With SEMrush, you will get an overview of all keywords from your website or its individual URLs. Since the most successful keywords are shown on the top of the list, you get the highest traffic producers first, which is a good opportunity for further SEO improvements.

Find the highest traffic producers with SEMrush

Panguin Tool

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

Panguin Tool shows how different Google algorithms scan your website and impact your traffic. You only have to login via a Google Account, choose an analytics profile, and watch what processes occur on your website.

Monitore Google Algorithms with Panguin Tool


Majestic will help you find out how websites link to each other. Being the largest link database, it provides really incredible data. Besides, it offers such features as Site Explorer which analyzes domain/url; Backlink History which checks your backlink profile; Search Explorer which determines keyword indexes; and Link Intelligence API which brings raw data into apps.

Run SEO check with Majestic