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Best SEO Books

What makes SEO essentially different from other book topics in our blog is that its trends are being constantly changed under the pressure of the ever-growing online marketing industry. Thus, there is a high need for you to stay aware of those changes to be able to oppose a huge E-Commerce competition – fast and easy.

Despite preserving its fundamental mechanisms, search engine optimization remains one of the most relevant tools for improving your online presence, attracting  new customers and, of course, driving more sales to your business. However, sticking to those mechanisms is not quite enough – everybody does the same thing. That is why you should not only practice SEO for your website on a daily basis, but you should also stay ahead of your competitors by seamlessly implementing non-standard revolutionary approaches to your marketing strategies. And to find the required inspiration for that, you should have an access to all potential sources of information, and books are indisputable leaders in that.

Here you will find our list of the most trending SEO books available online which perfectly meet the aims and aspirations of today’s E-Commerce world.


SEO Step-by-Step – The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Getting Traffic from Google by Caimin Jones

This book is a precious source on search engine optimization primarily because it’s written by a person who has been using all the featured SEO techniques for more than 15 years now keeping his own business flourish and constantly expand. So you can be 100% sure the author knows what he’s talking about.

The book concentrates on explaining the specifics of SEO when dealing with Google search engine and its regularly improving indexing algorithms. The first thing you will learn are keywords, how to choose them, and how they should be used to make your website more valuable to search engine bots and your visitors. Moreover, you will find useful tips on how to create high-quality content that would be actually interesting to see. Apart from that, you’ll be shown various technical on-site optimization techniques to increase its load speed and provide complete user-friendliness, which will inevitably drive more traffic to your storefront.

The SEO Step-by-Step guide is written in plain English with tons of useful insights into the world of successful online marketing. Be the first to adopt the given techniques for your website and make your business grow stronger.

The book is now available on Amazon for just $8.99 for a paperback copy, with its Kindle version being as cheap is $3.99.

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SEO: Marketing Strategies to Dominate the First Page by Grant Kennedy

SEO Books Amazon

This is one of the latest books on SEO which aggregates all essential topics concerning SEO and the best way to implement it for your actual business. Considering the current trends of the E-Commerce industry, it is highly recommended to stay on top of the competition to provide further growth to your website in terms of its inner and outer quality. So this book is in some way a path towards realizing the best marketing solutions for your niche.

The book starts off with a general introduction to SEO and its major concepts. Then it moves to describing more specific traffic-driving techniques, such as PPC (Pay Per Click) and Organic SEO. Furthermore, you’ll be introduced to Google’s most precious online service aimed at legal online advertising, namely Google AdWords. Apart from that, numerous case studies, handy tips and secrets are included in this guide. Consequently, you’ll manage to use all the acquired knowledge for promoting your own website and get to the top of search engine results.

Readers’ reviews allows us to suggest that the book is generally well-written and is pretty much informative for a beginning Internet marketer. However, if does lack more advanced information as to how to implement certain SEO techniques on a basis of a definite marketing strategy. Nevertheless, the author often refers to several other SEO-related materials that might become useful for those searching for more elaborate exploration of the topic.
You can purchase the book for $11.22 in paperback or download its digital copy for only $2.99.

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SEO 2016: Learn Search Engine Optimization by R.L. Adams

Best SEO Books

The author of this book claims that there are around 200 different techniques for improving one’s rankings, but it does not mean you have to use all of them. Due to a rapid development in search engine systems, at least half of them can already be considered outdated and/or ineffective to cope with the growing competition on the web. The reason why search engines get so complicated is the need for increasing the number of truly relevant content for the Internet users. Moreover, the quality of content and its target audience are considered additional factors for determining the relevance of the given website as well. And this book is a perfect practical guide towards understanding these primary selection criteria in order to help you make your website a reliable online source.

First of all, you will be introduced to Google’s most powerful search engine algorithm updates of the recent years that need to be considered when deciding on the best SEO strategies for your particular case, namely:

  • Google Panda;
  • Google Penguin;
  • Google Hummingbird;
  • Google Mobilegeddon.

After you realize how search tends to change through time and what stands behind it, you’ll be able to better understand which particular SEO strategies need to be implemented in order to be approved by both search engines and your visitors.

Readers find this book essentially useful, as it has a comprehensive overview of all Internet marketing strategies you might need for making it to the top of the search results list and at the same time not violating the current search engine regulations.

The book’s paperback copy costs $22.95, while its corresponding Kindle version is available for just $9.99.

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The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer and Jessie Stricchiola


This one is a comprehensive source of SEO knowledge, aggregated by three experienced professionals willing to share their wisdom with those who only start their journey to the world of online marketing. The authors did their best to provide you with the most innovative search optimization techniques that will bring you positive results as fast and easy as possible. All SEO techniques included are especially effective for the year 2016, so don’t expect it to be as useful in a year or so – buy it straight away.

The book extensively covers the following topics:

  • Get to know SEO as a complex practice comprising a set of specific tactics;
  • Find out how search engines actually work and learn how to use it to make your website more appealing to them;
  • Realize how social media, user information, and URLs can contribute to better results of your marketing campaign;
  • Make use of major SEO tools available online to get the right vision of what’s happening to your website;
  • The use of alternative SEO techniques, such as responsive design, local SEO, or vertical SEO;
  • Tips on building productive SEO team with highly effective task management skills.
  • …and more.

According to the majority of reviews, the book is indeed an in-depth source of SEO skills that can be of use for both marketing specialists and technical nerds. Moreover, it considers all the changes that happened to major search engines during previous years and how these changes affected the way they rank websites today. Finally, it shares priceless practical knowledge that you simply won’t be able to live without if you want to build a really competitive online business.

A paperback copy of the book is now available for $36.70 and its digital copy – for $26.99.

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SEO Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization by Matthew Capala, Steve Baldwin and Kevin Lee

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This book is slightly different from others, in that it concentrates on HOW rather than WHY. So if you’re pretty much aware of all theoretical aspects of SEO and just want to make something that would actually work for your particular case, it can become quite a handy reference. Using the presented tactics you will manage to improve your presence not only in search results but also in social media as well as blogging websites. Furthermore, you will learn how to attract visitors to your website to later form a full-fledged community that will have your content as a central point of their common interest. Finally, you’ll manage to start making real money not just by traffic alone, but through smart monetization tactics that will make your content even more desirable to the users than ever before.

Specifically, the book will guide you through the following topics:

  • how to properly start your SEO campaign;
  • popular SEO tools and services that might be useful for every online marketer;
  • how to make your website appealing for search engine bots;
  • how to choose a perfect content strategy;
  • how to properly introduce a blog and become a successful writer;
  • how to perform a keyword analysis and what to do with the results of it;
  • how to monetize your site;
  • backlinks and when to use them;
  • how to spread your content through influencers;
  • social media marketing and ways to adopt it for your website;
  • monetization tactics.

Apart from useful texts and descriptions, the book also provides a set of informative images and graphs to perfectly illustrate the point of each strategy introduced.

SEO Like I’m 5 will perfectly fit the needs of startups, small and middle businesses,  website owners, marketing students and practitioners, bloggers, writers, and artists.

The book is now available on Amazon for $26.95 (for a paperback), but you can always save a lot of money by purchasing an e-book version for as much as $2.99.

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SEO: Easy Search Engine Optimization by Felix Alvaro

Best SEO Books

This book is another worthy option if you decided on moving your website up the search results list. What’s more important, learning SEO with this book gets even easier when you realize how fast you can actually boost your business when using at least some of the recommended tactics.

The most important answer you might receive upon reading this book is how your particular business can dominate the whole niche just by sticking to major SEO strategies. One of them, for instance, relates to exploring target audience preferences and how your competitors utilize them to bring more sales to their products and services. The book explains this concept, among all the others, in a form of a step-by-step guide highlighting relevant aspects of a high-qualitative niche analysis performed by the most powerful analytical tools available online.

The book is said to be an easy-going, comprehensive source of practical SEO skills that will bring your website to the next level of the online search competition.

You can buy a Kindle version of the book at a special price – just $2.99.

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SEO for Growth by John Jantsch and Phil Singleton


The two authors believe that SEO has already become an integral part of PR and advertising, which means it must be an obligatory practice for every entrepreneur aiming to boost their presence online. And, as the name of their book suggests, they want not just to provide you with a temporary relief in a form of a random traffic flow to your website, but to really make your business grow and flourish.

As for the content of the book, it is divided into two parts. The first part sheds light on basic concepts of SEO, including search engines and how they operate, ranking algorithms and website indexing, on-site optimization, and much more. The second part provides exhaustive overview of the most up-to-date SEO techniques that proved to be working throughout this year all across the industry. More importantly, the strategies you need to use in your particular case will depend on which particular optimization stage you’re currently entering. Thus, you can still be searching for a clear understanding of your customers’ needs or you have a problem of retaining existing customers by providing exactly the right incentives for your audience. Whichever the case, you should concentrate on those strategies that will work best for your business at a given period of time.

In general, the book covers the following:

  • planning, creating and organizing your marketing tasks for the most optimal outcome;
  • generating high-quality content that will be praised by your visitors;
  • spreading your content across various social media sources to build global awareness of your products and services;
  • creating and maintaining the face of your business by respecting your customers and successfully handling negative feedback;
  • building high-end backlinks that will correspond to Google SEO regulations;
  • performing proper keyword and competitor analysis;
  • getting the most out of your PPC campaign;
  • working for driving more revenues to your website by extensive on-site optimization.

If you want this book in paperback, you can purchase it on Amazon for $12.29, but you also can get a digital copy at a special price – $9.95.

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SEO Expert Strategies by Sam Adodra

SEO Books Amazon

Despite having been published in the late 2014, this book is still considered a relevant source on effective SEO. The author presents proven SEO tactics that are being used by experienced SEO experts and consultants all over the world. Moreover, each of the covered tactics is claimed to be successfully adopted by any small business owner with ease.

The greatest motivation this book sets before its readers is one simple fact: people got more busy but they also got smarter, so if you want your content to be found and appreciated, you’ll need to cooperate with a big gorilla called Google. Once you make it possible for the search engine to find your website relevant, you will definitely make it fast to the front page of the search results list.

With the help of this comprehensive guide you will learn:

  • how to distinguish organic search from paid one and what kind of traffic you are going to have by investing in each of them;
  • specifics of search engine operation and how you can adopt them to legally optimize your website’s ranking;
  • useful tips on making your website better but not too much;
  • how to build authority on the web and make people talk about your products and services in the most natural way;
  • different ways of analyzing your niche competitors and outperforming them by adapting the best of their marketing practices;
  • how to use Google business online tools to get more visible in search engines;
  • Google penalties troubleshooting.
  • …and more.

As of the price, a paperback copy of the book is available for $9.99, and the corresponding e-book version – for $5.99.

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SEO – The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Strategies! by Andrew Johansen

Best SEO Books

This is a rather short book on SEO which mainly concentrates on a theoretical side of the topic but still provides a few handy strategies you can adopt for your particular SEO campaign. First, you’ll be introduced to the notion of website ranking and what the main search engine ranking factors are. Then the book will move to describing various ways of improving your position in search results by utilizing a set of handy tactics. As a website owner, you can practice all of them to finally find those that work best for your particular business.

The book also covers such topics as building backlinks, creating high-quality content, analyzing local market, and driving more traffic to your website.

Overall, the book’s Amazon page is filled by positive reviews praising its simple delivery, essence of bright examples, and covering major black hat SEO strategies, which requires more attention from website owners that want to stay aware of illegal practices on the web.

You can purchase a paperback copy of the book for $11.99, and its Kindle version – for just $3.99.

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SEO Myths and Half-Truths by David Hood


Finally, you’re up to face the book that discredits all the speculative theories regarding SEO and its power to get one’s business to the top of the Internet awareness. The author tries to prove that seeing search engine optimization as solely a doubtful practice with no obvious outcome for a business is never going to be any helpful for bringing you to success. On the contrary, he is experienced enough to claim that SEO can indeed give good results but it requires things most people often miss from their focus – consistency and time. Just like many other business-related practices aimed at steady growth and development, SEO is exactly the same kind of activity but having no universal formula for each particular case. Which is why you need to explore it thoroughly and from different angles – thus you’ll be able to build the strategy that will suit you best.

To help you stop being confused about certain SEO tactics, the author presents each of them as only one of numerous ways of improving your website’s presence online. How long it takes for your business to grow will only depend on how you use them. And, bearing in mind popular misconceptions about the topic, you will become better prepared for success than others.

What reviewers find the most interesting about the book is its deep and professional coverage of topics that can be rarely found among numerous online sources filled up with superficial reasoning from people that have never really dealt with SEO and are not aware of its basic notions. The author is said to have a professional experience in online marketing, so you’re likely to find here only clear facts and unbiased opinion on a still new and ever-changing sphere as SEO.

The book is only available as a Kindle e-book, and you can buy it on Amazon for as much as $2.99.

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SEO 2016 by The WordPress Genie

SEO Books Amazon

The WordPress Genie is a professional team of WordPress experts that share their rich experience with those who want to really understand SEO. And the only fact that so many people contributed to this book makes it a much more reliable source of knowledge.

The authors will introduce you to search engine optimization from the very beginning, so you are not going to miss any relevant information. Each concept and specific strategy is explained to you from scratch, which leaves no chance you have any topic-related questions by the end of the book.

SEO 2016 contains the latest achievements of the online marketing industry to help you be up and running with your business in the most efficient way. To optimize your learning process, the guide is provided by step-by-step instructions to every SEO strategy, and at the end you will find a 12-week SEO campaign plan and a corresponding checklist aimed at helping you reach positive results as fast as possible. With this book, you will manage to:

  • easily improve your website’s ranking in all existing search engines;
  • attract more traffic to your website;
  • convert incoming traffic to sales;
  • increase usability of your website;
  • perform insightful keyword and competitor analysis;
  • take the most of social media platforms;
  • adjust your website for mobile devices;
  • analyse your business progress through popular online tools like Google Analytics.

A paperback copy of the book will cost you just $13.99, and you can also purchase it as an e-book for $3.99.

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SEO Made Easy by Evan Bailyn

Best SEO Books

This one is a pretty straightforward source of SEO knowledge. All you ever wanted to learn about SEO and its pitfalls is gathered in this thick guide written by a famous online entrepreneur and SEO expert – Evan Bailyn. The author emphasizes the need for a thinking website-owner to become proficient in SEO, because that way they will not only save large amounts of money they could spend on the services of SEO agencies and consultants, but they will also gain wisdom which is only available to the truly curious ones.

The book presents proven SEO tactics that once appeared to be really helpful to the author himself. When used in combination, these strategies are more likely to drive more traffic to your website but also increase people’s trust in the content you make and yourself as a company.  Along with that, you will learn:

  • proven SEO techniques to get to the first positions in Google search results;
  • effective link-building tips and strategies;
  • the Nuclear Football technique, aimed to attract targeted customers to your website;
  • how to properly track incoming traffic, engagement and conversions and how to subsequently improve certain aspects of your website to improve each of the corresponding SEO metrics;
  • black SEO techniques and why you should not use it in your SEO campaign;
  • gain steady income by moving incoming traffic to constant conversion;
  • non-standard social search techniques that will help you find your target audience;
  • how to use free online tools for performing fast and efficient keyword research;
  • how to create quality content that will lead to new engagements and profitable partnerships.

The book is now available on Amazon for $24.99, but you can also download a corresponding Kindle e-book for $9.99.

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SEO Fitness Workbook: 2016 Edition by Jason McDonald


This is a brand new edition of SEO Fitness Workbook including all the latest updates on SEO and how to do it best considering today’s online marketing trends. The book is considered one of the best reviewed SEO books on Amazon this year, so it’s totally worth your investments. Among the fresh topics of the book there is a complete coverage of Google search algorithm updates, including Google Penguin, Google Panda, local search, semantic search, and mobile search. In addition, the book introduces you to the most popular free online SEO tools and how to leverage their power to bring your business to the top of search results. Moreover, the book goes far beyond textual explanations providing you with precious video-tutorials, images and worksheets that make you not just learn but actually do SEO for promoting your website online.

As for the contents of the book, it covers:

  • specifics of off-page and on-page SEO;
  • modern requirements for good content marketing;
  • effective blogging techniques;
  • various ways of building legal links;
  • performing successful social media campaign;
  • taking the most of customer reviews;
  • …and much more.

The book is written in plain English leaving no doubt that it was written by a real professional in the field. Readers find it especially appealing that the author is pretty much sincere in that he never presents SEO as an easy practice; on the contrary, he constantly proves that it’s just an ongoing process of online businesses trying to keep up with the constantly changing conditions of the Internet space.

You can purchase this guide for $39.99 in paperback or as an e-book for $9.99.

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SEO 2017 by Adam Clarke

SEO Books Amazon

This one is probably a must-have option for those entrepreneurs who are planning to start or continue with SEO the year to come. This book has a comprehensive collection of trending SEO practices, including those that big successful companies once used to maximize their presence online. Based on recent changes in Google’s search algorithm, namely:

  • a new update, that is said to be launched in the nearest future, will manage to effectively deal with mobile pop-up ads;
  • the Possum update, designed to prevent spammers from raising local search ranking artificially;
  • Penguin 4.0, the biggest update which is aimed to provide a strong opposition to link-spamming on the web,

the book presents a detailed overview of up-to-date issues in the world of SEO and explains how to improve your rankings without harming your business and  how to generally use various search engine restrictions to your advantage.

One of the key factors for ranking high in Google right now is high-quality link-building, but you should note that the majority of existing techniques are helpless to deal with Google regulations. The author presents elaborated and yet easy-to-use link-building strategies that will allow you to inevitably get through. Among other topics covered there are:

  • key SEO concepts that help you better understand the principles of ranking high online;
  • handy tips on improving your local search ranking;
  • effective keyword research giving you advantage of your competitors;
  • where to find professional SEO experts that are ready to help you for free.

Currently, a paperback copy of the book is offered for $19.10, and an e-book is available for just $3.99.

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Search Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing by Kristopher B. Jones

Best SEO Books

Our last offer is a book that can be essentially useful as a visual reference to the majority of SEO techniques being used all over the web. Written by another well-known SEO expert, this book gives you the right understanding of the topic by presenting its major concepts in a form of diagrams, graphs, tables, and images. As a result, you can learn all about productive keyword analysis, URL building, on-site optimization, and other topics even faster than before.

The readers’ reviews reveal that the book is considered more as a beginner’s guide rather than an advanced book with comprehensive approach to SEO. Nevertheless, it gives you the right push towards a painless start of your marketing campaign, especially if you’re a startup owner. In addition, the book touches upon the actual steps one should take in order to start ranking higher in search engines, but gives little or no reference to the history which reflects major changes in the development of modern online marketing industry. However, what this book does tell you is valuable tips and recommendations aimed to help you improve your social media presence, correctly use PPC, deal with web hosting, and much more.

If you want to get a new paperback copy of the book, you can purchase it on Amazon for $27 or download a digital version for $18.39.

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