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DIY SEO: Black Hat SEO and Its Potential Risks

- E-Commerce, Fire development

DIY SEO: Black Hat SEO

Search engine optimization has been actively used by website owners ever since search engines came to be part of our world. Numerous SEO techniques have been introduced to help businesses improve their visibility on the web, starting with keyword optimization and ending with user-oriented website localization. However, there have always been those who tried to go beyond the rules in order to get more profit than others and in the fastest way possible. That is when black hat SEO was born.

Although Google and other search engines keep on improving their algorithms to prevent wrongfully inflated websites from being visible in the search results list, black hat SEO is still quite tempting for many E-Commerce businesses that strive for improving their positions in the niche. However, we will try to prove to you that none of the black hat SEO techniques is worth using by any business even in the most exceptional circumstances. In this guide, we will explain the basics of black hat SEO, how you can recognize its potential presence on your website, and what awaits you if you dare to use it for your own marketing campaign.

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DIY SEO: Keyword Clustering

- E-Commerce

DIY SEO: Keyword Clustering

Today, we are going to shed light on keyword clustering – one of key SEO trends in 2016. Big Data is changing everything in the world around you, and SEO is not an exception. Since there is rapidly growing demand for specific niches and search engines are trying to structurize unstructured data related to these niches, keyword clustering introduces a new powerful approach to SEO which is based on the usage of Big Data. But what exactly do you need to run a successful SEO campaign in 2016? Continue Reading

DIY SEO: The Best SEO Software And Tools 2016

- E-Commerce

SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

40 SEO Analyzers, Checkers, And Reporting Tools

In this article, we’ve gathered the best SEO software available on the Internet. There are both free and paid solutions, which have a wide range of use. Our DIY SEO post describes various SEO analyzers, SEO reporting software, SEO management tools, SEO optimization platforms, and SEO checkers. Each tool has a short description and a link to its official website. All solutions are relevant for 2016. Continue Reading