Top 15 SEO Books To Optimize Everything

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Best SEO Books

What makes SEO essentially different from other book topics in our blog is that its trends are being constantly changed under the pressure of the ever-growing online marketing industry. Thus, there is a high need for you to stay aware of those changes to be able to oppose a huge E-Commerce competition – fast and easy.

Despite preserving its fundamental mechanisms, search engine optimization remains one of the most relevant tools for improving your online presence, attracting  new customers and, of course, driving more sales to your business. However, sticking to those mechanisms is not quite enough – everybody does the same thing. That is why you should not only practice SEO for your website on a daily basis, but you should also stay ahead of your competitors by seamlessly implementing non-standard revolutionary approaches to your marketing strategies. And to find the required inspiration for that, you should have an access to all potential sources of information, and books are indisputable leaders in that.

Here you will find our list of the most trending SEO books available online which perfectly meet the aims and aspirations of today’s E-Commerce world. Continue Reading

DIY SEO: Nofollow Links

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DIY SEO Nofollow links

The subject of nofollow linking is still at the height of its popularity, because businesses of all types are heading towards revealing the whole potential of their websites to demanding search engines. Unlike rel=”follow” attribute, which makes the link a building block of a website’s PageRank, rel=“nofollow” attribute deprives it of its rank juice in order to prevent the link from being used by other users for their own profit. Although follow links are widely considered an important factor for one’s website ranking, their link juice can be easily used in any unpleasant link scheming practices thus turning the website into an unreliable source.

Some people would say that nofollow links have no actual value in terms of its search engine influence, so it’s senseless to use them. It may be true for paid links on your website, but what about other types of links? In this article we touch upon all the pros and cons of nofollow linking and define the key factors for (not) using them on your particular website. Note that the following tactics can be implemented within our favorite ecommerce platform, so this article may be considered as the Magento nofollow links SEO guide that can be used for both Magento 2 and 1. Continue Reading


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DIY SEO: Mobile SEO Guide; Magento mobile SEO guide

It has been a year now since Google announced mobile friendliness to have become an important factor for determining the relevance of a website. This seems to be inevitable if we consider the fact that each year there are more and more people preferring mobile over desktop for surfing the Internet, communicating, working, and relaxing. Every fourth instance of an Internet search is performed through a mobile device, while almost 80% of all smartphones are used for local search purposes. Moreover, due to the functional differences, searching on PC and searching on mobile is performed in a completely different way. With this information in mind, E-Commerce businesses should obviously start thinking about enhancing their online presence by meeting the needs of mobile searchers and their devices.

Becoming mobile-friendly is the first requirement of a good mobile search engine optimization strategy. Like traditional SEO, mobile SEO allows you to rank higher in SERPs, but the actual ways of achieving this aim are a bit different in the latter one. The concept of mobile friendliness is linked to the mobile user himself, what he expects to see when tapping on your link, and how he is to behave on the mobile version of the site. However, mobile SEO is much more than that.  It is an opportunity to use technological growth for the sake of the growth of your own company.

So, this definitive guide is going to answer all your questions concerning mobile SEO and the ways of making your website both mobile-friendly and technically efficient.  Note that the following article can be used as a Magento mobile SEO guide. The information gathered below is aimed at various platforms and websites, so you can easily leverage it while optimizing your ecommerce business. Continue Reading

DIY SEO: Black Hat SEO and Its Potential Risks

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DIY SEO: Black Hat SEO

Search engine optimization has been actively used by website owners ever since search engines came to be part of our world. Numerous SEO techniques have been introduced to help businesses improve their visibility on the web, starting with keyword optimization and ending with user-oriented website localization. However, there have always been those who tried to go beyond the rules in order to get more profit than others and in the fastest way possible. That is when black hat SEO was born.

Although Google and other search engines keep on improving their algorithms to prevent wrongfully inflated websites from being visible in the search results list, black hat SEO is still quite tempting for many E-Commerce businesses that strive for improving their positions in the niche. However, we will try to prove to you that none of the black hat SEO techniques is worth using by any business even in the most exceptional circumstances. In this guide, we will explain the basics of black hat SEO, how you can recognize its potential presence on your website, and what awaits you if you dare to use it for your own marketing campaign.

Negative SEO Protection Guide Continue Reading

DIY SEO: Local SEO Guide (Magento Tips Included)

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DIY SEO: Magento local SEO guide

You’ve heard for many times already about the crucial importance of content in any type of SEO campaign. You’ve heard about the power of keywords that make it possible to significantly improve your website ranking. What you could’ve missed, however, is that in 2014, Google released the update for its local search algorithm, also known as Pigeon, which was aimed to provide a better visibility of local listings in Google’s search results. This event had a massive influence on the entire E-Commerce community: some businesses experienced a certain decrease in their rankings, while others suddenly got to the top positions in the search results list. After location and distance became prioritized by Google’s search engine algorithm, there was a slight shift in search engine marketing that made local content the primary SEO aim for both large and small E-Commerce businesses. That’s when local SEO comes into focus. Note that that the following material can be used as a Magento local SEO guide.  Continue Reading

DIY SEO: Google PageRank

DIY SEO: Magento Google PageRank Guide

It is hard to imagine how much e-commerce depends on search engine rankings nowadays. Numerous websites continuously compete against each other for the right to get to the top positions in Google search results with the ultimate aim of driving more traffic and attracting more potential customers. It is widely known that the most proven way to get good rankings is through creating high-end content which is likely to be relevant to other websites and users. Being relevant to people equals being relevant to search engines – this is the concept underlying Google’s famous link analysis algorithm that has been successfully used for years to rank websites effectively based on their potential importance to internet users. So, this is our extensive guide on everything that concerns Google PageRank, its main features, SEO implementation methods, and many more. And as you might have guessed, the guide is fully compatible with Magento! Continue Reading

DIY SEO: Google Analytics 360

MAgento Google Analytics 360 DIY SEO Guide

On the 15th of March, Google announced the launch of Google Analytics 360 Suite – a full-fledged set of marketing analytics tools aimed specifically at large businesses and corporations. The major idea behind this project is to help marketers and analysts to better understand consumer’s behavior and thus allow companies to get the best from their brand. Particularly, Google Analytics 360 Suite is what previous versions of Google Analytics lacked in terms of efficient performance: specialized testing platform, multiple integration features, better data management, improved collaborative potential, and adequate marketing channels evaluation. Containing six innovative and modified analytics products, Google Analytics 360 Suite is expected to become the most powerful E-Commerce tool of the year. And you can easily streamline the power of Magento Google Analytics 360 integration. We hope to update this DIY SEO post with appropriate information in the nearest future, but now let’s describe the new platform. Continue Reading

DIY SEO: 301 Redirect E-Commerce SEO Guide

Magento 301 Redirect Ecommerce DIY SEO Guide

There are many reasons why you might need to use redirection for your E-Commerce website. Let’s assume that you decided to move your store to a new domain, but you are afraid that you might lose your traffic and your hardly acquired search engine ranks. Or, you could have several URL’s allowing users to reach your website in various ways, like, for instance, http://website.com/home, http://website.com, http://home.website.com. In this case, you might want to become more selective and choose one to be your primary URL. Or, you could have several websites which you might want to merge into one comprehensive website and you could need to find a way to safely redirect your old links to different URLs. All these issues can be easily solved by using one of the most proven SEO tactics that is still actively adopted by numerous E-Commerce businesses, and it’s called 301 redirect. We included everything you need to know about 301 redirect and its SEO profits in our ultimate guide. Please note that the following DIY SEO guide is aimed at various E-Commerce platforms, so you can easily leverage the power of the Magento 301 redirect by reading the following information.

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DIY SEO: Keyword Clustering

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DIY SEO: Keyword Clustering

Today, we are going to shed light on keyword clustering – one of key SEO trends in 2016. Big Data is changing everything in the world around you, and SEO is not an exception. Since there is rapidly growing demand for specific niches and search engines are trying to structurize unstructured data related to these niches, keyword clustering introduces a new powerful approach to SEO which is based on the usage of Big Data. But what exactly do you need to run a successful SEO campaign in 2016? Continue Reading

DIY SEO: The Best SEO Software And Tools 2016

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SEO software, SEO check, SEO audit

40 SEO Analyzers, Checkers, And Reporting Tools

In this article, we’ve gathered the best SEO software available on the Internet. There are both free and paid solutions, which have a wide range of use. Our DIY SEO post describes various SEO analyzers, SEO reporting software, SEO management tools, SEO optimization platforms, and SEO checkers. Each tool has a short description and a link to its official website. All solutions are relevant for 2016. Continue Reading