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Coupon Link Magento 2 Extension by Web Solutions NYC

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Possibility to apply discount coupons to reduce the price of purchased products on an online shop is one of the essential elements of an effective marketing strategy. Store owners can offer coupon codes to customers in various ways, e.g., during seasonal sales, for bundled products, only to loyal clients, etc. In any case, special deals add purchase incentives and increase average order value. Unfortunately, the default Magento 2 functionality related to discounts and promotion rules is limited. However, if you choose a reliable third-party module which offers necessary settings, you will be able to fully leverage advanced discounts functionality. Today, we are describing one of such tools – the Magento 2 Coupon Link extension by Web Solutions NYC.

The module enables Magento 2 merchants to create URLs with coupon codes that let customers apply discounts right in their shopping cart with one click on the link. Besides, the module can quickly generate multiple promo codes automatically in your Magento backend. By using coupon links in your marketing campaigns, you can drastically increase conversions, generate more traffic, and attract more customers to your web store. It makes the Magento 2 Coupon Link extension a beneficial tool for any ecommerce business.

Below, we have a closer look at the Magento 2 coupon link generator module’s functionality and backend interface.

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