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121eCommerce is Firebear’s another partner that makes the Magento ecosystem better. Being an e-commerce development agency, the company is specialized in both B2B and B2C segments providing merchants with the solutions they need. The following article describes several essential aspects of the company, such as its services, clients, and awards.

Introduction to 121eCommerce

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, 121eCommerce is an international company with a development headquarters in Buenos Aires and clients. Besides, it has many clients all over the world (see the corresponding section below). The team of e-commerce professionals behind the company knows how to prioritize the business objectives of its customers delivering cutting-edge technology to customers. Below, we explore several key areas where 121eCommerce helps its clients.

Business Strategy

It’s not a secret that every successful project has a business plan behind it. A good e-commerce website is not an exception. And you can freely rely on the 121eCommerce specialists to create it. They will help you figure out your objectives, choose a model to achieve them, focus on the main requirements and functionalities, and concentrate on other vital nuances.  As a result, you will get an actionable plan in place.

Store Architecture

Now, when you have your business plan, it is necessary to create a structure of your e-commerce website. It is a crucial stage since the right architecture will determine the success of further implementation. The site architects from the 121eCommerce team create the blueprint for your website to fulfill the requirements. They work on a timeline, identifying potential risks, and choose the most effective approach that can be implemented including all conditions of your particular business case.

E-Commerce Development

121eCommerce is focussed on our favorite ecommerce platform since it is the most flexible e-commerce solution out there. The company offers full stack Magento 1 and 2 development including all possible customizations. Front-end specialists and solutions specialists behind 121eCommerce work together to build and maintain highly efficient e-commerce websites on the basis of Magento.

Unique Design

The visual representation of your business is as much important as the architecture of your e-commerce store. That’s why the 121eCommerce specialists have considerable experience in creating visual elements and developing brand identity. At the same time, they know how to create a sophisticated design efficiently guiding customers from the homepage to the checkout. And it doesn’t matter whether you build an e-commerce store from the very beginning, try to rearrange the existing website, or migrate to Magento 2.


A perfectly designed website doesn’t guarantee a successful business. Another vital component the company specialists know inside out is marketing. The 121eCommerce team will help you drive site traffic using the latest SEO trends, gain paid search, retarget visitors using email marketing, implement loyalty programs and increase the efficiency of your interactions with customers, building and managing a marketing strategy that suits your unique e-commerce needs.

121eCommerce & Magento

Here at Firebear, we absolutely agree with the statement that Magento is a perfect e-commerce platform for both B2B and B2C businesses. But what are the factors that make it a number one solution? Let’s see what the 121eCommerce specialists think and how they can help you leverage these features:

  • Scalability. If your business is done right, it should grow, but that means constant expansion of your needs, requirements, and problems. Luckily, Magento is designed to face all the difficulties of growth due to the extended scalability based on extensions and plugins that can be easily integrated into your business.
  • Flexibility. Magento’s open source nature makes it extremely flexible. You can easily face all the difficulties of a growing company as well as incorporate the latest achievements of the industry. And the 121eCommerce specialists are always willing to help you!
  • Customizations. Another vital feature of the platform is the ability to customize everything, especially with the Magento PWA approach. Every business is unique, and the 121eCommerce team can provide you with a personalized e-commerce website. Furthermore, you can always leverage the largest offering of customized extensions.
  • Segmentation & Personalization. Although some features are not available in Magento out of the box, the 121eCommerce specialists can implement the missing functionality. Thus, you can easily boost your conversion rates by creating personalized shopping experiences: display different content, promotions, and pricing to specific customers based on various properties making your marketing strategies more effective.
  • Dynamic Product Relations. With Magento, you can easily leverage up-sells, cross-sells, and related products. It is necessary to do a lot of work if you rely on the default Magento tools, but some third-party extensions dramatically improve this routine. At the same time, the 121eCommerce specialists can set up automated rules for you to easily apply them.
  • Cloud Hosting. With cloud hosting, all your data is available instantly, from anywhere and you can increase the level of its security with the help of third-party extensions and specialists. That’s what the Magento ecosystem offers.
  • Business Intelligence. With Magento, you can make great business decisions relying on the default tools only. The ecosystem lets you make even greater choices and plans if you rely on third-party tools and specialists. Want to leverage this opportunity? The 121eCommerce specialists will help you. You know your business, they know Magento – together, you can achieve incredible results!
  • Third-Party Extensions. The Magento ecosystem includes thousands of modules which offer all possible improvements, but it is always hard to select the best tools. Luckily, you can rely on the 121eCommerce specialists.

Happy Clients

Below, you can see some clients of 121eCommerce. For the full list, follow this link: About 121eCommerce.


And these are Magento awards 121eCommerce has:

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