Top 15 Magento Themes 2018 to Work Magic and Make Money Along the Way

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Searching for perfect Magento themes can be excruciating if you are new to the game. Yes, the web is packed with Magento themes of all possible layouts/designs (and prices, for that matter). Yes, you are promised the best user experience ever, the infinite customization potential, the endless layout variations, and other sorts of bonuses. But how to check if any of these features are true? How not to end up with a Magento theme that is unpractical and sometimes poorly coded? These questions are getting even more difficult to answer if you know next to nothing about coding, aren’t they? That is why we have worked towards the goal to help you to narrow down your search. Believe it or not, there are Magento themes out there that are both visually attractive and highly efficient in the modern ecommerce. To prove that, we have even compiled the list of top 15 Magento Themes 2018. So, make yourself comfortable and get ready to learn what makes a professional Magento theme!

Why Choose Magento Themes?

Although having many serious competitors, Magento themes continue to win popularity among modern entrepreneurs thanks to numerous reasons.

Firstly, Magento is an open-source platform. To put it simply, if you are a web designer, you can modify almost anything in a Magento theme just by changing a few lines of its code. For non-programmers, the fact that Magento is open source means that there are theme houses that offer ready-made business Magento themes, all niche-specific and pre-modified.

business Magento themes

Secondly, Magento themes are more affordable in comparison to other ecommerce platforms. If choosing the renowned theme house, you can forget about annoying monthly subscriptions that seem to cost more every single month.

Of course, the advantages of Magento themes are not limited to the two factors mentioned above. But even these factors make it clear that Magento is an excellent start for any ecommerce business.

Must-Have Features of Professional Magento Themes

Being an open-source platform for ecommerce, Magento is intensively promoted by numerous theme houses. However, not all Magento themes you find online are of the high quality. So, the question remains as to how you can distinguish a professional Magento theme from the other templates.

To begin with, do a quick background check on the theme house and the developer of Magento themes you want to buy. The longer the theme house exists and the more positive reviews the developer gets, the better.

Also, pay attention to the quality of the tech support offered as a part of the deal. Remember that buying a professional Magento theme should automatically mean the free long-term tech support. Needless to say, this feature is crucial for those of us who have zero expertize in the web design and the web development.

In addition, a Magento theme has to be user-friendly. By “user-friendliness” we mean lots of factors that include:

  • Responsivity. It is vitally important that your product catalog looks attractive on a mobile, a tablet, and a desktop;
  • SEO-optimization. A professional Magento theme will help you remember to mention alternatives for your images and provide meta descriptions, thus making your shop more attractive for search crawlers;
  • The smooth interaction between a shopper and an e-store. If you want your online shop to attract more visitors, make sure that the Magento theme you are about to buy contains elegant subscription forms, at least a few currency options, the polished search and sorting options etc.

All in all, Magento themes are all different in terms of their potential and features included. That is why take your time when choosing the template for your future online shop.

Magento Themes that Work: 15 Examples to Get Impressed

In this article, we will offer you the list of our favorite Magento themes, each hand-picked for its outstanding functionality and memorable design. Different in terms of popularity (some of the web themes mentioned below are bestsellers, other web themes belong to the “zero downloads” category, s. Table 1 below), all the Magento themes on the list are of the highest quality.

Magento Themes 2018 to Work Magic (and Make Money)

# Theme Category Developer Number of Sales
1. Shop4U – Furniture Responsive Magento Theme Interior & Furniture Templates MagenTech 10
2. GoofyStore – AMP Men’s Fashion Magento Theme Apparel Templates ZEMEZ 11
3. EVA – AMP Fashion Store Magento Theme Shoe Store Templates ZEMEZ 6
4. SmartHome – AMP Home Electronics Magento Theme Housewares Templates ZEMEZ 3
5. Fashi – Fashion Boutique Magento Theme Apparel Templates ZEMEZ 4
6. GrandCosmetics – Cosmetics Store Magento Theme Cosmetics Store Templates ZEMEZ 3
7. GrandSale – Kitchen Supplies Magento Theme Housewares Templates ZEMEZ 1
8. Fashion Slash – AMP Fashion Boutique Magento Theme Fashion Store Templates ZEMEZ 6
9. CharmChara – Fashion Store Magento Theme Apparel Templates ZEMEZ 6
10. RedDragon – Martial Arts Shop Magento Theme Boxing Templates ZEMEZ 2
11. YanagiUdo – Japanese Restaurant Magento Theme Asian Restaurant Templates ZEMEZ 4
12. StartElectro – Electronics Store Magento Theme Mobile Store Templates ZEMEZ 1
13. ExtremeZ – Extreme Sports Magento Theme BMX Templates ZEMEZ 0
14. Garrient Organic Food Magento Theme Frozen Food Templates ZEMEZ 0
15. Mesa – Responsive Magento Theme Interior & Furniture Templates Venustheme 0

Now that you are familiar with the assortment of Magento themes that we are about to present, let’s examine these themes in details, shall we?

Shop4U – Furniture Responsive Magento Theme

Get Furniture Responsive Magento Theme

This theme belongs to the best selling interior and furniture templates. It is a small wonder why Shop4U is so popular among modern designers. Every single feature you find in this theme is designed professionally and with elegance. Just have a look at 6(!) different product types you can apply to your goods!

GoofyStore – AMP Men’s Fashion Magento Theme

Get AMP Men’s Fashion Magento Theme

Unlike most apparel Magento themes, GoofyStore is aimed at men as shoppers. Fun to navigate, 100% responsive, and reliable, this Magento theme is a lifesaver when it comes to increasing the client base quickly. Mark different product types, use advanced sorting options, offer various category view modes – all without any tech skills whatsoever.

EVA – AMP Fashion Store Magento Theme

Get AMP Fashion Store Magento Theme

Bright and easy to remember, EVA is designed for open-minded entrepreneurs. Believe it or not – this theme contains all possible tools for selling apparel and shoes online. On top of that, you do not need to change a single line of the code while customizing EVA. Just watch the live demo, buy this Magento theme, and let the free tech support back up your online business project.

SmartHome – AMP Home Electronics Magento Theme

Get AMP Home Electronics Magento Theme

SmartHome is proof that the future has already arrived. Aimed at the target audience that is extremely picky and knows the real value of comfort, this Magento theme will not let you down. Designed in accordance with the latest tendencies in the web development, SmartHome is easy to navigate, responsive, SEO-optimized, and has the impressive customization potential. There is no doubt that you should see about getting ready for the considerable increase in your sales once your build a shop with SmartHome!

Fashi – Fashion Boutique Magento Theme

Get Fashion Boutique Magento Theme

The sorting options you find in Fashi are genuinely amazing, making your future online shop stand out at the apparel market. Powered with the Ajax functionality, Fashi offers you to buy, compare, add products to the cart or a wishlist – all in one click. Your customers will enjoy the process of signing up signing in due to the professional subscription forms and the Social Login option.

GrandCosmetics – Cosmetics Store Magento Theme

Get Cosmetics Store Magento Theme

Once you set eyes on GrandCosmetics, you know that this Magento theme is the #1 choice for any beauty website. Elegant and yet professional, it contains all sorts of tools to help you sell cosmetics online. Give your target audience a chance to use the impressive Ajax Products Filter, comment on the goods they have bought recently, and use the Live Search without any coding skills.

GrandSale – Kitchen Supplies Magento Theme

Get Kitchen Supplies Magento Theme

Thanks to the smooth navigation and the smart choice of layout options, nothing will distract your customers’ attention from buying your kitchen supplies. Designed to suit the needs of modern shoppers, GrandSale is 100% responsive. All your catalog images will look seamless regardless of what device your clients use to browse your website.

Fashion Slash – AMP Fashion Boutique Magento Theme

Get AMP Fashion Boutique Magento Theme

Make no mistake – even though this Magento theme is created in the neutral color scheme, there is nothing conventional about its design. Beginning with the shop name and ending with attention-grabbing images on its Homepage, Fashion Slash is a real bargain for ambitious young brands. Impress your prospective customers with Special Price Countdowns, Promo Banners, and different currencies (USD/GBP/EUR) to win their trust.

CharmChara – Fashion Store Magento Theme

Get Fashion Store Magento Theme

Looking clean and elegant, CharmChara belongs to the top Magento themes in its market niche, i.e., apparel websites. Watch the live demo of this theme to experience the interactivity of its pages, the beauty of its animations, and the exceptional MegaMenu. CharmChara is also SEO-optimized, meaning that you will not have to wait long before your shop gets to the top Google search results.

RedDragon – Martial Arts Shop Magento Theme

Get Martial Arts Shop Magento Theme

Make no mistake – any sports, outdoors & travel website created with this highly effective and visually attractive Magento theme will help you increase your income dramatically. Aimed at people interested in sports, RedDragon looks professional and straightforward. Due to the powerful Ajax Search, your customers will not waste time while sorting the products online.

YanagiUdo – Japanese Restaurant Magento Theme

Get Japanese Restaurant Magento Theme

The main advantage of this responsive and cross-browser compatible Magento theme is its smooth navigation. Give the most demanding gourmets a chance to get to know new flavors and all the dishes that you are so proud to cook. Thanks to the spectacular galleries, rich animations, and the quick loading speed, both your loyal customers and new visitors will enjoy your menu to the fullest.

StartElectro – Electronics Store Magento Theme

Get Electronics Store Magento Theme

The uncluttered Homepage of StartElectro looks inviting and approachable for all your shoppers, regardless of their expertise in electronics. Make your website as interactive as it can be with attention-grabbing countdown timers, spectacular promo banners, and grid galleries. Just watch the live demo of this Magento theme to make sure how impressive the megamenu of StartElectro is!

ExtremeZ – Extreme Sports Magento Theme

Get Extreme Sports Magento Theme

Created for ambitious sport business owners, ExtremeZ is surprisingly user-friendly. The unconventional design of the homepage backed up with the bright color palette will make your sports online shop #1 choice in your niche. Thanks to the advanced Ajax-based sorting options, your customers will find what they need within seconds!

Garrient Organic Food Magento Theme

Get Garrient Organic Food Magento Theme

The imagery used in this Magento theme is memorable and can serve as a guideline for the further customization of your website. In addition, Garrient is super responsive thanks to the AMP (aka accelerated mobile pages) functionality. Give Google and your future buyers a chance to rank your assortment without any delay.

Mesa – Responsive Magento Theme

Get Mesa Responsive Magento Theme

Originally created as a book web theme, Mesa can be the perfect match for any home & family website. With this Magento theme, you get to choose the homepage out of 4+ options and color it the way you see best with 9+ ready-made color schemes. Also, each web page you find in Mesa is mobile-friendly, so your visitors will definitely enjoy browsing through the books (or any other home-related goods, for that matter) you sell without leaving the comfort zone.


As you can see, the open-source Magento themes have a lot to offer to modern entrepreneurs. The assortment of Magento themes is impressive and can cater to the needs of all possible online shops. The pricing policy of the themes mentioned above is a definite bonus too, as you are not required to pay any monthly/yearly fees. In short, why not give Magento themes a try right now and start building your online shop from scratch within days?