Ultimate List of Online Marketing Tools

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Online Marketing Tools

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate tool for your E-Commerce business, things get really confusing. It all starts with determining what actual marketing activity you need to currently implement. Then you should check whether you have some spare budget to use exclusive paid tools. Finally, you might also need to look for potential alternatives to make sure you’re going to use the most suitable solution. However, there are still so many tools on the web, some of which cover specific tasks while others are ultimate packages of various tools that you might need at every step of your marketing campaign.

We offer you to take a glimpse at our comprehensive list of online marketing tools which we have previously arranged according to their ultimate purposes for an E-Commerce entrepreneur.

This will help you to get along with all these numerous names, tool features, and prices more easily.

SEO Online Marketing Tools: Keywords

There is an intense list of useful tools for search engine optimization purposes which includes both free and paid solutions worth using by small businesses and big corporations. Note that some tools are good for using once (e.g. to get a fast answer to your question in numbers or percentages), while others suit better when used steadily during the whole marketing campaign.

Answer The Public

This is a smart keyword analysis tool which will bring you the insight about what questions your customers tend to ask the Internet when typing in one of your business-related keywords in Google or Bing search. As a result, you have an opportunity to improve your website’s content with answers to those questions thus attracting more visitors and improving your SERPs position.

Price: Free

Google Trends

What can be more insightful in terms of keyword analysis than Google Trends tool that gives you all the kinds of stats about how popular a given keyword was at any particular moment in the past or how popular it generally is at any particular country of the world. With this data at hand, you can better understand the needs of your potential audience and adjust on-site content accordingly.

Price: Free

Google Suggest

Node.js in production

As simple as that, the basic functionality of Google search engine can bring you more profit than you think. The traditional Google Suggest feature that has always helped us out with completing our search inquiries can in fact bring valuable insights to your SEO marketing strategy. By using a set of additional tricks (such as adding an underscore character inside a search phrase telling to look for specific keywords in the middle or at the end of it) you can significantly increase the chances of finding the right keywords for your SEO campaign.

Price: Free


This tool can be used as a handy addition to any other keyword search tool, including Google Keyword Planner. Ubersuggest dives even deeper into analyzing searchers’ behavior varying from country to country. Its primary settings allow you to specify where exactly to look for the meaningful keywords and phrases: YouTube, news websites, shopping websites, image sources, or simply everywhere on the web.

Price: Free


This keyword analysis tool is good for SEO purposes but also for PPC and content marketing campaigns. The developers took into account peculiarities of each business niche in order to deliver the most accurate keyword patterns that aim at your particular audience. Keyword suggestions here are usually based on popular searches on Google, Bing, YouTube, Fiverr, Amazon, and even Wikipedia.
Price: Starter Plan – $299 per year, PRO Plan – $499 per year.

Free Trial: cannot search for related keywords.

Keyword Tool

Just like the previous one, this tool has a lot to offer in terms of an effective keyword research. The free version of Keyword Tool allows you to filter your search to specific search engines and platforms with an additional feature of choosing target language and region for a search. In result of each keyword search you get a full list of top search results containing a given word with their average search volume, CPC rate and AdWords competition.

Price: Free
Price for Keyword Tool Pro:

  • Pro Lite Plan – $48 p/m
  • Pro Basic Plan – $68 p/m
  • Pro Plus Plan – $88 p/m

WordStream’s Keyword Niche Finder

Keyword Niche Finder determines a particular niche to which your target keyword relates to thus providing you with lots of opportunities in terms of high-quality keyword research. This tool can potentially suit well for pay-per-click campaigns but also for general SEO marketing needs.

Price: Free (for the first 30 searches)

  • Link analysis online tools

MOZ Open Site Explorer

This MOZ-based tool allows for monitoring your competitors’ backlinks in order to see whether they link to relevant websites, which might be of interest to your own site. Knowing which backlinks make your competitors stronger is a key towards building a highly ranked site of your own.

Price: Free


MajesticSEO is a proved online marketing tool that can provide you with precious insights into your backlinks’ value. Apart from that, you can also analyze your anchor texts, download reports in Excel format, and many more. The tool contains:

  • a profound Site Explorer giving all the relevant information concerning a given domain;
  • an easy-to-use Backlink History Checker that can both count backlinks and compare their efficiency;
  • a Search Explorer allowing you to find proper keywords to target your audience;
  • a specialized API for managing the tool’s raw data.


  • Silver Quarterly Plan – $49.99 p/m (3 month subscription required)
  • Silver Plan – $78.99 p/m
  • Gold Plan – $169.99 p/m
  • Platinum Plan – $399.99 p/m (includes full access to the tool’s API)
  • Free Trial: for analyzing first 1000 links; limited in features.

Link Diagnosis

This is another link analysis tool which is free and pretty much easy-to-use. It is based on SEOMoz engine allowing you to retrieve all the necessary information on a particular site and its separate pages. You can also see sites’ PageRank in the full SERP list or in a smaller top 100 to top 500 lists. One of the main drawbacks of the tool is that it is only compatible with Mozilla browsers, and to see and download your final analysis report you will need to use their official plugin first.
Price: Free


aHrefs is good for tracking your backlinks, brand mentions, and competitors all over the web. Among its basic features, it has automated website performance checker together with backlink crawlers helping to identify any broken or lost ones. In addition, you can effectively check the rankings of each of your keywords and get social metrics from any of the existing networks, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


  • Lite Plan – $99 p/m
  • Standard Plan – $179 p/m
  • Advanced Plan – $399 p/m
  • Free Trial: 14 days


With this tool at hand, you can easily check how visible your competitors are for particular keywords in your niche. Moreover, you can monitor and improve your backlinks’ efficiency, check your mobile rankings, see how productive you are in social media, and many more.


  • Essentials Plan – $69 p/m
  • Suite Business Plan – given upon request
  • Suite Enterprise Plan – given upon request
  • Suite Ultimate Plan – given upon request
  • Free Trial: available

Bing Webmaster Tools Link Explorer

Bing search engine has its own online tool for managing analytical stuff for SEO purposes. Its first-aid feature checks your own website’s performance and recommends on which things should be improved. More specifically, it analyzes every page of your website and the overall number of backlinks heading to it. In addition, you can see the efficiency of your anchor text with regard to inbound links related to them.
Price: Free

Advanced Link Manager

This online tool has a wide range of features that cover a lot more than just link analysis opportunities. For instance, it’s capable of automatic link building which can be set up to look for the most appropriate web sources and send them a corresponding request to leave a link to your website on their pages. However, you should consider this technique to be more of a black hat SEO feature. Also, with Advanced Link Manager you can easily analyze your anchor text and keep all your data up-to-date by reconfiguring analysis at certain periods.


  • Standard Plan – $99 p/y
  • Professional Plan – $199 p/y
  • Enterprise Plan – $399 p/y
  • Server Plan – $599 p/y
  • Free Trial: 30 days

Google Webmaster Tools

Node.js in production

Finally, the finest link analysis tool which is only capable of analyzing your own website rather than any others, but it still provides pretty much insightful information on how to improve your search visibility and overall rankings in general.

Price: Free

Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

This is a handy free online tool for managing your anchor texts on external websites. This may be especially the case if your keyword density is too high – search engines can think you’re spamdexing, which is a prohibited online practice. The given tool will help you improve your backlinks and make your anchor text optimized for your brand. It also allows you to contact websites’ owners with a request to change the content of your backlinks on their pages.

Price: Free

Domain Hunter Plus

This is a free Chrome plugin which allows you to check you website for broken links or find empty domains for further purchase. Whatever the case, Domain Hunter Plus can do the job both quickly and efficiently. For each link identified, it provides a unique status code thus letting you know if the domain is available.

Price: Free


While search engines can only allow you to monitor your link performance monthly, there are tools, like Linkstant, which can do it in a blink of an eye. Linkstant can easily detect the source of each of your backlink and tell whether it is a reliable one from the PageRank’s point of view. In addition, you can identify and optimize already existing links and their meta tags on any external website with no need to deal with webmasters themselves.


  • Small Businesses – $7 p/m
  • Enterprise Companies – $27 p/m
  • Free Trial: not available

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

Screaming Frog allows you to keep track of your website’s internal URLs and their visibility to search engines and real visitors. More specifically, it is a full-fledged website crawler that can identify broken links, gather meaningful on-page information and analyze it from a SEO point of view. In addition, this app is capable of detecting duplicate content, creating XML Sitemaps, managing redirects, and many more.

Price: £ 99 per year

Free Trial: 500 URL crawl limit; some other features unavailable


This is an easy online SEO tool that can search for any potential duplicate content on your site. In addition, it can distinguish the most commonly used content as opposed to unique one. Other useful stats include the total number of internal as well as external links, average page loading time, and average page size.

Price: depending on the amount of URLs you’d like to crawl (1c per page)

Free Trial: 250 URL crawl limit

Moz Local: Check My Listing

MozLocal is another MOZ-based online tool helping you to manage your local SEO campaign. You simply need to enter your company’s name and physical postal code to get the list of your business listings on Google, Bing and other search engines.  In case if you find any evidence of duplicate content or lacking data, you can always improve it to attain more presence in your local SERPs.

Price: Free


This is an extensive online tool for analyzing your competitors and benchmarking their performance against yours. Although it was released just in 2013, it managed to gain a lot of admirers among marketers from various industries worldwide. SimilarWeb offers a comprehensive list of potential referral sources, relevant keywords for organic SEO and PPC purposes, estimated traffic number coming to any particular website, and many more. Its main advantage over such alternatives as Alexa and Compete is that it’s capable of analyzing data beyond the limits of the US realm, which makes it attractive to international marketers.


  • Basic Plan – $199 p/m (1 user per plan; mobile traffic sources, mobile app analysis and engagement are not included)
  • Ultimate Plan – upon contacting official representatives
  • Enterprise Plan – upon contacting official representatives
  • Free Trial: gives only general information on every target website.

Moz Pro

This is an ultimate Moz-based online product which is created specifically for improving your search engine visibility. It combines in itself a great ranking checker, CTR calculator, keyword explorer, link analyzer, site crawler, and on-site optimizer, all of which eliminates the need for any other existing tools, indeed.


  • Standard Plan – $99 p/m
  • Medium Plan – $149 p/m
  • Large Plan – $249 p/m
  • Premium Plan – $599 p/m
  • Larger Enterprise plans are set upon contacting the tool’s representatives.
  • Free Trial: 30 days

SEO Book

This service created several web tools to help you manage every SEO step in no time and effort. Among its most relevant ones there are the following:

  • The Keyword Tool
  • SEO Site Structure Planner
  • Hub Finder
  • Domain Name Finder
  • Competitive Research Tool

Every tool is provided to you together with handy training materials that would allow you to manage your SEO campaign without any external help.

Price: needs to be specified on the tool’s official website


This paid solution is a way to analyze the incoming traffic of specific pages and websites. Specifically, it can calculate the exact traffic value based on a number of key metrics. You can analyze both your website and your competitors’ websites and later compare the results to see potential differences in your online performance.

Price: known upon contacting the tool’s representatives.
Free Trial: available

Deep Crawl


Deep Crawl is going to literally crawl your website deep enough to help you discover everything about its online performance. No matter whether you’re working on migrating to a new website or simply want to make sure your current website’s version works fine, this tool is exactly what you need. It has lots of handy SEO features for:

  • comprehensive backlink analysis;
  • redirect testing;
  • website’s inner structure analysis;
  • search engine penalty resolver;
  • landing page review;
  • and many more.


  • Starter – $80 p/m
  • Basic – $250 p/m
  • Pro – $450 p/m
  • Enterprise – $1750 p/m
  • Ultimate – needs to be specified on the website

SEO Title Tag 3.0

This is one of the most useful SEO tools, as it provides a full-fledged optimization of your on-page meta-tags and descriptions. Originally it is an official plugin for WordPress and it can be applied to the platform’s websites and blogs.

Price: Free

Wordtracker’s Keyword Tool

This tool specializes in building high-end SEO maps for your website. The tool guides through several major steps. First, you need to choose a relative keyword and get the top search results with it. Then you’ll see how much traffic every search result bears and how often it is used by your competitors. Finally, the tool benchmarks traffic against competition and calculates the individual KEI (or keyword effectiveness index) for each keyword.


  • Bronze – $27 p/m
  • Silver – $69 p/m
  • Gold – $99 p/m
  • Free Trial: 7 days

Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

This is a pretty much minimalistic online marketing tool which has a great value to your marketing campaign. In fact, it is a piece of Google SERPs which can be modified through a corresponding form on the tool’s web page. You can use this form to see how your website listing would look like in the search results page with a custom title, meta description and a date.

Price: Free

Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools

This is an all-in-one toolset containing everything for an effective SEO campaign. Among its most noteworthy features there are:

  • Meta tag generator
  • Page speed detector
  • Header checker
  • Landing page optimization tool
  • Link analyzer
  • WordPress internal link builder
  • Competitive analysis
  • …and many more.

Price: Free

Rank Checker (for Firefox)

Firefox Rank Checker.

This is a free addon to Firefox created by SEO Book developers specifically for checking website rankings. Moreover, you can compare your website’s rankings with those of your competitors and see how much you lag behind and what you should improve in order to increase its value.

Price: Free

Schema Creator

This is a free though more complex SEO tool to get a grip on. Schema Creator will help you make a better use of schema.org structured data standard and build proper schemas for the most popular pages of your website. You need to simply adjust a schema template to a particular page and copy/paste it to the page’s own HTML script.

Price: Free

Seer SEO Toolbox

This SEO tool suit is perfect for those who don’t feel confident enough with programming. It provides easy-to-grasp spreadsheets with graphs and reports. To calculate a particular metric you only need to apply the right function from the box, and you will instantly get the exact results.

Price: Free

SEOgadget Tools

This is a free Excel extension that gets its analytical data directly from such specialized SEO sources as Majestic SEO, Moz ad Grepwords.

Price: Free

Similar Page Checker

This tool can detect any duplicate content on your website to prevent further reducing of its PageRank. Basically, it compares two different pages and calculates how their content is similar to each other.

Price: Free

URI Valet

URI Valet

This one is a header checker which is pretty much straight-forward in use. Simply enter your website’s URI, version of HTTP and user agent in appropriate fields and get a complete report on your headers quality.

Price: Free

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

This is another easy-to-use broken link checker. In addition, this tool can create a full list of all of your indexed pages in a few clicks.

Price: Free

The Alexa Toolbar (for Firefox)

Alexa Chrome Popout

This toolbar for Firefox browser gives you all relevant information on a web page you’re currently interested in. Each report contains data on the page’s rankings, incoming traffic, load speed, backlinks, and many more.

Price: Free

Search Engine Online Marketing Tools

Google Display Network

Node.js in production

This Google-based online marketing tool can give you an insight on the right audiences and web sources to target. You can specify your search by country, business-related keyword and phrase, topic, demographic variable, etc. This will allow you to present your ads on websites which have the most of potential customers as their daily traffic, thus growing your own audience as well. With Google Display Network, you can choose whom to attract to your products or services – users, websites, or both.
Price: Free


addthis social sharing magento

AddThis targeting tools comprise everything you need for targeting proper audiences at your website. By properly analyzing received data you can significantly improve your advertising for it to look relevant to the users. Apart from targeting tools, AddThis also provides high-end social media integration tools, such as share and follow buttons.


  • AddThis Pro Plan – $13 p/m
  • AddThis Business Plan – $100 p/m
  • Free Trial: includes basic website tools and audience/source targeting.

Google Keyword Planner

This tool is a part of the AdWords advertising platform that helps to choose the best working keywords and phrases for your marketing needs. It is essentially useful for small businesses aiming at effective pay-per-click campaigns and positive monthly impressions.

Price: Free

Small SEO Tools


This is a massive SEO toolkit that can handle any possible task required to sustain your marketing campaign. From content-targeted tools, like Spell Checker, to pay-per-click ad calculators, like Adsense Calculator, you can use everything to make sure your website is completely prepared to meet the needs of each and every visitor. The toolkit comprises more than 30 free easy-to-use tools, each asking you to enter input data and a click on the button to get instant results.
Price: Free

AdWords Editor

This is a free downloadable app which can help you effectively manage multiple Google AdWords campaigns within one user-friendly framework. It also saves all data and metrics allowing you to work even in offline mode.

Price: Free

AdWords Scripts

AdWords Scripts makes it even easier for you to manage your ad campaigns. The scripts are written in JavaScript code, and creating and editing them requires only basic knowledge of the language. With this tool, PPC campaign management can become a fast automated process requiring no efforts from your side.

Price: Free

AdWords Performance Grader

In less than a minute, this tool will present you with a comprehensive free report on your AdWords campaign performance. The report will give you a general score based on the following factors:

  • the quality of your landing page
  • CTR value
  • the quality of text ads
  • mobile optimization
  • the presence of long-tail keywords
  • return on initial AdWords investments.

Price: Free

Bing Ads Editor

This tool is essentially important for performing efficient PPC campaigns within the realm of Bing search engine. It is also a downloadable app allowing you to create, edit and control your text ads with ease. You can also manage multiple accounts from this editor and sync data from each of them thus keeping every ad campaign up to date.

Price: Free

Bing Ads Intelligence

This is a comprehensive PPC audit toolset that has many advanced features which you might not find in Google AdWords’ similar solutions. The tool’s interface looks exactly like Excel, which makes it appealing to the user. You can group your ad campaigns in accordance with your customers’ preferences thus defining more relevant data in the first place. In addition, the tool allows you to work with large keyword lists that can reach up to 200 000 words.
Price: Free

Bing Ads Grader

Just like AdWords Performance Grader, Bing Grader will give you performance insights into your Bing ad campaigns, but also AdWords campaigns, which makes it even a better solution. For the analysis, the tool considers around 60 different factors from 10 relevant areas of PPC advertising, so you’re likely to get the most accurate data on the web.

Price: Free

Phrase Builder

Phrase Builder

Simply put, this tool will give you a fast hint on which particular keywords are best related to already existing ones so that your ads could still look valuable to the user.

Price: Free

Analysis Toolpak for Excel


This is Microsoft’s exclusive addon to Excel containing a big pack of various tools that might be of interest to your PPC campaign analysis. The tool calculates all input data and displays the results in a form of conventional tables or charts. Calculating parameters should be specified before you start processing your data. It’s also worth noting that dealing with this tool pack requires certain experience with Excel’s main features, so make sure you can handle both the program and the addon.

Price: Free


Once you enter a keyword in the main field of this tool’s page, you will instantly get the list of top related keywords and phrases from primary search engines and websites, including Google, Bing, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Amazon.

Price: Free



In case if you have two or more ad campaigns and would like to find out their effectiveness with regard to your marketing strategy, SplitTester is the best option. With the help of this tool, you can calculate and compare the CTR of two different and subsequently predict their future performance.

Price: Free

WordStream Landing Page Grader

This tool is created specifically for those who would like to see how effective their website’s landing page is. Once you enter your details and log in with your Google AdWords account, the tool will present you with a free report showing a total number of ad clicks, 3-month ad campaign expenses, and resulting conversions.

Price: Free


This is a paid PPC audit option which has a wide range of analytical data to offer. Every plan contains a compulsory competitor research based on which you can make decisions concerning your own ad campaigns. In addition, the tool provides you with top search engine keywords, monthly ad budget, average ad position, number of clicks, and many more.


  • Starter – $59 p/m
  • Professional – $99 p/m
  • Advanced – $299 p/m
  • Enterprise – known upon contacting iSpionage representatives.
  • Free Trial: 30 days


With this tool, you get a full coverage of PPC analytics in your report. It effectively measures performance of your competitors’ ads and shows what exactly makes their ads better than yours. You can crawl thousands of pages to get a full picture of your ad campaign. You can analyze specific keywords separately or with regard to a certain domain – any option would help. All SEMrush reposts are provided in a handy PDF format.


  • Pro – $69.95 p/m
  • Guru – $149.95 p/m
  • Business – $549.95 p/m
  • Free Trial: not available


This paid PPC analysis tool is pretty much similar to those mentioned above but it has a range of additional features. For instance, it allows for unlimited number of report exports and search results, thousands of top list results, and an extended view on competitor PPC metrics.


  • Basic – $79 p/m
  • Professional – $139 p/m
  • Agency – $999 p/m
  • Free Trial: not available


This one also focuses on competitor ad research. Specifically, you can freely analyze their keywords and their efficiency throughout a certain period of time. Overall, the tool can offer you more than 127 million keywords updated on regular basis. In addition, KeywordSpy displays handy ROI indicators next to every ad you look at through their database. Advanced searches are also available.


  • Research – $89.95 p/m
  • Tracking – $89.95 p/m
  • Professional – $139.95 p/m
  • Agency & Enterprise – $995 p/m
  • Free Trial: available


This tool will allow you to monitor thousands of competitors’ ads across all major ad platforms from 15 countries. Based on the data received you can get to contact and cooperate with those advertisers that can bring more potential profit to your business and eventually drive more sales.


  • Mobile Pro – $175 p/m
  • Display Pro – $249 p/m
  • Display + Mobile Pro – $329 p/m
  • Free Trial: not really free, it will cost you $1 – 3 days

The Search Monitor

The Search Monitor is a perfect tool for discovering the most attractive affiliate programs, monitoring and analyzing competitive ads worldwide, managing your own ad campaigns from multiple accounts, and many more.


  • Compliance – $399 p/m
  • Pro – $599 p/m
  • Ultimate – $899 p/m
  • Enterprise – custom pricing
  • Free Trial: available



AdGooroo provides valuable insights into how other brands in your industry perform their SEM campaigns. You can also effectively benchmark your own brand’s performance against them. In addition to all-inclusive advertising data analysis, the tool offers nice ad spend modeling features, stats on daily performance on the local level and information on potential affiliates and partners across the world.

Price: known upon contacting the tool’s representatives

E-Commerce News Online Marketing Tools

While you may be busy with your marketing campaign, there are lots of things happening in the world of E-Commerce every minute. So to help you stay aware of all the important updates in the niche, we put some handy informational tools that can become your close friends during long trips or holidays.

Google Alerts

Google’s specialized feed reader that helps you to stay ahead of your competitors. You can choose and follow the news from spheres you like the most, starting from politics and ending with movies and music. Moreover, you have an opportunity to monitor your competitors’ performance by entering corresponding keywords in the search field. You can (and should) also regularly check for mentions of your own brand and share them with your audience in the blog.

Price: Free


Reeder is an exclusive news app for iOS and Mac which allows its users to read news, educational articles, or entertainment posts without abstractive advertising. The app became the result of the closure of the Google Reader tool in 2013 due to small revenues and its low popularity. Reeder has become available on Safari 5 and its later versions, and for now it remains one of the most popular Apple-based feed aggregators on the web. It accumulates reading materials from various news services, such as Feedly, Feed Wrangler, FeedHQ, NewsBlur, The Old Reader, and many others. You can download the latest Reeder version from iTunes store.

Price: $9.99


This tool can be considered one of the best news aggregators currently available on the web. You can organize your feed in accordance with your personal interests and priorities and get to read the most relevant articles without the need to constantly search for the desired content. Feedly is also famous for its minimalist interface which contributes to a better reader experience. For entrepreneurs, this tool is a potential source of authoritative information that might be of help to their marketing campaigns and strategic analyses.


  • Basic – Free (includes all primary features)
  • Pro – $5.41
  • Team – $18.08


Pocket is a cloud-based news reading tool which allows you to save liked articles and blog posts for later. Every saved item is automatically moved to the user’s personal Pocket list with its content fully loaded for offline reading. This tool exists in the form of a browser extension for desktop use but also as a fully developed app for mobile use. Since 2015, Pocket became Firefox’s built-in feature, which makes it even more attractive to the browser users.

Price: Free


Readability is more about HOW you read rather than WHAT you read. It’s integrated to your browser to:

  • display an approximate reading time for every article on the web;
  • convert the language of a more complex article to an easy-to-read alternative;
  • allow you to save a given article for later reading from a mobile device or Kindle e-book.

Price: Free

Social Media Online Marketing Tools

To be visible in social media and get the most of it is a tough task, especially at the time of the fast growth of E-Commerce niche. You can still effectively improve your business-customer interaction through social networks, but it gets harder every day to maintain the high content quality without using additional assistance from outside. Here are some social media tools that might be useful to adjust to your business.

Facebook marketing tools

Facebook Audience Insights

This is the most profound online tool that can handle everything related to social media analysis. For instance, you can use it to see the average age, prevailing gender or residence region of your customers. Apart from that, you can generate information about your audience’s interests, education level, and job sphere. You can also choose to perform a demographic analysis exclusively for your business page subscribers or for all Facebook users. Based on the data obtained, you can adjust your content to the needs of the prevailing demographic category thus boosting your social relevance.

Price: Free

Action Sprout


This is another useful tool for effective integration into Facebook’s territory. Specifically, it allows for crowdfunding opportunities in social media to help effectively raise money for both charitable and commercial purposes. For this, you just need to create a petition and embed it in your Facebook’s newsfeed so that followers could see it and engage. After your petition gets linked to your personal ActionSprout profile, you can get any statistical information about how your post is doing.


  • Bronze Plan – $9 p/m
  • Silver Plan – $29 p/m
  • Gold Plan – $99 p/m
  • Free Trial: available (free forever plan)

Wolfram Alpha Facebook Report

Although some cool features of this tool have been discontinued due to recent changes in Facebook’s API, it is still pretty much useful for getting a detailed report on your social performance. The tool will generate stats about how often you publish posts in your profile, how many likes and reposts you get from your followers, and at what time you tend to be more active with your audience in general.
Price: Free


This tool gives you fast insights into the effectiveness of your Facebook page. Apart from relevant metrics, you also receive relevant recommendations on how to improve your performance and the quality of user experience.

Price: Free

Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is created for Facebook-based competitor analysis. However, the tool requires that you compare your Facebook page to that of your competitor – this will guarantee the best results for your social marketing campaign. You can also compare two popular brands to see how it actually works. The tools’ comparative table shows the differences between the brands’ number of followers, their daily interaction with brands’ content and the overall quality of that content.

Price: Free

Facebook Page Barometer

Facebook Page Barometer

Unlike the previous tool, this one compares your Facebook page to more than 11 000 other existing ones. You can also filter the results by choosing pages with a particular number of followers. In result, you get an average percentage on the most relevant metrics, such as fan engagement, CTR value, organic reach, negative feedback, and many more.

Price: Free

Twitter marketing tools



Crowfire, previously known as Just Unfollow, is a tool for managing your Twitter and Instagram followers. Specifically, you can track your friends’ activity on your account and blacklist those of them who don’t interact with you completely. Moreover, you can automatically unfollow those people who do not follow you back.


  • Free Plan – Free (1 linked account)
  • Pluto Plan – $9.99 p/m (2 accounts)
  • Earth Plan – $19.99 p/m (5 accounts)
  • Neptune Plan – $59.99 p/m (20 accounts)
  • Jupiter Plan – $199.99 p/m (100 accounts)


This is a nice alternative to Crowdfire which offers almost the same range of features, but is limited to Twitter management only.


  • Free Plan – Free
  • Silver Plan – $7.49 p/m
  • Platinum Plan – $14.00 p/m

Manage Flitter

Manage Flitter has all the necessary features for managing your Twitter accounts, including follower cleanup, social analytics, post scheduling, and multiple acc management (for Premium users).


  • Freebie Plan – Free
  • Pro Plan – from $12 p/m
  • Business Plan – from $49 p/m
  • Free Trial (for paid plans): 14 days

SumAll Reports

audience dashboard screenshot

This tool allows you to effectively manage your social marketing campaign across major social networks. With a paid plan, you can get up-to-date metrics from all existing social profiles both weekly and monthly. In addition, the tool cooperates with Twitter Segmentation which allows for categorizing your followers according to the volume of their own audience, thus providing you with a neat list of those who have potential of influencing your brand through their connections. This is good for both spreading your content and targeting more potential customers to your products and services.

Price: $99 p/m


Having recently united with PeerIndex service, Brandwatch gives you a high-end interaction with users that are truly interested in your brand. These two services complement each other by employing their native features for the most profound analysis of more than 300 million Twitter users and communities they belong to. At the core of their technology, there is a so-called ‘Influencer Graph’ that categorizes the whole Twitter community according to the topics or events they discuss, thus presenting you with those users that could find your content useful for them and their own followers.

Price: Free


Kred is another influence measuring tool with tones of useful features. Despite being relatively new service, Kred gives you a valuable insight into what followers tend to like your content most. Moreover, you can get constant updates about the activity of your social profile in real time. But the most important feature Kred provides you with is a list of the best potential influencers from various communities which are previously created based on data received from Twitter’s popular hashtags and discussions.

Price: $249 p/y (for brands)

Free Trial: Free to use for 12 months, afterwards – $19 p/y.


This is a #1 tool for performing Twitter social analysis. You can obtain a set of statistical demographic information about your followers, their location and preferences.  All the stats are presented with illustrative graphs that you can share with your team members and employ in your social marketing campaign.


Target Plan – $29 p/m (maintenance of up to 3 social profiles)
Multitask Plan – $79 p/m (maintenance of up to 20 social profiles)

Free Trial: no analytics features available, 50 daily account search limit, no report downloads available.


If you want to have a handy Twitter-based tool for your business profile, TweetDeck is what you need in the first place. It is easy and highly convenient to use TweetDeck for monitoring daily activity of your followers and influencers. With the help of the tool’s tracking features you can stay aware of all the events and discussions related to your business just by entering a particular hashtag. Moreover, if you have several accounts, you can link them all to your personal TweetDeck profile and manage them instantaneously.

Price: Free

Save Publishing

Save Publishing

This is a handy free online tool that can highlight the sentences of any text on your website that would perfectly suit the limit of a single tweet. You need to simply copy and paste a piece of code from their page to your page script, and then you will have a ready-to-use Find Tweets button. If you want to share some relevant idea from your post with the Twitter audience, just click on the needed passage, and it will automatically appear as a tweet in your account.

Price: Free


This tool is primarily done for informative reasons, which means that you can be sure you achieved success only after you managed to see one of your tweets in this tool’s list. Latest.is is actually an automated anonymous list of top 10 most interesting links currently available on Twitter. The algorithm involved in choosing those links pays attention to the number of high-quality links left per user.

Price: Free


Tweriod is there to show you the best time period for posting in your Twitter account. Based on the posting time of your tweets and your followers’ tweets, the tool calculates the most perfect time for all future posts so that you were sure that your tweets are likely to be viewed by the majority of youк audience.

Price: Free


This simple tool helps you find your brand mentions across Twitter. After you sign up in the tool with your Twitter account, you can instantly get a clear and nicely visualized map showing how your followers are connected to you and which topics they like to discuss the most.

Price: Free

Happy Cyborg

This one is a very unusual social tool. While it only supports Twitter account management, it is also a beta version, which means that it might not work properly all the time. However, it’s worth of at least one try-out, because it is in fact an AI that can model on your daily Twitter behavior and engagement with your followers. In fact, Happy Cyborg can communicate with your followers instead of you by using your all previous comments and replies in your account.

Price: Free



This tool provides a comprehensive insight into your brand’s influencers on Twitter through a number of handy tools. You can search for leads by any business-related keywords, names or other criteria – Socedo will give you a complete list of people who can make more returns and profit to your website.

Price: depends on certain factors (like the number of campaigns, the use of enhances analytics tools, etc.)
Free Trial: available

Other social media marketing tools


Buffer service provides you with high-end posting opportunities in social media. Specifically, you can schedule your posts for the future so that you had no worries about being online all the time. This tool is integrated into the most popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


  • Individuals Plan / Awesome – $10 p/m
  • Teams and Agencies Plan / Small – $99 p/m
  • Teams and Agencies Plan / Medium – $199 p/m
  • Teams and Agencies Plan / Large – $399 p/m
  • Enterprise Plan – $899 p/m
  • Free Trial: paid plans – 30 days; Individuals Plan / Individual – forever (10 scheduled posts per profile, 1 social profile per platform; no RSS Feed and no social analytics)


Image result for Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a professional social media analysis tool which has a full set of analytical and social management features for both small businesses and corporations. With Hootsuite, you can effectively interact with your customers across various social networks at the same time. In addition, you have an access to publishing features allowing for easy message scheduling. Among other major tools there is a unique analytical feature that helps keep track of your social performance and popularity of your content among subscribers.


  • Free Plan – Free
  • Pro Plan – $9.99 p/m
  • Business Plan – from $19.98 p/m (3 team members) to $89.91 p/m (10 team members)
  • Enterprise Plan – up to $1500 p/m (more than 10 team members)
  • Free Trial (for paid plans): 30 days (maintenance of three social profiles, basic performance analysis, message scheduling feature).


Image result for Klout

This is a time-proven social tool that allows you to measure how good you are at influencing people on the web. If you eventually find your results too dissatisfying, there is a bunch of useful advice Klout can share with you to help improve the quality of your content. As a result, your posts are likely to be liked and shared more often thus enlarging your audience and influence, respectively.

Price: Defined after contacting the company’s representatives;
Free Trial: Includes basic features, has a limited number of attended social profiles.


Node.js in production

LinkedIn is perfect as a social network itself, but it is a good influencer searching tool as well. Previously there was a separate LinkedIn-based tool called LinkedIn Sector Skills which allowed marketers to perform a search of meaningful business influencers across the network. However, it was recently discontinued – again due to low revenues. So now if you decide to look for suitable individuals or businesses to interact with, you can simply use LinkedIn’s advanced search field.

Price: Free


Edgar Logo

MeetEdgar developers emphasize the need for using their tool in order to save precious time instead of wasting it on constant posting in social media. According to their official studies, the average life span of a single tweet (or time during which it is most likely to be viewed by the user) equals 24 minutes, and the average life span of a single Facebook post equals 90 minutes. This means that, in order to keep on attracting users’ attention to your brand, you will need to post updates even more frequently than before. The tool offers a wide range of features, such as post scheduling, organizing your content according to its topic or time of the day. After your content has been published online, it can be automatically added to your personal library from where you can reuse it later or simply prevent yourself from duplicate stuff in future.

Price: $49 per month


Image result for AgoraPulse

This social media tool supports three primary social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It contains all the features you might need when working on promoting your brand: post scheduling, instant responding, sharing, etc. Also, it allows for monitoring relevant keywords to define its weight among the users.


  • Micro Plan – $15 p/m
  • Small Plan – $49 p/m
  • Medium Plan – $99 p/m
  • Large Plan – $199 p/m
  • Free Trial: 15 days


Around.io logo

This tool is essentially valuable for those dealing with one of the online marketing platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, Ebay, Zepo, Ecwid, Etsy, and others. Around.io is designed to provide your social media accounts with regular updates from one of the abovementioned platforms after a new product of yours has appeared in their assortment.


  • Basic Social Plan – $9.99 p/m
  • Advance Social Plan – $19.99 p/m
  • Image Plus Plan – $49.99 p/m
  • Free Trial: 7 days


With Brand24, you can literally track your brand’s popularity across biggest social networks (primarily Facebook and Twitter) and see who your most loyal customers are. You can also find all the mentions of your business outside of social media: blogs, forums, news sites, etc. Gaining control over your brand mentions in all part of the Internet can help you better engage with users showing interest in your products and services, so Brand24 will be there to help you stay informed on the issue 24 hours a day.


  • Plus Plan – $49 p/m
  • Premium Plan – $99 p/m
  • Max Plan – $349 p/m
  • Free Trial: 14 days

Sprout Social

Image result for Sprout Social

Notwithstanding the abundance of various social media tools mentioned above, this one also deserves your attention. Sprout Social is essentially needed for an effective control over your social media page, especially if the majority of your customers come from social networks. In addition, the tool can easily connect you to your customers by providing instant feedback opportunities. Lots of content scheduling and publishing features are also available.


  • Deluxe Plan – $59 p/m
  • Premium Plan – $99 p/m
  • Team Plan – $500 p/m (3 users)
  • Free Trial: 30 days

Simply Measured


This is a comprehensive social management tool that covers a big range of features which might be of special interest to large businesses and corporations. Simply Measured supports all major social networks and can provide you with full-fledged reports on the quality of your social performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest. Resulting analytical reports are available for businesses on the web, in Excel, and even PowerPoint formats.


  • Social Plan – $500 p/m
  • Advanced Plan – $1000 p/m
  • Enterprise Plan – $2000 p/m
  • Free Trial: offers free social reports in exchange for having their brand followed or mentioned in your social media profile.


Newsle LinkedIn

Today Newsle is an integrative part of LinkedIn, which means that all its features were completely integrated into the social network.  Now it allows you to track all of your Facebook and LinkedIn friends throughout the industry-related news and blog posts. As a result, you can effectively share awareness about your influencers among the audience.

Price: Free


This is an exclusive toolset that will help you define social value of your website and all other websites on the web. You can use the tool’s profound search filters to analyze social performance of a selected set of web pages. As a result, you can effectively benchmark your own content with that of other websites, see how shareable it is across major social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, and finally – find suitable brand influencers and new happy customers.


  • Pro Plan – $99 p/m
  • Agency Plan – $299 p/m
  • Enterprise Plan – $999 p/m
  • Free Trial: lifetime version is available


Social_Oomph is a full-fledged social media management platform with tones of cool features available for all major social networks but also less known websites, such as Plurk and App.net. For each of the supported social network, you can perform a complete keyword research, post scheduling, multiple account management, follower tracking, and many other activities.

  • Price (for pro account): ~ $35.94 p/m
  • Free Trial: free limited lifetime version; 7-day free pro version.

IFTT (If This, Then That)


The IFTT’s developers have created a unique social management system which covers about 320 different apps and services. With the help of this tool, you can connect to all of those or just some of them and further sync your social activity across all the sources in connection. In the tool’s terms, all potential connections you can make are called DO recipes and IF recipes. The first type of recipes represents tap-like mobile apps that only require one simple gesture to perform in order to make it work. The second type of recipes represents online apps and services that run automatically every time you perform any action online. Thus, your social activity can get completely synchronized and become the least effortless daily task to perform.

Price: Free

Social Flow

SocialFlow -

This is a data-driven online tool whose only task is to provide you with stats regarding your followers’ daily activity in social networks. The final aim is to let you schedule your posts in such a way so that you could gain maximum profit.

Price: Free


Crowdbooster specializes specifically in Facebook and Twitter account management. Apart from convenient reporting features, the service also offers:

  • Easy post scheduling features
  • Influencer tracking features
  • Wide export opportunities.


  • Bronze – $9 p/m
  • Silver – $49 p/m
  • Gold – $149 p/m
  • Platinum – custom pricing
  • Free Trial: 30 days


Openr is a powerful social toolkit which focuses on providing your social media profiles with high-end call-to-action features. Those include public polls, e-mail subscription offers, incentive questions, and many more. You can also choose to create custom designs and layouts for your calls to action. As an important feature, you also get an access to real-time updateable analytics dashboards and easily exportable reports.


  • Free plan – 1 profile, a link per day
  • Starter – $43 p/m
  • Professional – $149 p/m
  • Business – $1248 p/m
  • Enterprise – $2505 p/m
  • Free Trial (for paid plans): available


MediaToolkit is a way to discover your brand’s mentions outside of your website. The tool performs searches through more than 10 million websites, blogs, message boards and social networks (primarily Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram). Detailed reports and easy-tp-grasp analytics tools are also included.


  • Free plan – for tracking 1 query.
  • Premium query – €15 per query
  • Free Trial (for Premium plans): 14 days


This one is a handy social publishing tool which makes your posts better in a variety of ways. It can significantly improve any visual content in your posts by offering user-friendly customizable designs and templates. Post scheduling is another handy feature here.


  • Personal – free for limited use
  • Pro – $9.99 p/m
  • Plus – $49.99 p/m
  • Advanced – $99.99 p/m
  • Teams – $199.99 p/m
  • Free Trial (for paid plans): 14 days


This is a Chrome-based extension that lets you see social media user data far beyond what is normally available. For instance, when you look at somebody’s profile on, say, Twitter, you can at the same time find out about their Facebook friends or which photos they have recently posted on their Instagram account.

Price: Free


Image result for Mention

Mention specializes in tracking all potential mentions of your brand, competitors, and industry-related topics all over the web. You can perform the search in real time by entering corresponding keywords, brand names or product tags in the tool’s search field.


  • Solo – $29 p/m
  • Starter – $99 p/m
  • Company – custom price


Oktopost is all-in-one social media management tool with tones of advantages and valuable insights. It provides a seamless control over all parts of your social media campaign so that you could constantly track and modify your brand’s performance on the web. The package includes everything from social publishing tools to regular analytics reports and mention tracking. All-in-all, Oktopost makes you a fully armed marketer with a guaranteed cover in the social realm.


  • Basic Plus – $400 p/m
  • Business – $600 p/m
  • Enterprise – $2200 p/m
  • Free Trial: 30 days

Website Optimization Online Marketing Tools

While rankings and high traffic are good for improving your presence on the web, there is also a website itself that is important. Without proper content or user-friendly design it will be nothing but a bunch of empty pages that bear no interest to a visitor. So if you aim at building your own audience that would want to return to your website to acquire your products and services or to simply receive some useful information, you should provide them with the quality they deserve. As a powerful weapon for your online marketing mission, we add here a couple of handy tools which you can apply to make your website better in the easiest way possible.

Landing page building tools


Image result for wordpress

While some people might be unaware of WordPress web page building opportunities, millions of businesses are already a part of this versatile marketing platform. WordPress has a complete and free toolkit for building an effective responsive website just in one click. By default, the platform is programmed to meet all major SEO requirements, so you don’t need to worry about your PageRank and search engine visibility at all.

Price: Free


Unbounce is a perfect tool for creating a responsive landing page for your website. The tool’s interface offers a drag-and-drop feature for an easy page building process. Every modification you’d like to seen in action can be instantaneously a/b tested online without any prior script writing. In addition, Unbounce has its own collection of more than 85 highly competitive landing page templates which you can customize according to your own needs and preferences.


  • Starter Plan – $49 p/m
  • Pro 99 Plan – $99 p/m
  • Pro 199 Plan – $199 p/m
  • Free Trial: 30 days


Image result for LeadPages

This is a paid landing page building option, but it has a variety of features to offer. For instance, here you can choose from hundreds of various templates for your future website, and you can also add various media files to make your landing page even more attractive to the visitor. Also, LeadPages supports WordPress integration with the help of their exclusive plugin. Integration to various e-mail marketing accounts is also possible.


  • Standard Plan – $25 p/m
  • Pro Plan – $49 p/m
  • Advanced Plan – $199 p/m

Content Tools

Portent’s Title Generator


If you cannot afford your personal content manager, you can try out Portent’s Title Generator specializing in creating effective titles from corresponding keywords. Not only that, but having generated a title for your topic, you will also get the idea of how to present it and to which conclusion to eventually come.

Price: Free

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator


If you feel too confused about what exactly to write about in your blog, this free tool will give you some handy advice. You only need to enter a few meaningful nouns in the corresponding fields in order to get a flow of fresh ideas and topics.

Price: Free


This tool gives you an insight into how good your writing is in terms of all of its aspects. You need to simply paste your text in a corresponding field and get an approximate readability score with a comprehensive analysis of your passages. Hemingway can easily identify the complexity of sentences, potential abuse of adverbs or nouns, recommend on simpler word alternatives, and many more.
Price: Free

On-Page Optimization Tool

Image result for internetmarketingninjas

This one puts great emphasis on the keywords used in your on-site content, especially in meta tags and descriptions. Once you insert any website’s link in the field, the tool will automatically identify the most frequently used keywords and phrases and analyze their density and affiliation with inbound or outbound URLs. Also, it includes a specialized header checker which displays HTTP status response code for each link.

Price: Free

Readability Test Tool

Readability Test Tool

With this tool, you can choose to analyze the content of the entire website, one specific page, or just a part of it. You can also input bare text to check its readability. The tool uses a wide range of scoring systems to evaluate the quality of your content from the reader’s point of view.  It also gives valuable stats on the text itself, like, for instance, the average number of words in your sentences, percentage of complex words used in a block, etc.

Price: Free


Image result for AtomicReach

This is a trusty tool that can easily identify the quality of your on-site content. For its analysis, the tool uses a range of relevant factors, such as content structure (length of sentences in texts as well as link length), use of grammar and spelling, use of meaningful keywords (especially in titles), and posting frequency. After the content has been analyzed you will receive a score from 0 to 100 that will give a clearer view on how good it is from the user’s point of view. Apart from that, AtomicReach will share valuable suggestions on how to improve the quality of your content to gain more engagement for your website.


  • Starter Plan – $249 p/m
  • Pro Plan – $599 p/m
  • Enterprise Plan – $1200 p/m
  • Free Trial: available as a Chrome plugin

After the Deadline

Image result for After the Deadline

This is another Chrome-based plugin that can effectively check your e-mails, social posts and blogs for grammar, spelling and stylistic mistakes. The proofreading process is preformed automatically upon clicking on a corresponding icon at the bottom of the screen.

Price: Free

Google Drive

Image result for Google Drive

This is well-known online file storage tool that allows for safe and easy ways of keeping, viewing, anв sharing your content. The tool support all major types of documents and media files that can be used as a part of your website’s content or as a business-related official material intended for colleagues and clients. Creating and editing files online is also possible with Google Drive, especially because it’s programmed to automatically save all changes made to the file thus preventing any undesirable failures.

Price: Free


Image result for Dropbox

This is one of the most influential competitors that Google Drive could deal with. However, it is more market-oriented tool that offers more features upon subscribing to their paid plans. As a basic feature, every user gets 2 gb of storage space which he or she can use freely without any limits. If you need more than that, you might want to purchase paid subscription.

  • Dropbox Basic – Free (2 gb storage)
  • Dropbox Pro – $9.99 p/m (1 tb storage)
  • Business Plan – $15 p/m (limitless storage volume)
  • Enterprise Plan – upon contacting the tool’s representatives (limitless storage volume)
  • Free Trial (for Business Plan): 30 days


Image result for Medium

This tool can be used as a reading app where you can find lots of interesting articles and observations from both professionals and average people. But most importantly, Medium is a perfect base for starting your own blog if you aim at enlarging your audience on the main website, or if you simply feel the need to share your ideas with someone. Moreover, because the tool shares many features with traditional social networks, all the information can be easily spread across and beyond Medium to reach the right audience.

Price: Free


This blogging option is essentially useful for those actively engaged in writing articles or blog posts. If you work in a team, you can use a paid Ghost version for having one blog shared between several authors thus allowing them to easily interact with each other during the writing process. In addition, this tool is provided with a professional writing toolkit allowing writers to work in a split-screen mode: one screen shows what you’re currently typing while the other automatically converts it into a preview version of your final text.

Price (for Pro plans):

  • Personal – $19 p/m
  • Advanced – $39 p/m
  • Team – $79 p/m
  • Business – $199 p/m
  • Free Trial: 14 days



Apart from being a good website builder, WordPress is also a nice blogging solution. You can create a personal blog or an official publishing page of your brand. The latter is even more appealing especially if you already have an existing WordPress-based website. The service allows you to customize your blog in a variety of ways: you can change everything from layouts to colors and fonts, and you can also integrate some widgets or “share” buttons to promote your content across various web platforms.

Price: Free


Image result for Blogger

Blogger is a free blogging web tool owned by Google. Under single profile, you can create up to 100 different blogs, which makes it a good place to share your content with others. Another important advantage of Blogger is that it supports integration with AdSense – a Google-based advertising platform – allowing you to earn money by displaying content-related ads in your blog.

Price: Free


Image result for Wistia

Unlike any other video hosting services, Wistia was created specifically for businesses that would like to make more customers through creating targeted videos and sharing them on their websites and social media profiles. Apart from having a complete tool-set for editing and managing videos, Wistia also provides marketing tools, such as call-to-action buttons and e-mail subscription forms that can be displayed at the end of the video. In addition, you can see detailed analytics showing the exact time users spend on watching your videos or how far they go after clicking on your buttons, etc.


  • 5 videos per profile – free
  • 25 videos per profile – $25 p/m
  • 50 videos per profile – $50 p/m
  • 500 videos per profile – $100 p/m
  • Premium Plan – upon contacting the service’s representatives.
  • Free Trial (for paid plans): available


Image result for YouTube

This is a free and the most popular video hosting alternative. One of the main reasons of uploading videos on YouTube is its extremely large audience which you probably never happened to see anywhere else. The website has lots of easy-to-use features with which you can make your videos better. For instance, you can use their built-in video editor to stabilize your video, change the colors, or add some music. You can also track user activity on your videos – handy stats will regularly show how many people have seen a video, where those people came from, and how old they were. Finally, YouTube has very broad and convenient sharing features that will allow you to integrate your videos right to you website or blog.
Price: Free


Image result for Vimeo

This video hosting service is intended specifically for professionals in the video industry. It is essentially popular among video makers, directors, photographers and those appreciating their art. If you belong to that category, you can start a free account on Vimeo and have enough useful tools and features to make your videos seen by the public. However, if you intend to create and upload a lot of high-quality videos, you will need to upgrade your account in order to have more storage space for keeping your videos in the base. In addition to space, upgraded accounts have an access to advanced analytics and customization tools, and prioritized support and privacy.


  • Basic Plan – Free
  • Plus Plan – $9.95 p/m ($59.95 p/y)
  • Pro Plan – $199 p/y

Easy Social Share Buttons

Ability to share content with your audience in the right way is an important part of any marketing strategy. So Easy Social Share Buttons offers a complete package of social share buttons to help you direct your content to the most relevant demographic groups. Basically, it is a WordPress-based plugin which broadens your sharing abilities towards more than 40 different social networks and offers a set of customizable button templates to perfectly suit the atmosphere of your website or blog.

Price: $19

Digg Digg

Another social share button plugin for WordPress. It has a form of a floating bar that would perfectly suit your blog page.

Price: Free


This one is a professional presentation maker which will add up to your on-site content quality. The tool focuses on providing easy-to-understand visual stories to guide viewers directly to conceiving your message.


  • Enjoy – $10 p/m
  • Pro – $20 p/m
  • Pro Plus –$30 p/m
  • Free Trial: 14 days

Pow Toon

Pow Toon is also a presentation tool but it offers a wider range of features. For instance, it allows you to create presentations in HD/Full HD quality with extra musical tunes and visual styles to choose from.


  • Free plan – free
  • Pro plan – $89 p/m
  • Business plan – $197 p/m


Image result for SlideShare

SlideShare allows you to easily create, edit, and share multimedia presentations, infographics and other types of documents with your colleagues, clients, and other audiences. Presentations created in SlideShare are defined by style, practicality, and simplicity.

Price: Free


Stencil gives you a priority over your competitors thanks to a great variety of royalty-free images and backgrounds which you can use to build effective on-site designs, e-mails, social media posts, ads, and many more.


  • Free (limited version)
  • Pro – $9 p/m
  • Free Trial (for Pro plan): 14 days


Image result for Piktochart

Piktochart is a powerful infographics and presentation maker allowing you o enhance the quality of your visual communication.


  • Free (limited version)
  • Lite Plan – $15 p/m
  • Pro Plan – $29 p/m

Tableau Public

This tool is perfect for creating high-end interactive data visualizations. You can use up to 1 GB storage space and share your works through social networks and with other Tableau Public users.

Price: Free


Image result for Quora

Quora is a free tool for finding answers to any possible questions via crowdsourcing. You can primarily use it to find content for blog posts and articles which would me more accessible to your audience.

Price: Free


This is a downloadable writing tool available for PC, Mac, and iPad devices. It has a minimalistic interface allowing you not to get distracted during the writing process and get things done in the most efficient way.

Price:  no set price, but the minimum of $5.11 is required.


Image result for Evernote

Evernote lets you easily save and manage the content you find on the Internet. In fact, every piece of content you want to save for later use can become a note after it’s saved to the tool’s data base. Then you can find and review it from any device and share it through social media.

Price: Free


Image result for Uberflip

This tool is a way to improve users’ engagement with your website content. It offers a great variety of call-to-action solutions and targeted messages to motivate potential customers continue their journey towards conversion and, of course, revenues. Apart from CRM-targeted features, Ubeflip offers complete tool coverage for effective content marketing, design optimization, and cross-platform aggregation.


  • Expert – $750 p/m
  • Exclusive – $1200 p/m
  • Elite – $1800 p/m
  • Enterprise – $3500 p/m
  • Free Trial

Design Tools

Buffer’s Pablo


Pablo makes it extremely easy to find and manage unique images for your site or social media page. The interface of the tool can remind you of popular online image editors but it certainly has its own unique features as well. You can choose any of 600 000+ free-to-use pictures taken from various web sources or you can simply upload an image of your own. To make your search even more productive, Pablo makers enabled a keyword search that allows you to find a set of images related to a specific subject (sea, trees, dogs, etc.). With this tool, you can also use various filters, backgrounds, text fonts and image sizes.

Price: Free


When you load the main page of this tool, you instantaneously get the feeling of what creative people must be standing behind it. You get even more excited when you realize that this tool has lots of useful stuff that you might need for your current marketing campaign. As of its primary feature, Canva allows you to create authentic pictures that you can later use either for your website blog or for any of the existing social media profiles. Moreover, you can even specify the size of the final image so it could perfectly suit a traditional image format of a particular website, like, for instance, Pinterest (which is good for posting tall images), Instagram (which mostly deals with square formats), or Twitter (which is perfect for exactly 1024 x 512 pixel pictures).

Price: starting from $10 p/m

Free Trial: has limited features and limited number of free images

Photoshop Express Editor

While you may have thought that dealing with Adobe software is not an easy task for a busy entrepreneur, the company does have some things for an easy online use. Photoshop Express Editor contains the most relevant image editing features which you can implement to give your pictures a fresher and more creative look. You simply need to upload the desired image (in JPG format) to the editor and process it by using the variety of color correction, cropping, or decorative tools. All the adjustments are made in a single-click manner.
Price: Free


Image result for InDesign

This is a more serious Adobe-based online tool created specifically for businesses willing to optimize the look of their websites. You can use this one for creating and managing various layouts for your web pages. Moreover, it is possible to adjust any layout for all existing devices, including tablets and smartphones. As a free bonus, you can use InDesign’s official website to learn the basics of how to use their tool in the most efficient way.


  • Photography Plan – $9.99 p/m
  • Single app Plan – $19.99 p/m
  • All apps Plan – $49.99 p/m


GIMP Wilber

GIMP is a completely free online image editor that is available on all major platforms, and its source code is open for further modification. You can use it to escape undesired image artifacts and to generally make your pictures look more creative. Moreover, GIMP provides professional tools for creating graphical design elements, such as web page layouts, icons, buttons, and many more.

Price: Free

Pic Monkey


This is another universal graphic design tool that has lots of handy photo-editing, retouching, and collage features to make your images attractive to your website visitors. Pic Monkey is also perfect for creating responsive layouts that would suit screens of any size. Finally, this tool is a treasure for those trying to make attractive logos and backgrounds, with pleasant fonts and colors, with the final aim to promote their brand and make it unforgettable to a consumer.


  • Annual Plan – $2.75 p/m
  • Monthly Plan – $4.99 p/m
  • Free Trial: 7 days


Logo stacked

PhotoPin is a free tool that offers you millions of free images that you can use for your blog or social media posts. Most of the images are downloadable with various resolution sizes available. PhotoPin takes all the images primarily from Flickr’s API by automatically accessing those that possess creative commons license. There is also a number of sponsored images that go first in the search results list.
Price: Free



This tool’s functionality focuses on helping you create product-related images by using already existing photo-templates with mobile devices. You need to simply upload your website’s screenshot to one of those templates, and you’ll get a nicely looking picture of a customer browsing your website with the aim to purchase your product.

Price: Free

On-Site Analytics Tools


Image result for Hotjar

This tool is perfect for monitoring what your visitors do on your website and how exactly they interact with its content. For instance, you can use Hotjar to track user clicks throughout all on-site sections and categories, see which keywords they use to search through your catalogue, and even how far they scroll down when looking for the right product or reading your articles. All these user actions are crucial for determining the quality of your content and understanding what needs to be improved. On the basis of Hotjar official reports, you can also develop specialized call-to-action messages and surveys that would add up to the idea of what your website lacks to become ideal place to your visitors.


  • Basic Plan – Free (a maximum of 2000 daily page views)
  • Plus Plan – $29 p/m
  • Premium Plan – $89 p/m


Image result for Chartbeat

This tool gives you a real-time insight into every single activity performed on your website. You can easily track how much time your visitors spend on reading your blog posts or choosing the right products. Or, you can see which referrer brings more traffic to your website. Or, which pages are more popular and which require more efforts to put in. All the statistical results are given to you in a form of multifunctional easy-to-read infographics that will help you to make right analytical decisions.

Price: $9.95 p/m (1 000 000 page views)
Free Trial: available

Go Squared

Image result for Go Squared

Go Squared offers a real-time analysis of your website’s user profiles to optimize conversion and choose the best solutions for better business-customer interaction. One of the key solutions, form the developers’ point of view, is to create a comprehensive customer service involving all-in-one FAQ section, instant chat communication with a company’s representatives, and а simplified signup process.

Price: can be calculated here (depends on the number of user profiles and data points aimed for analysis).

Free Trial: 14 days (a maximum of 1 000 data points and 100 visitors)


Image result for MixPanel

MixPanel tool allows you to analyze either overall user activity on your website or separate users with regard to their daily engagement with your website. Every metric can be easily viewed, saved, and reviewed when necessary with the help of perfectly visualized graphs and annotations.


  • Engagement plans – from $150 to $2000 and more
  • People plans – from $150 to $1800 and more
  • Free Trial: not more than 25 000 data points / 1000 people per month


Image result for kissmetrics logo

This tool supports fast and easy customer segmentation to let you find and address the most loyal and/or influential customers on your website. KISSmetrics’ profound stats will show your current traffic income, funnel situation, and conversion rate to help you objectively analyze how an average user tends to behave on your site. Based on data received, you can then introduce various triggers (such as signup screens, newsletter subscription forms, unique banners, etc.) that would motivate certain groups of users to come back to or stay longer on your website’s page. Every trigger can be also tested before being officially integrated into you website’s interface.


  • Startup Plan – $120 p/m
  • Growth Plan – $400 p/m
  • Power Plan – $600 p/m

You can also calculate individual price for a certain number of interaction points per month here.

Free Trial: Available

Crazy Egg

Image result for Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg specializes in providing high-end heat maps, scroll maps, and traffic source maps to give you a clear idea of how popular (and relevant) your website’s content is among newcomers and subscribed users. The tool’s setup, as well as analysis process itself, takes minutes to complete, which sufficiently saves your time and gives enough data to decide on further improvement of your on-site features.


  • Basic Plan – $9 p/m
  • Standard Plan – $19 p/m
  • Plus Plan – $49 p/m
  • Pro Plan – $99 p/m
  • Free Trial: 30 days


Inspectlet is pretty much the same as Crazy Egg with several exceptions. First, the tool can illustrate personalized conversion funnel data via separate session recordings that will help you realize potential reasons of insufficient user engagement on some of your pages. With this data at hand, you can improve your conversions and return lost visitors. You can also track certain users by granting them unique metadata indicators – these will allow you to recheck their activity after performing on-site optimization. Second, Inspectlet provides a full support of dynamic websites and pages written in AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js or alike JS-based frameworks.


  • Micro Plan – $39 p/m
  • Standard Plan – $79 p/m
  • Growth Plan – $149 p/m
  • Accelerate Plan – $299 p/m
  • Enterprise Plan – price revealed upon contacting the tool’s representatives.
  • Free Trial: available for first 100 recorded sessions.


Image result for SumoMe

This online service has a range of specialized tools for performing specific tasks with regard to your website. These are:

  1. Discover – a tool for driving more traffic to your website through SumoMe’s specialized sources.
  2. Welcome Mat – creates personalized full-screen visual trigger for promoting conversions.
  3. Content Analytics – a comprehensive content analysis tool that ranks your pages, identifies the volume of user engagement with your content, and gives further suggestions on how to improve it.
  4. Smart Bar – an elegant call-to-action bar that can be set to appear at the top of your website’s page.
  5. Contact Form – a tool for creating customer-oriented contact forms for providing sufficient information to users concerned.
  6. Google Analytics – this tool makes it easier to view major Google Analytics metrics right from your SumoMe dashboard.
  7. Scroll Box – a box that will appear at the bottom of the viewer’s screen at the bottom of the page asking generously to subscribe for more content from your website.
  8. Image Sharer – a tool that provides your site with social media share buttons which you can later set to be seen from any particular place on your page.
  9. Highlighter – a bonus social feature that allows users to highlight the most interesting parts of your content and share those highlights in social media.


  • Free Plan – free
  • E-mail pro Plan – $40 p/m
  • Pro Plan – $100 p/m
  • Free Trial: 14 days for Pro plan users

Google PageSpeed Insights

Node.js in production

Because Google cares about which websites are displayed in their SERPs, they do everything to make those optimized for the best user experience. Page loading time is one of the most important criteria for determining the quality of a website, which is why they built a free exclusive tool to help businesses see whether their on-site content affects page loading speed and if yes, figure out how to fix it.

Price: Free


Image result for GTMetrix

Use this (also free) page speed checker to get even more insights into your website’s productivity. Together with useful analytics on page load time and page size, you also get an opportunity to test how fast your website is if accessed from various geographic locations. In addition, you can check the page speed of your mobile website as well.


  • Basic Plan – Free
  • Bronze Plan – $14.95 p/m
  • Silver Plan – $49.95 p/m
  • Gold Plan – $149.95 p/m
  • Custom Plan – the price will depend on your individual needs.


Image result for Segment Simplify your analytics

This is a handy tool for managing all of your third-party apps in one place – on your website. It supports all major analytics services, such as MailChimp, Optimizely, and Google Analytics. As a result, you get all-in-one accurate data set accumulated on your personal dashboard through a unique API.


  • Developer Plan – Free (50 000 API calls)
  • Project Plan – $39 p/m (1 million calls)
  • Startup Plan – $99 p/m (5 million calls)
  • Growth Plan – $449 p/m (25 million calls)
  • Business Plan – individual price (demo version is available)

Usability Tools


While Usability Tools is a paid analytical solution, it does have something special to offer. Apart from efficient stats regarding your audience and their behavior on your website, you also get precious lessons on how to set off with a/b testing and properly optimize your website for mobile devices.


  • Starter – $19 p/m (10 000 recorded sessions)
  • Pro – $29 p/m (25 000 sessions)
  • Business – $49 p/m (75 000 sessions)

Free Trial: Available


Image result for Quicksprout

This tool uses and analyzes your Google Analytics data in order to come up with the most meaningful recommendations on how to improve your website’s content. The final report will contain various data, including a total number of social shares from your visitors, evaluation of your content against your competitors’, and other handy on-site audit features.

Price: Free

Marketing Grader

This tool does almost the same – evaluates your marketing efforts based on a few important categories: mobile optimization, lead generation, SEO, social media, and blogging. To get a report, you only have to enter your website’s URL and personal e-mail.
Price: Free

Shared Count

Shared Count

If you don’t have any share buttons on your website but still would like to know how popular your content is on the web, you can use this handy tool to get the exact numbers of how many shares and likes your posts got on every major social network, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit.

Price: Free

Down For Everyone Or Just Me?

Down For Everyone Or Just Me

This tool is pretty much straight-forward. All you need to do is to enter your website’s URL in the field, and check whether the problem you’re having with loading a page is related to hosting issues or is the result of bad connection. It is essentially useful when you build a website or test new features on it.

Price: Free


Image result for MixPanel

MixPanel is a revolutionary analytics tool that changed the way analytical marketing actually works. Now you can work with large databases without the need for mastering SQL codes. Thanks to user-friendly intuitive interface and minimalistic dashboards, you can analyze and measure your visitors’ activity with ease.


  • Free (25000 data points)
  • Startup – $150 p/m (500 000 data points)
  • Business – $350 p/m (2 000 000 data points)
  • Growth – $600 p/m (4 000 000 data points)
  • Premium – $1000 p/m (8 000 000 data points)
  • Commercial – $2000 p/m (20 000 000 data points)
  • High Volume – needs to be specified via the website (above 50 000 000 data points)


Image result for Formisimo

Formisimo provides you with valuable insights into how many visitors leave your website without conversion and why this tends to happen anyway. The tool will analyze users’ actions on your website and come with factors impacting their final decision to leave. When you find out the reasons, you’ll manage to improve your conversions and ultimate revenues.


  • Startup – $50 p/m
  • Business – $95 p/m
  • Ecommerce – $150 p/m
  • Agency – $180 p/m
  • Enterprise – needs to be specified via the website
  • Free Trial: 7 days

Visual Website Optimizer

Image result for Visual Website Optimizer vwo

With this tool, you can easily setup and manage your marketing campaign. In addition, the tool offers efficient a/b testing features, visual optimization editors, analytics and reporting features, and many more. VWO includes all on-page optimization features you need in order to improve your visitor engagement and increase conversions. Among the most noteworthy tools there are:

  • a/b testing tool
  • heatmap builder
  • visual editor
  • revenue analyzer
  • targeting tool
  • and some more.


  • Startup – $49 p/m
  • Business – $129 p/m
  • Enterprise – $999 p/m
  • Free Trial: 30 days


Five second step2

This one is a comprehensive a/b testing tool which only needs 5 seconds to tell you what your website’s visitors see when they get to your landing page, and what it is that your page lacks to get them go on with browsing your website and ending up with conversions.

Price: based on a credit system (1 credit = $1)

New Relic

Image result for New Relic

This tool gives you a full coverage of visitor-related data, such as:

  • How many users visit your website
  • How many of them convert: subscribe to your services, make a purchase or simply enter your mailing list
  • Based on the previously mentioned data, gives recommendations on how to optimize your website in order to boost traffic flow and conversion rates in the fastest way possible.

Price: $149 p/m (only for exclusive browser version)

Free Trial: 14 days

CRM Online Marketing Tools

The reason why you might need to use CRM tools for your business is that any entrepreneurship eventually acquires the need for a better understanding of one’s customers. Without it, any marketing strategy will become a bold statement of indifference which will probably deter your potential audience from your brand. Here we offer a few online tools that will teach you how to find the right attitude towards your customers and let them become your truly friends.


Image result for Charlie online app

This is a smart online app that can help you find out everything about each of your website users as well as other people whose e-mail you might have. You can use Charlie to get informed about people you would like to get closer with or you can make it an additional source for your e-mail marketing campaign to create personalized e-mails to those customers that really matter to your brand.

To start with, you’ll need to enter your own e-mail in the search field – this will automatically subscribe you in the system. Later on, you can keep on with the app by searching for the right people.
Price: Free


Image result for SalesForce

SalesForce gives you an idea of who your audience is and how to approach it. With this tool, you can easily monitor your contacts’ activity on your website and manage your sales in accordance with their choices and preferences. Every data you get from SalesForce comes directly from the App Cloud, which means you don’t need to bother yourself with having particular devices or downloading any software.


  • SalesforceIQ CRM Starter – $25 p/m
  • Lightning Professional – $75 p/m
  • Lightning Enterprise – $150 p/m
  • Lightning Unlimited – $300 p/m
  • Free Trial: limited in features, suits best for small businesses.


This tool is almost as useful as the two previous ones with the only exception that its paid plans are cheap and it also allows you to purchase its API for a faster automatic search.


  • One hour Plan – $5
  • One day Plan – $10
  • One month Plan – $50

You can also calculate individual price for a set amount of lookups with one lookup making 25c.



With the help of this free handy tool you get a 24 hour access to your inner website activity. You can easily track the browsing path of every visitor with exact time limits that were spent on visiting every page of your website. It also provides high-end stats which you can choose to be more specific (than you will need to analyze lesser amount of page loads) or more general (with an opportunity to see the full picture in a larger scope). Moreover, paid features are also available.

Price: Free. For paid features click here.

User Testing

This tool allows you to learn more about your visitors by literally recording every step they make while browsing your website. Within an hour, you get a video of a particular visitor and their clicks and scrolls across particular pages of the website thus acquiring a unique thought-reading experience. Based on video recordings, you can also see your overall user activity through corresponding stats and decide on the most efficient testing solutions.


  • Basic – $99 per video
  • Pro – individual pricing
  • Free Trial: Available for Pro plans only

Rapportive – an easy-to-use Chrome extension gives you all details about each of your e-mail contacts, thus allowing you to learn something new about your customers and their needs.

Price: Free


Peek is a free addon to User Testing service which specifically focuses on user testing. It can both record a 5-minute video of user activity on your website as well as test particular categories of users for how they generally interact with on-site content after they get on the landing page.

Price: Free


Image result for Optimizely

Optimizely is a perfect solution for optimizing your website and improving your conversion rates. It has broad testing opportunities for providing your customers with versatile personalization experience. These include high-end a/b testing tools, user segmentation, user data capture, and many more.

Price: Free (premium plans are available)


While the majority of similar tools can give only the most basic information about your website’s user, this one is capable of delving deeper into their origin. For instance, you can find out not only where a visitor comes from, but also which device, browser, and operating system they used while searching through it. In general, Convertable is perfect for finding and learning more about your leads.

Price: Free


This one is a specialized tool for building and managing your referral programs on beneficial terms. ReferralRock can help you design a program that will meet your brand’s peculiarities and your customer’s needs – with attractive incentives and tiered rewards. After you set up and release your referral program, you can start tracking its performance through viewing regular analytics reports right away.


  • Starter – $125 p/m
  • Advanced – $250 p/m
  • Established Business – $400 p/m
  • Enterprise – $800 p/m
  • Free Trial: available


Picreel offers user tracking toolset that will help you better understand visitors’ purchasing preferences. Based on their usual clicks and scrolls, you can set up a personalized exit offer that will appear on the page each time a visitor intends to leave a website.


  • Starter – $19 p/m
  • Basic – $69 p/m
  • Plus – $149 p/m
  • Pro – $399 p/m
  • Free Trial: 30 days


This is still an alpha version of a handy tool which allows you to create personas of targeted customers for your business. Personas, or visualized portraits, are created on the basis of various metrics, such as gender, age, profession, interests, education, and more.

Price: Free

E-mail Online Marketing Tools

This set of tools is likely to become your daily assistant in e-mail marketing management. With customer list getting longer day after day, staying informed about your customers’ needs is a must for a provident entrepreneur.


Image result for Hubspot

Hubspot’s official e-mail marketing tool gives you everything starting from personalized notifications about status changes of your outgoing e-mails and ending with exclusive e-mail templates to make your newsletters stand out from those of other businesses. Because every Hubspot’s template is automatically tracked, it allows you to get the full insight into how often your messages are read and by whom.


  • Basic Plan – $200 p/m
  • Pro Plan – $800 p/m
  • Enterprise Plan – 2400 p/m

By purchasing one of the paid plans, you get not only e-mail marketing tools, but also a set of other marketing tools for on-site optimization, social media management, content management, and many more.
Free Trial: 30 days

Cirrus Insight

Image result for Cirrus Insight

This tool is useful for those already dealing with such services as SalesForce and Hubspot primarily because it offers a full-fledged integration into those together with a bunch of other online marketing sources. Cirrus Insight synchronizes your individual calendar with SalesForce profile, which makes it essentially easy to have all relevant information at hand. You can also use the tool’s scheduled posting feature and keep track of every outgoing message. It’s worth noting that the tool only supports Google-based e-mails, but they’re currently looking for extending to Outlook.


  • Starter Plan – $19 p/m
  • Closer Plan – $29
  • Free Trial: 14 days


Image result for BananaTag

This is a worthy alternative to the above solutions which offers competitive pricing and features. When used as a part of your e-mail marketing campaign, it can significantly reduce your efforts on extracting data from your contacts’ e-mails and give you meaningful stats that will show how to optimize your business-customer interaction.


  • Free Plan – Free (5 e-mail tags/day)
  • Pro Plan – $12 p/m (100 e-mail tags/day)
  • Teams Plan – $25 p/m (200 e-mail tags/day)


MAgento 2 extensions: mailchimp integration

MailChimp is one of the most popular e-mail marketing tools that supports a number of large E-Commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and Bigcommerce. With this tool, you can build e-mails that specifically represent your brand and deliver the right message to the right audience. MailChimp features highly smart techniques that allow you to categorize your audience in accordance with their consumer preferences thus making it possible to come up with perfectly suiting offers. Apart from that, you get a full coverage of insightful analytics, responsive design and integration to primary apps, including Facebook, Twitter, SalesForce and WordPress.


  • Starting Up Plan – Free (up to 2000 subscribers, 12 000 e-mails p/m)
  • Growing Business Plan – $20 p/m (up to 1500 subscribers, unlimited number of e-mails)
  • Pro Marketer Plan – $20 p/m + $199 for subscription
  • High Volume Plan – $55,400 p/m (more than 13 000 subscribers with unlimited number of e-mails)

Mad Mimi

Image result for Mad Mimi

This is a bright and optimistic-looking e-mail marketing option. It has everything you need to build nice and productive e-mail by using their exclusive design features. Mad Mimi provides you with useful guidelines with which you are likely to do all the job right. The main advantage of this tool is that you can build a unique personalized e-mail template which has never been used by anyone else. This will add up to your brand’s recognition.


  • Basic Plan – $10 p/m (500 subscribers)
  • Pro Plan – $42 p/m (10 000 subscribers)
  • Silver Plan – $199 p/m (50 000 subscribers)
  • Gold Plan –  $1049 p/m (350 000 subscribers)
  • Free Trial: available (100 subscribers)


Image result for Ininbox

This option contains almost everything you can find in previous ones, including high-end analytics, subscriber engagement tracking, automated e-mails builder, and many more.


  • Free box – free (2000 contacts, 20 000 e-mails)
  • Big box – $20 p/m (5000 contacts, 40 000 e-mails)
  • Sky box – from $39 p/m (unlimited features)
  • Unlimited box – upon contacting the tool’s representatives


SubjectLine.com Logo

This free tool analyzes your e-mail subject lines and then scores it based on e-mail marketing ideals and standards. If your score is not sufficient enough, follow the tool’s recommendations and improve your subject lines to optimize engagement with your customers.

Price: Free


Image result for FullContact

FullContact can present you with all necessary information about recently subscribed customers for you to easily reach them and provide them with the most suitable offers.

Price: known upon contacting the tool’s representatives.

Task Management Online Marketing Tools

Keeping your work in progress requires a lot of effort and discipline, but everything gets harder when you work with a team or even more people. To manage the collaborative process in the most optimized way, you need to possess handy sources which would allow you to reach effective communication and engagement within your team. Here is what can be of use to you in this realm.


Image result for asana logo

This is a task management tool that has attractive features to offer, especially to small businesses. Even with a free plan, you can create and manage unlimited number of tasks and conversations without being afraid of losing any important piece of information. While the free plan only allows you to control one single dashboard, premium subscription will expand your abilities towards unlimited number of dashboards, thus allowing you to segment your team tasks according to their deadline, topic, or importance.


  • Free Plan – Free (up to 15 people in a team)
  • Premium Plan – $8.33 p/m (per person)


Image result for Trello logo

Trello is another popular task management tool which can become essentially useful to large teams working on big projects requiring special attention to detail. Even by using a free limited version of the tool, you can create hundreds of boards with user-friendly visual interface to effectively manage your workflow.


  • Free plan – free
  • Business Class – $8.33
  • Enterprise – $20.83


CoSchedule is a handy scheduling calendar which perfectly suits the needs of bloggers, editors, and marketers. It’s integratable to many popular social media and services and it has attractive design combined with easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.


  • Free plan – free
  • Team Marketing – $60 p/m
  • Team Automation – $120 p/m
  • Team Advanced – $300 p/m
  • Free Trial (for paid plans): 14 days