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Ocoya Review 2023: Boost Your Business With Automation Of The Marketing

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Are you seeking an all-in-one social media marketing platform with AI-powered features? Ocoya might be the best choice for you.

In today’s ecommerce market, every firm makes use of a variety of third-party platforms or applications. They may not only make your life easier, but they may also enhance your earnings. There are several platforms that offer capabilities for marketing, warehousing, customer satisfaction, and other areas. 

Today, we will look at a marketing platform that also has AI-powered capabilities. We’ll go through Ocoya’s features, cost, alternatives, and other considerations. 

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E-Commerce Tools And Services: Best Software To Increase Product Visibility in 2022

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tools to increase product visibility

Today’s experience economy has changed the way that people shop. Instead of just being places to buy things, stores are now places where customers can engage in discovery experiences. And while this trend emerged in brick-and-mortar stores, it is also common for all online outlets. Thus, the choice of items can be significantly influenced not by the product itself but by its visibility. As a result, retailers must place an increasing amount of emphasis on their consumers and their experiences to present commodities in a way that captures their interest and encourages them to purchase the goods being offered. That’s why we talk about product visibility in this article. Below, you will discover what product visibility is and why it is so important. We also highlight five categories of tools that help to increase your brand and, consequently, product visibility. The corresponding software solutions are listed in the article as well. And you will learn a few useful tips on increasing your product visibility. So, what exactly is product visibility in today’s experience economy?    Continue Reading

Best E-Commerce Tools And Services: Customer Service Software

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Customer Support Services, Customer Support tools

In the following article, we explore customer service software. You will find the definition of what customer support is and what is the difference between customer service and customer support. Along with that, we explain why customer service and support are important. We also shed light upon different categories of customer support software solutions. You will discover the best customer service software for e-commerce and other spheres. A selection of 20 customer support services is available in this customer support software comparison, including HubSpot, Zoho Desk, LoyJoy, and others. They provide numerous instruments, including live chat, email support, video chat, chatbot, social media integration, unified inbox, helpdesk services, knowledge base, remote desktop access, etc. The reviewed platforms belong to the category of customer service software for small business as well as tools aimed at bigger market players. The exploration of how to select a customer support instrument that perfectly suits your business needs is also presented in this article. You will discover the key parameters to choose a solution that will work for you. In addition to that, we describe how to improve your customer support strategy to get the most out of your interaction with the best e-commerce tools and services for achieving stunning customer support. More tools designed to simplify your business processes are described here: E-Commerce Tools And Services. Continue Reading

Ultimate List of Online Marketing Tools

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Online Marketing Tools

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate tool for your E-Commerce business, things get really confusing. It all starts with determining what actual marketing activity you need to currently implement. Then you should check whether you have some spare budget to use exclusive paid tools. Finally, you might also need to look for potential alternatives to make sure you’re going to use the most suitable solution. However, there are still so many tools on the web, some of which cover specific tasks while others are ultimate packages of various tools that you might need at every step of your marketing campaign.

Social shopping

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Social shopping in ecommerce

In this post we dedided to clarify what social shopping is. In essence, it is an e-commerce and social media combination which consists in engaging customers’ aqcuaintances in shopping experience and endevouring to imitate brick-and-mortar shops. Since nowadays we find ourselves in a intensive mobile device development age, this particular topic is becoming more and more relevant. Social media has been performing a huge impact on the way people shop and It’s stated that in 2015 e-retail sales will face 17% increase. Continue Reading

A Complete Guide to The Use of Social Media in E-Commerce

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Social Media, Social Networks, Social Networking Services in E-Commerce Business

This is the most comprehensive guide to the use of social media in e-commerce. You probably know, that social networks play an important role in online trade, but how broad is your understanding? What social media strategy should you choose to increase your website traffic? How to implement successful social media campaign to double sales? In the post below we will help you answer this questions.

UPD (17.06.15): Real Time Social Experience with Periscope and Meerkat

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