Magento 2 Customer Approval by Ulmod

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Many stores owners always complain about their Magento 2 webshop getting flooded with fake customer registrations and their get tired of removing all those fake customer accounts.

Not everyone who registers on your store is a potential customer or real person. Spammers can use a script to create thousands of customer accounts quickly which can overload your database and impact your site performance.

Magento 2 by default automatically approves new signed up accounts, which make store owners unable to control new customers. If you want to take the full control of any new account registration at your store, you can install the Customer Approval Magento 2 by Ulmod.

The extension allows to pre-verify every new customer registers to your store and avoids spam account. You can restrict customer login access from backend, disapprove customer account in case of suspicious, and notify customers.

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Key Features

  • Approve or reject customers registrations manually;
  • Approve customers registrations automatically;
  • Notify customer by email on account approval and rejection;
  • Notify admin by email after each new account registration;
  • Display customized pending and disapproved  accounts messages right at the storefront;
  • Flexible configuration, support multiple websites, stores, and store views



The extension’s configuration contains four sections: General, Messages, Admin Notification, and Customer Notification.

In the “General” section you can enable/disable the extension, and choose to Auto Approve Customer Account after account registration.

The “Messages” section allows to defines pending and disapproved customer account message to appear at the storefront.

In the “Admin Notification” section, you can choose to notify admin after each account registration, select the admin email template, define the email sender and specify the receiver email IDs.

In the “Customer Notification”, you can notify Customer on Account Approval or Rejection, defines the sender email, and choose the approved and disapproved email template.

You can approve and disapprove customer from the admin grid, select customers from the grid and under the mass actions choose the approve or disapprove

Also, you can also approve and disapprove customer account on the customer edit page



The pending message display after customers creates an account

The disapproved message appears in case of rejected registration

A disapproved account email notification looks as follow:

And, the Approved Account Email notification looks as follow:


Final Words

Ulmod Customer Approval for Magento 2, is the best solution to block spam registration account in your store. With its simple backend settings, you can manage customers accounts more efficiently.


Download/Buy Magento 2 Customer Approval by Ulmod