The Best Magento Cloud Services for Small Business (How to Turn Magento into Shopify on Steroids)

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There is a new way to launch and manage your Magento store with affordability in mind due to Magento Small Business Program. You just have to choose an experienced ecommerce partner and get all products, tools, and features necessary for running a successful online business. Below, you can find the best Magento cloud (SaaS) solutions, as well as Magento development services related to the recently launched platform.


Magento Small Business consists of two separate programs: Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-For-Me. Both introduce tools and resources necessary for keeping pace with your growing business. So, even the smallest digital enterprise can easily get top notch design, powerful SEO tools, and professional marketing, analytics, and reporting solutions.

The estimated duration of the Do-It-Yourself workflow is 2 weeks. You will spend this time implementing 3 major steps. Firstly, choose a SaaS ecommerce platform (the best Magento services are described below). Secondly, there is a need to decide how your Magento website should look like, so pick a template and build the store. Thirdly, you should launch your ecommerce website and leverage available marketing tools.

Magento Small Business: Do-It-Yourself

As for Do-It-For-Me, the program also consists of 3 major steps, but on average requires from 6 to 8 weeks for its implementation. During the first step you have to choose a partner (you can discover the best SaaS ecommerce companies for Do-It-For-Me further in this post). It’s a Magento SaaS company responsible for building an ecommerce store to fit your business needs. Now, when you have a partner, you can discuss the design of your future website. After the store is ready, go live and don’t forget to consult with your Magento SaaS provider about maintenance, promotions, and growth.

Magento Small Business: Do-It-For-Me

As you can see, the difference between Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-For-Me is in the level of your participation in the development and maintenance of a website. Actually, both Magento Small Business solutions are aimed at turning the platform into something similar to Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and other cloud ecommerce services. They are still far less expensive than Magento Enterprise Edition, and much more simple than pure Community Edition (unless you have our Magento DIY book, of course).

Now, I’d like to introduce you to SaaS ecommerce platforms related to Magento Small Business. First of all, you will find Do-It-Yourself oriented solutions. Then, there is a list of Do-It-For-Me related Magento development services.

Do-It-Yourself Magento SaaS Platforms


Pixafy is one of the most affordable ways to launch a powerful ecommerce website. This Magento Saas offers free responsive themes, intuitive tools for building a store, and a bunch of pre-installed apps for successful business growth. The platform combines the power of Magento with the benefits of SaaS ecommerce. Thus, you use the most robust online business solution without any need to worry about hosting, upgrades, conflicts between your applications, or unexpected costs. Pixafy provides the following features:

  • Minimum price;
  • User friendly theme editor;
  • Pricing and promotions for customer groups;
  • One click migration;
  • No installation for apps;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Customizable product catalogs.

Magento SaaS Platforms: Pixafy

You can check all Pixafy’s features here. As for pricing, the platform offers three plans: Professional, Business, and Premium. The first one is $80 a month, the second plan costs $179 a month, and for the premium solution you will be charged $404 a month, if you pay annually.

Pixafy SaaS ecommerce for Magento


MageCloud introduces PaaS ecommerce solution. This Magento cloud service helps store owners launch ecommerce websites in less than ten minutes. With the aid of the platform, you can easily install themes and extensions, deploying everything within a convenient cloud hosting infrastructure. MageCloud offers the following features:

  • Dedicated Magento server with full access;
  • Free Magento hosting;
  • Automated server scaling;
  • Free Magento themes;
  • Extensions with One click installation;
  • Custom domain;
  • User friendly dashboard;
  • Full SSH/SFTP/Root access;
  • Professional support;
  • Custom code.

Magento SaaS Platforms: MageCloud

Other features are described on the official website. You can get started with a free plan. If this option is not enough for your business needs, there are 4 pricing plans: Starter ($59 a month), Professional ($119), Busines ($199) and Enterprise (custom price).

PaaS ecommerce for Magento with MageCloud


blugento is another SaaS ecommerce platform for Do-It-Yourself Magento Small Business. By utilizing this solution, you will get everything online customers expect from a modern web shop. blugento offers attractive design, advanced usability and at the same time simplicity, comfortable product search, as well as top notch security. Other features are:

  • High speed;
  • Mobile support;
  • SSL certification;
  • Reliable Magento hosting;
  • Product recommendations.

Magento SaaS Platforms: blugento

blugento provides 4 pricing plans. The cheapest one – Starter – is €99 per month. The most expensive plan – Professional Pro – costs € 4,999 per month.

Magento SaaS ecommerce with blugento


QuickMage offers an intelligent hybrid cloud infrastructure based on Docker containers. Thus, you can easily launch and manage all your environments from a single interface. Besides, there are a lot of features aimed at Magento coders. Key benefits of QuickMage include:

  • Cost-effective resource allocation;
  • Ready to use infrastructures;
  • Up and down scaling;
  • Zero downtime;
  • Wide Magento hosting opportunities;
  • Git and Bitbucket integrations.

Magento SaaS Platforms: QuickMage

There is no any information related to pricing. Click the below link to discover all the features and opportunities of QuickMage.

QuickMage SaaS ecommerce for Magento

Do-It-For-Me Magento Development Services

Launchpad by Creatuity

Creatuity is famous for building fast and reliable Magento stores, and Launchpad is no exception. This solution offers advanced caching solutions, as well as a Magento hosting environment to provide your website with the fastest possible speed. Besides, there are such traffic driving features as auto-submitted Google Sitemap and full support for Google Rich Snippets. Another strong point of Creatuity is advanced conversion rate optimization. As you can see, advanced features are already built right into Launchpad. The solution requires only a $4,000 one time purchase.

Get a Magento website with Creatuity Launchpad


Creare adapts Magento CE for small businesses during last five years; thus, it is a perfect solution for the Do-It-For-Me program. Unlike other competitors, this Magento development company don’t use templates, providing its customers with a bespoke design solutions. You get a dedicated project manager and a team of specialists working on your website. Besides, Creare offers full support services and training. In addition to stunning websites, the company provides Magento hosting solutions, digital marketing, and video production.

Magento development services: Creare

Create a Magento store with Creare

Magento Express by Wagento Commerce

Magento Express by Wagento Commerce is the fastest available solution. By choosing this Magento development company, you will get a custom web store in just one business day. It will be fully responsive website with a unique theme, logo, and color scheme. Besides, Magento Express offers integrations with social media, eBay, and PayPal. Other important features are: Google Rich Snippets; Magento admin training by Magetraining; dedicated account managers; and a Magento hosting solution by Nexcess. The cheapest pricing plan starts at $5,000.

Magento development companies: Magento Express by Wagento Commerce

Build a Magento website with Wagento Commerce


iWeb specializes in both B2C and B2B ecommerce websites. Powered by Magento Community Edition, every project offers 4 templates to choose from. You also get the best SEO practices; PayPal setup; integration with eBay, MailChimp, and Braintree; and an optimised Magento hosting. There is a dedicated support team as well. Unlike MAgento Express, iWeb offers delivery in 30 days. The cheapest plan costs £7,500, so it is not the most affordable solution.

Magento development service: iWeb

Get a Magento website with iWeb

Other Do-It-For-Me Magento partners