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The world is currently focused on artificial intelligence. After Chat GPT’s official launch, individuals who had never been interested in the subject started to do so. 

There are numerous AI tools available in today’s world that can be helpful in almost any situation. You can do a lot with them, including writing texts, drawing pictures, as well as develop marketing plans. 

If you’re looking for a fantastic and free tool to help you improve, you’ve found it.

We’ll look at the best seven free AI tools that might aid you in business. Here you will discover tools to assist you with development, design, and other tasks. So, let’s get started.

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What is AI?

AI is an abbreviation for “artificial intelligence.” It refers to robots’ or computer programs’ capacity to accomplish activities that normally require human intelligence, such as interpreting natural language, recognizing pictures, making judgments, and learning from experience. 

What are AI Tools?

You may be unfamiliar with the tools that AI provides. Let’s take a short look at this.

AI tools are software programs or platforms that aid developers and users in the creation, training, testing, and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) models and applications. These tools often employ machine learning, deep learning, or other AI approaches to evaluate data and make predictions or judgments based on that data.

This technology is now quite popular among all types of individuals. Someone writes on them, someone draws images on them, and someone creates a logo for the site.

Benefits of the AI Tools

You may be wondering, “What advantages do these tools have for me?” Here’s the answer.

Improve Performance 

The first, and most essential, benefit is increased efficiency. AI solutions may automate time-consuming and laborious processes, allowing human workers to focus on more important and difficult duties. 

It may help you significantly boost the productivity and effectiveness of your team/business in any field. 

For example, it is estimated that existing AI solutions can automate 40% of the work done by salespeople throughout the sales process.

It is a huge plus.

You might also read our Jasper.ai review. This AI technology can help you with everything from copywriting to art production.

Individualization Experience

Customization has consistently been a significant aspect in internet marketing success.

AI tools provide a fresh perspective on personalization.

Personalization using AI combines data analysis and profiling technologies to automatically alter content in real-time to enhance conversions. This allows for far more complex customisation enabled by machine learning techniques.

This fast evolving industry is always being used for new and novel applications, and we can only speculate on how the shifting face of marketing may seem in a few years. Several businesses are already utilizing AI to drive customised product creation.

Cost Savings

AI tools may help you save money in nearly every aspect of your organization, from customer service to product creation. 

AI solutions may assist firms in reducing costs and increasing revenues by automating processes and enhancing efficiency. When it comes to workflow, AI has a lot of potential. By making operations more efficient, AI may assist a firm in reducing labor costs and improving quality. 

One method AI may be used to decrease expenses in your business is to eliminate tedious, repetitive work. This can assist increase worker productivity while decreasing waste. What AI excels at are things that humans find tedious and repetitious.

These are only a handful of the advantages of AI technologies. They are able of much more. Let’s get back to the main point of our post.

Top 7 Free AI Tools for Time-Saving

Let’s look at several AI solutions that might help you save time.


Simplified is a perfect choice for content creation. With it, you get comprehensive solution that can help you to create any content you want. This may easily streamline content creators’ everyday routines. 

Simplified has the following features:

  • Graphic Design. You will be able to create invites, advertising, social media postings, videos, and more using this tool. You also get a ton of different templates.
  • AI Writer. With this writer AI, you will be able to easily compose any form of material. Generate content for your blog, landing website, social media, and other platforms. It also includes a rewriter tool.
  • Social Media Strategy. Yep, this AI can generate social media strategy for you. You can handle your social media more swiftly and effectively using it. When you combine your social networks with Simplified, you may simplify your work days, weeks, and months. Communicate with your team, plan posts, and personalize designs.
  • Video & Animations. You will be able to make and publish movies in minutes using this functionality. Simplified provides premium templates. You may also integrate social media and collaborate in real time.

Simplified is, in a nutshell, must have content production solution for every organization.

Simplify Your Content Creation with Simplified


If you need to quickly generate a resume or cover letter, you’ve come to the right place. Kickresume is one of the greatest resume builders with additional features. If you are short on time or lack experience in resume development, Kickresume can assist you.

It offers more than only resume creation features:

  • Cover Letter Builder. You may simply design bespoke cover letters using this functionality. The platform has a plethora of templates that may meet all of your requirements. With Kickresume’s cover letter templates, you can show employers the genuine person behind your resume.
  • AI Resume Checker. Kickresume can assist you if you need to know something crucial about your resume. Have your CV examined right away. Examine your resume for flaws and compare it to other resumes in the database.
  • Job Matching. The platform may also assist you in finding a remote employment. Submit your resume and you will be immediately matched with jobs that match your abilities and expertise.

Kickresume provides a generous free plan. It gives you access to all of the primary features.

Describe Yourself With Kickresume


Tired of the same old thing? Are you looking for someone to assist you with your coding? Blackbox is here to help you. It’s an artificial intelligence coding assistant. It provides a significant productivity increase for developers.

This solution has the following features:

  • Turn Any Question to Code. Type your query and receive an immediate response. “How to make a snake in Python,” for example. After pressing the “search” button, you will receive a complete code solution.
  • Extract Code From Any Video. It’s as simple as getting video and extracting code from it.
  • Search for codes in over 100 million repositories. Find +100M Open Source Code Repositories Straight from VS Code. 

This is a fantastic tool for developers. If you need assistance with coding, you’ve found it. We encourage that you give it a go. 

Get Help for Your Code with Blackbox


Do you need to make unique video for your online store? Or do you want to make a nice Instagram video? Unscreen can most likely assist you with this. It is an AI capable of removing the background from any video. 

All you have to do is submit a video or a GIF, and Unscreen will handle the rest. It detects the foreground topic in a picture or video and then eliminates the backdrop, leaving the subject with a transparent background that can be simply overlaid on any other image or video. 

Unscreen is especially handy if you are a content producer, social media manager, or marketer who needs to create aesthetically engaging material fast and efficiently. It may also be used for personal projects like making memes or personalizing photographs for social media profiles.

Remove Video Background with Unscreen


Your company requires a logo and requires it quickly? Looka can provide it for you. This is an AI-powered platform that will assist you in designing. Make a logo or brand kit. 

Looka provides these features:

  • Logo Maker. Looka Logo Creator combines your logo design choices with AI to help you build a personalized logo you’ll love. It only takes a few clicks and five minutes. Begin by inputting your company’s name and industry.
  • Brand Kit Creation. Looka also allows you to develop a one-of-a-kind Brand Kit. Use your logo, brand colors, fonts, and pictures to make 300+ branded templates. Then, to help your business develop, produce appealing marketing materials. Looka’s Brand Kit is like to having your own personal graphic designer. As a subscription, you may customize and download new designs at any time from a single dashboard.
  • Logo Ideas. Do you require logo design inspiration? Looka can assist you with this. In minutes, use the platform’s online logo builder to develop an infinite number of custom logo concepts.

Create your Business Identity with Looka


The AI2SQL tool transforms natural language queries into SQL statements. The tool combines natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to comprehend the purpose behind a user’s query and turn it into a structured query language (SQL) statement that can be run against a database. 

A user submits their natural language query into AI2SQL, which then analyzes the text and retrieves the essential information, such as the data sought and any conditions or filters. 

AI2SQL might be valuable for analysts and business intelligence specialists. It can construct complicated queries in seconds, removing the need for human query writing and lowering the danger of syntax mistakes.

Simplify your Work with AI2SQL


Do you need to create a website quickly? Then Durable is the one for you. It is a complete tool that allows you to quickly create a website. Give it some information about what you want, and it will create a website.

What features does Durable provide? Let’s go through it:

  • AI Website Creation. Durable’s AI website builder creates a website in seconds. Beautiful photos, clever content, and marketing elements are all provided. It’s a handy and strong function.
  • Finances Managament. Send money, collect payments, and manage spending automatically using Durable. Managing your company’s finances has never been easier. The simple way to manage your money like an expert. Durable organizes your company’s finances from within the app.
  • CRM. Interact with leads, monitor customer information, and automate follow-ups with the CRM intended to help you gain more business. Durable helps you acquire more jobs by providing sophisticated customer relationship management solutions that are meant to help you expand.

Durable is a flexible platform that may be utilized for a variety of use cases. It comes highly recommended by us. 

Build your Website with Durable


What are AI tools?

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are software programs or platforms that employ artificial intelligence algorithms to automate or augment different jobs and processes. These technologies might range from basic chatbots to complicated machine learning systems.

What are some examples of AI tools?

Take, for example, chatbots. The most well-known is ChatGPT from OpenAI.

AI Tools virtual assistants, natural language processing (NLP) platforms, predictive analytics tools, picture and video recognition systems, and robotic process automation (RPA) platforms are also available.

What are the benefits of using AI tools?

With them, you can simply improve the performance of your business in a variety of areas. Saving money, increasing client loyalty, automating monotonous operations, providing real-time information, and many other benefits are possible.

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