Shopware 6 SQL Guide

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Below, you will learn how to manage your Shopware data with the help of SQL. We describe what SQL queries to use to delete products, properties, customer data, and orders in Shopware 6. Also, you will find out how to disable extensions, customize database collation, and restore the default customer group in Shopware 6 using SQL. In addition to this Shopware 6 SQL guide, you can find other Shopware 6 tutorials in our cookbook. Continue Reading

Exploring Shopware: System Requirements for Shopware 6

- E-Commerce, Shopware

Each e-commerce platform has its unique system requirements. And Shopware is not an exception. You should follow its system requirements to create a fully functional online storefront. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to properly manage your website. Since the Shopware platform is associated with a bunch of specific conditions, we shed light on the Shopware 6 system requirements in the following article. You will find out what is the best operating system for the platform, what PHP requirements to follow, and what extensions to install. SQL, Apache, and other recommended requirements for Shopware 6 are listed below.

Note that Shopware 6 receives regular updates. Hence, it is vital to monitor what changes are suitable for your software version, upgrading your server to be compatible with the latest system requirements for Shopware.
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