LitExtension Store Migration: Migrate Your Shop Into Shopify

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Migrating from one eCommerce platform to another is a complicated challenge. You must ensure that all your data is preserved and not lost. To do this, you need to have experienced developers and spend quite a lot of time planning. Or you can use third-party services that automate the process. 

Today we’re going to talk about one such app. LitExtension Store Migration is needed for a quick and seamless migration to Shopify. Whether you want to relocate your e-commerce site from another platform or upgrade your current Shopify store, LitExtension makes it simple. With this plugin, you don’t have to spend a lot of time migrating and then worry that something didn’t get saved or moved. It does everything for you.

In this post, we’ll look at the LitExtension Store Migration app’s major features, abilities, and interface. After reading this text, you will be aware of every aspect of this plugin and can make your own decision about whether or not to use it.

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Firebear Import & Export Tool for Shopify – Application Change Log

- Our extensions, Shopify

Dive into the evolution of the Import & Export Tool for Shopify as it progresses through different versions. From its humble beginnings as a basic solution with import and export profiles and simple mapping in version 1.0.0, the tool has evolved into a feature-rich data transfer powerhouse. Now, it goes beyond the basics, offering advanced features like import and export automation, support for multiple file formats, including XLSX and XMLFTP and FTPS transfers, Google Sheets and Google Drive integration, built-in email notifications, powerful and flexible mapping, diverse update strategies, and a range of other user-friendly functionalities.

With each new release, the app strengthens its capabilities, making it an even more valuable asset for users. To get a comprehensive look at the module’s growth and explore its latest features, take a closer look at the detailed overview provided below.

Application Manual | Shopify Store

1.0.32 (released 23.01.24)


  • New app plans and plan restrictions for import and export jobs.
  • Shopify Product Variant Import. New product variant import behavior: “replace” has been changed to “append”. There is now a possibility to update only variants without the parent configurable product.
  • Implemented tags and images merge on Shopify product import

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AutoSync Canva Integration: How To Integrate Product Images Into Canva?

- E-Commerce, Shopify

Looking for an option to make it easier for yourself to create designs for your products? We have a solution. Today we are going to talk about one such application for Shopify, that improves the way you operate with visuals.

AutoSync Canva Integration app will help you integrate all your product images from your store directly to the Canva dashboard. This plugin will make it easy for your marketing team to create designs. It saves time for anyone who needs to complete a task with your product pictures. Canva Shopify integration is a great way to simplify and speed things up. You can also check out our review of Canva right here.

In this article, we are going to examine the main features, capabilities, and user interface of the AutoSync Canva integration application. After this post it will be clear – whether you need this extension or not.

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Shopify Marketplace Connect App: How To Integrate Shopify With Amazon And Other Major Marketplaces

- E-Commerce, Shopify

How to integrate Shopify with Amazon or another big marketplace? That’s a good question and we’re going to answer today.

Connecting your store to markets can be a very impactful thing. It will give you a strong boost to your sales and expand your store’s customer base. But how to quickly put your products into big sales platforms? 

The Shopify Marketplace Connect application will rapidly and easily help you connect your Shopify store to the biggest markets such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, etc. This extension is great for aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs and those who have already seen a lot. It simplifies the process of integrating your store into marketplaces. It can streamline the duties of your development team and save time for more important tasks. 

This post will look at the key features, abilities, and overall user interface of the Shopify Marketplace Connect application. We will gladly help you figure out whether it is a useful addition to your e-commerce setup or a tool that won’t help in your business case.

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How to Bulk Edit Product Descriptions: Shopify Daily Management Enhanced

- Our extensions, Shopify

Shopify Bulk Edit Descriptions

Welcome to the realm of Shopify product descriptions. Today, we gonna learn how to bulk edit descriptions in Shopify. Usually, merchants do that manually straight in the admin. This approach, however, requires individual editing per product. The more products you need to edit, the more time and effort you spend. What if there is another more user-oriented and less time-consuming way to bulk edit product descriptions in Shopify

You can always rely on import and export processes to bulk edit your Shopify product data. Below, we share the best way to edit product descriptions in bulk, minimizing your time expenditures. You will need to export products from Shopify, apply changes to the exported product table, and then re-import it. That’s Shopify product description bulk editing in a nutshell. But let’s focus on the aspects.    Continue Reading

Shopify Product Handle Explained: Bulk Update & Editing Tips

- Our extensions, Shopify

Shopify Product Handle

In the following article, we cover the basics of Shopify product handle management. You will learn what a product handle is and how to improve updates associated with this product attribute and your Shopify website

Below, we describe how to edit Shopify product handles in bulk. First, you will learn how to get product handles from Shopify. Next, we will teach you how to edit them. The final step describes how to import the newly created update back. Also, we clarify the importance of redirects in Shopify product handle editing.   Continue Reading

Enhance Your Shopify Data Export: Custom Columns

- Our extensions, Shopify

How to Bulk Update Shopify Product SKUs

Although Shopify’s default export is enough for transferring data within the ecosystem, you may face multiple inconveniences when exporting data to third parties. The problem starts when you leave the territory of your e-commerce platform. Since Shopify applies a unique system of column names to the data you export, it is impossible to deliver your CSVs to third parties unless you replace the default column names with the ones the accepting party requires. Luckily, there is a more user-friendly and convenient solution. 

Below, you will learn how to create a Shopify data export with custom columns. We explain how to prepare your export profile, replace the default column names with custom names, create a custom column order, and delete unnecessary columns from export.  Continue Reading

Advanced Shopify Import: Gift Cards

- Our extensions, Shopify

Shopify Import: Gift Cards

In the following article, you will learn how to import gift cards to Shopify. First, we explain how to transfer gift card products to your e-commerce website. If you need to move multiple gift cards to your storefront, consider a bulk transfer a suitable option. You will mass import gift cards to Shopify within just a few clicks. 

After that, we focus on another aspect –  the transfer of actual Shopify gift cards. What’s the difference between a gift card and a gift card product? You will also find the answer below. So, let’s go get Shopify gift cards imported.  Continue Reading

How to Archive Orders in Shopify

- Our extensions, Shopify

archive order shopify

Below, we explain how to archive orders in Shopify. You will learn how to create a zip archive with your orders for more efficient storage or management. 

When you export Shopify orders with the platform’s default tools, they are gathered in a CSV file. But what if a Shopify archive with orders is required? 

You will need the Import & Export Tool to archive orders in Shopify. Furthermore, our app lets you automate this process, archive only the latest modified orders, or pack only orders with a specific status into a zip. We detailly describe all these aspects below. Continue Reading

How to Manage Products in Shopify: Reorder Variants

- Our extensions, Shopify

How to Bulk Update Shopify Product SKUs

In the following article, we explore how to reorder variants in Shopify. You will learn two different techniques: one for solo editing and another one for bulk product updates. If you deal with a few products, choose the first way. If you need to update the entire catalog, go with the second option. Below, we explain the principal difference between the two of them opportunities so that you can reorder variants in Shopify in a manner that suits your business well. Continue Reading