Adobe Journey Optimizer: Unlock True, Real-Time Personalization

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What is Adobe Journey Optimizer?

Let’s talk about Adobe Journey Optimizer. It is an Adobe Experience Cloud product that provides marketers with full control over personalized customer journeys in real time. It provides you with a single space where you can manage scheduled omnichannel campaigns and one-to-one moments for millions of customers so that the entire journey can be enhanced and optimized with intelligent decisioning and insights.

Below, you will learn what Adobe Journey Optimizer is. We explore the platform’s editions and core features. You will also learn how Adobe Journey Optimizer looks from within in our interface exploration. After that, we proceed to the platform’s benefits. Also, the article slightly unveils the mystery of Adobe Journey Optimizer pricing.

What is Adobe Journey Optimizer: Introducing The Best Way To Create & Manage Personalized Journeys

Adobe Journey Optimizer is a marketing platform that lets businesses control the entire process of a customer’s interactions with the brand: from first contact until the customer leaves. It offers tools that let businesses deliver connected, contextual, and personalized experiences to customers.

If you are looking for a solution that can help you improve interactions with customers, you’ve come to the right place. The number one goal of Adobe Journey Optimizer is to help you turn your customers into your brand’s loyal fans. To achieve this objective, the platform delivers all the tools necessary to create and manage personalized journeys, including inbound customer engagement and outbound omnichannel campaigns in a cloud-native environment.

You get unified, real-time customer profiles that cover the smallest nuances of your prospects. It leads to much-simplified identity resolution and, consequently, intuitive segmentation that is always at scale.

With Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can reach your target audience via email messages, push notifications, SMS messages, in-app notifications, and IoT messages at an incredible speed.  The platform lets you send up to 90 million messages per hour. But it doesn’t mean that Journey Optimizer is designed for huge marketing agencies only. It works well for businesses of all sizes due to such features as intelligent offer decisioning. The latter automatically forms the best possible offers following real-time customer behavior.

Another good thing is that the platform is integrated with content sources. It results in powerful digital asset management contented straight to channels of execution.

And since Journey Optimizer is a part of Adobe Experience Cloud, you can easily enhance its native functionality with even more potent instruments, such as Real-Time CDP. Pairing these two platforms together lets you unify customer profiles and actionable audiences to create, orchestrate, and deliver personalized experiences that take real-time behavior, contextual changes, and business signals into account and are more tailored to the desires of your target audience. Optimizing the omnichannel customer lifecycle has never been easier. 

Even more, Adobe Journey Optimizer uses AI to add value to the customer journey. The platform incorporates the latest technologies to deliver personalized engagement at scale. It helps to optimize and automate various routine processes pushing the existing limits much forward. ​

With all these trumps up your sleeve, you can easily reach a new level of delivering experiences and defining journeys. Firstly, Adobe Journey Optimizer can become your single application for omnichannel campaigns and real-time engagement. It dramatically simplifies your management duties associated with customer journeys. 

Along with that, the platform improves engagement because you can use real-time personalized content based on profiles updated without limits. You, consequently, can increase conversion. Adobe Journey Optimizer lets you leverage data-driven insights with instant views into journey progression. And it is the most source of fuel for your business engine.

Also, note that Journey Optimizer’s modern UX is equipped with journey templates and AI-powered workflows. It means that you don’t need to waste months trying to learn a new interface. Furthermore, if you are already familiar with other Adobe Experience Cloud products, you can essentially decrease time to market.

And as we’ve already mentioned, Adobe Journey Optimizer is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Its native cloud-based scalability and agility are multiplied by API extensibility. It means that you can start small and scale as you need. Watch the following vide for further information:

Adobe Journey Optimizer Editions: Choose Your Fighter

Journey Optimizer is available in the following three editions:  

  • Select. This package incorporates all the tools necessary for orchestrating and delivering connected customer journeys across different channels and touchpoints. 
  • Prime. This package includes all the features of the Select package along with expanded journey management and real-time segmentation capabilities.
  • Ultimate. It is the most powerful package out of the three available. It also offers advanced road-mapping features, such as offer decisioning, and additional AI-powered tools.

Now, let’s find out what specific Adobe Journey Optimizer features are available in each package. 

Select Package Features Prime Package Features Ultimate Package Features
  • Unified Customer Profile and Audience Orchestration
  • Journey Orchestration Canvas
  • Campaigns (Batch and API)
  • Outbound Communications (Email, SMS, Push, etc.)
  • E-mail Deliverability and Reputation Management
  • Dynamic Content and Message Personalization
  • Digital Asset Library
  • Preview, Simulation, and Proofing
  • Landing Pages and Subscription Management
  • Geofencing and location-based engagement
  • Send-time optimization
  • Insights and Reporting
  • Select Package Features
  • Real-time event-based one-to-one journeys
  • Inbound Engagement (API, Web, Mobile In-App, etc.)
  • Rapid Delivery App-Push (burst mode)
  • Select Package Features
  • Prime Package Features
  • Omnichannel Offer Library
  • Rules-based and Formula-based Next Best Offer
  • AI/ML Models for Next Best Offer 

Adobe Journey Optimizer Features: Unwavering Pillars Of Personalized Customer Journey

Below, we explore the core features of Adobe Journey Optimizer. They will help you efficiently create personalized customer journeys, optimizing your marketing efforts. Using Journey Optimizer is associated with the following peculiarities:

  • Advanced asset management;
  • Powerful email marketing engagement;
  • Intuitive message designer;
  • Advanced mobile marketing;
  • Precise offer decisioning;
  • Top-notch customer data security;
  • Real-time customer profiles and journeys.

Advanced asset management

Adobe lets you connect marketing and creative workflows with the help of Experience Manager Assets Essentials – a powerful digital asset management solution, which is instantly accessible from Adobe Journey Optimizer. It is a collaborative, centralized asset workspace that integrates digital assets for experience delivery to guarantee brand consistency across messages throughout each customer journey. 

Thus, Journey Optimizer delivers a centralized location to store, manage, find, and distribute digital content used in communications. You can easily manage, tag, and access authorized production materials directly in Journey Optimizer. The platform enables the use of metadata and AI-driven auto-tagging powered by Adobe Sensei to increase the efficiency of routine processes associated with content creation.

You can leverage cross-team collaboration to integrate creative and marketing teams and enable them to communicate, assign, track, and collaborate on creative tasks. Your employees even get the ability to perform basic image editing with the built-in Adobe Photoshop Express.
And due to built-in reporting, you can easily find out which assets are most valuable.

Powerful email marketing engagement

The platform lets you make the most effective way to reach out to your consumers on a large scale even better. With Journey Optimizer’s potent email marketing, you can send relevant and engaging emails across the whole customer journey. The platform lets you grab the attention of your buyers by sending emails at the proper moment based on prior actions carefully recorded in their profiles that update as customers interact with your brand. This approach usually helps cut through the noise, attracting the reader’s attention and boosting the effectiveness of your customer interaction.

You can create emails using simple drag-and-drop features and preview changes by simulating how your email appears in popular email clients. With adobe Journey Optimizer, it is possible to design beautiful on-brand emails by coding them from scratch or starting with pre-built templates.

Intuitive message designer

Adobe Journey Optimizer is perfectly tailored for developing messages for your customer journeys. The platform offers a drag-and-drop canvas that includes powerful editing tools and quick access to brand assets, offers, and Adobe Stock pictures. You get a centralized area for creating consistent omnichannel messages with as little or as much customization as needed. Optimized tracking capabilities are on board too. As a result, you achieve journey consistency across channels. The following features make message designer work:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface where you can create email, push, in-app, and SMS messages. 
  • Adobe Stock integration enriches your messages with the perfect content straight from Adobe Stock within Journey Optimizer.
  • Powerful templates can be customized, reused, imported HTML, etc. 
  • Central offer decisioning sweetens your messages with personalized offers. 
  • Smart tags can help you find correct digital assets much easier.

Advanced mobile marketing

If you need a tool that exploits mobile channels to create strong customer relationships, pay attention to Adobe Journey Optimizer. The platform supports personalized, contextual interactions via smartphones at each customer journey stage. It can help you create mobile moments that connect physical and digital experiences

With Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can leverage an intuitive message designer for your mobile messages, push notifications that contain copy and rich media, SMS  and in-app messages, etc. The platform helps create personalized offers and notifications based on customer profile attributes, app usage history, and device location. 

Precise offer decisioning

With Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can deliver the right offer to consumers across all channels at any touch point. Create, manage, and personalize them for individuals using data from real-time customer profiles. Centralized offer management also incorporates rules-based and intelligent decisioning to let you offer your customers what they really want. You can Create eligibility rules for offers based on behavior, segment membership, and real-time profile data.

Along with that, the Adobe Journey Optimizer platform delivers a single source of truth that combines enterprise, customer, and contextual data. You also get the ability to develop and apply AI-driven ranking strategies, optimizing your business goals. 

Your routine processes become even more efficient when you start using dynamic ranking formulas. Adobe Journey Optimizer lets you create custom formulas that incorporate dynamic scripting. 

And due to the support of headless APIs, it is possible to utilize batch and real-time decisioning APIs for direct access on any internet-connected device.

Top-notch customer data security

Adobe Journey Optimizer is designed to deliver privacy-conscious customer experiences. The personal information of your client is secretly kept, while your prospects get the best-in-class data privacy, governance, and security solution built from the ground up with principles of security. 

You can control data access to specific types of information. Along with that, Adobe Journey Optimizer lets you restrict access for particular individuals or teams. Identifying actions performed by admins in the application is another important aspect of data security.

In addition to that, you can manage customer data usage and ensure compliance with regulations. If anyone asks to remove their personal information, the platform lets you do that rapidly. And with automated consent management, it gets possible to enforce marketing policies to respect the consent preferences of your clients.

Journey Optimizer encrypts data not only while keeping it but also when transferring. You can use custom data encryption keys. Moreover, the platform lets you anonymize sensitive personal data in emails, SMS, and other messages. And due to data isolation features, you can leverage API-first sandboxes to partition your business units or teams..

Real-time customer profiles and journeys

Adobe Journey Optimizer not only offers 360-degree customer profiles but also updates them in real time. This ensures personalized engagement in the context of the customer journey that can take place across various channels and touchpoints. The following enhancements are at your disposal:

  • Data ingestion. The Adobe Journey Optimizer platform lets you enhance a unified customer profile with real-time data or batch updates.
  • Identity resolution. You get the ability to connect the customer identity dots across datasets.
  • Dynamic segmentation. This feature provides the ability to add and remove customers dynamically to/from segments in real time as their profiles update.
  • Places and services. With Adobe’s geolocation service, you can enable location awareness on your mobile app. It means that Journey Optimizer will be able to use proximity to a beacon or geofence to trigger specific messages. 

Exploring Adobe Journey Optimizer Interface

Now, let’s see what happens when you connect to Adobe Experience Cloud and browse to Journey Optimizer. Note that the things that display in front of you vary depending on your permissions and licensing package. 

Left navigation

The links on the left let you access Journey Optimizer capabilities.

  • Home. Journey Optimizer’s home page is a place where you can find key links and resources to start. For instance, there is the Recents list that contains shortcuts to the recently created events and journeys and displays their creation and modification dates.
    Adobe Journey Optimizer interface: Home and Recents
  • Journey Management. Next, there is the Journey Management section. Here, you can create and manage your campaigns, customer journeys, and landing pages.
    Adobe Journey Optimizer interface: journey management screen
  • Decision Management. This page lets you create new offers and access your recent sources and datasets. Also, it is possible to create placements, rules, and tags here.
    Adobe Journey Optimizer interface: Offers screen
  • Content Management. This page offers access to Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials – your centralized repository of assets.
    Adobe Journey Optimizer Interface: Content management assets
  • Data Management. The Schema Editor situated here allows for the creation of Experience Data Model (XDM) schemas. Also, all data ingested into Adobe Experience Platform is associated with this section. It is persisted within the Data Lake as datasets. You can monitor it here. Adobe Experience Platform Query Service is another thing that you can find on this page. Use it to manage queries.
    Adobe Journey Optimizer interface: data management -> schemas
  • Connections. This page contains the Sources menu. Use it to ingest data from a variety of sources and manage incoming data.
    Adobe Journey Optimizer interface: connections -> sources
  • Customer. Here, you can create and manage segments, subscription lists, real-time customer profiles, and identities (cross-device, cross-channel, and near real-time identification of your customers).
    Adobe Journey Optimizer interface: customer profiles
  • Administration. Here, you can use the Journey Administration menu to configure events, data sources, and actions utilized in your journeys. Also, you can leverage sandboxes to test single instances in virtual environments. As for the Alerts user interface, it allows you to manage and view alerts associated with Adobe Experience Platform Observability Insights. 

In-product use cases

Now, let’s focus on another section available straight on the Home page. Adobe Journey Optimizer lets you leverage a bunch of use cases so that you can use quick inputs to create a customer journey.

Adobe Journey Optimizer interface: Use-cases

For instance, it is possible to generate test profiles to test personalized messages and journeys or send emails to onboard new customers. Hit View details to learn more and Begin to initiate the use case. Executed use cases are available under View use case library.

Adobe Journey Optimizer Benefits: Your Reason To Choose The Platform

You can find a couple of solutions that offer features similar to Journey Optimizer. For instance, Braze, Insider, OutSystems, and Salesforce can be compared to Adobe’s platform. However, Journey Optimizer provides several strong competitive advantages, such as real-time profile and insights, omnichannel orchestration, personalized offer decisioning, and customer lifecycle engagement. Below, we explore these Adobe Journey Optimizer benefits in more detail.

Real-time profile and insights

The better you understand your clients, the more personalized their experiences become. However, understanding them is quite a complicated process. The more people interact with your brand, the more data you have to collect. At a certain point, you cannot do that manually. There is no team that can cope with such a huge task.

Fortunately,  Adobe Journey Optimizer can automate the analysis and management of one-to-one interactions and help you create huge campaigns for millions of clients from scratch. This single application is driven by real-time decisioning and intelligent insights, meaning that all the dirty work is done automatically.

You require a comprehensive perspective of your customers. Yet, you must also be aware of what is going on around them in real time to start creating tailored, timely experiences. The more data sources you combine, the more precise output you get. And this is all that happens below the surface of Adobe Journey Optimizer. Unlike many similar tools, it combines data from multiple connected sources and updates it in real time to provide you with the most in-depth insights necessary for the best possible personalized customer experiences.

Omnichannel orchestration

As we’ve just mentioned above, Adobe offers the ability to combine data from multiple channels. At the same time, you can use this platform to create the output for multiple channels. It is another important benefit associated with Journey Optimizer. 

The platform lets you create and manage personalized omnichannel journeys with tailored messages and content for both planned campaigns and real-time customer experiences – all from a single application. While many competitive solutions let businesses manage their customers’ journeys with just a few technologies, Journey Optimizer delivers extra instruments for offer management, decisioning, and real-time customer engagement. As a result, your marketers can establish a unified customer journey with connected procedures and data that is always up to date all across your channels no matter whether they are online or offline. 

Personalized offer decisioning

The ability to build, maintain, and customize the “next best offer” for each consumer is another benefit associated with Adobe Journey Optimizer. This platform enables businesses to easily provide the optimal offer to their clients, regardless of when, where, or how they interact with the brand. Considering the powerful real-time and omnichannel capabilities, you can easily make your next offer personalized. It is what your customers demand. With Journey Optimizer, you can easily determine what they require and when. It means that you can increase engagement, loyalty, and, ultimately, income.

Customer lifecycle engagement

Adobe Journey Optimizer is a highly scalable solution tailored to the needs of both small and big enterprises. It means that you can leverage it to reach out to millions of consumers or just the ones that need to hear from you right away.

At the same time, the platform covers the entire customer lifecycle. You can be there for your clients when they need you. Adobe Journey Optimizer combines planned marketing efforts with real-time, customer-led moments. Creating a time-sensitive update for your whole customer base is possible along with generating a personalized message for a single individual. With a broad palette of built-in tools of Journey Optimizer, journeys become more than workflows, and your customers become more than segments. You can easily reach them where they are, rather than where you expect them to be. And you can contact clients in ways that make sense in the context of their specific journey. 

With Journey Optimizer, it is no longer necessary to handle real-time, triggered marketing in one application and email and mobile marketing campaigns in another. Thus, you can easily eliminate issues associated with disjointed customer journeys and hazy consumer data by using a single application. 

Adobe Journey Optimizer pricing

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t reveal Adobe Journey Optimizer pricing. You need to contact Adobe to get information on actual Adobe Journey Optimizer prices

Get Adobe Journey Optimizer pricing

Bottom Line

Adobe Journey Optimizer is a powerful journey optimization software solution that gives marketers complete control over personalized customer journeys in real time. It offers a centralized location to manage scheduled omnichannel campaigns and one-to-one interactions for millions of customers, allowing you to enhance and optimize the entire customer’s interaction with your brand with intelligent decisioning and insights.

The platform is flexible and scalable enough to satisfy the needs of the largest companies. At the same time, it is fully suitable for smaller market players. If you want to take control over your customer journeys, Adobe offers the best possible solution.

Adobe Journey Optimizer FAQ

What is Adobe Journey Optimizer?

Adobe Journey Optimizer is a marketing software solution designed to optimize, automate, and personalize customer journeys, determine the next best action to take, and deliver contextualized offers in real time.

What are the components of Adobe Journey Optimizer?

Being built on Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer combines such components as real-time customer profiles, API-first open framework, centralized offer decisioning, and machine learning.

What is the best browser for Adobe Journey Optimizer?

Adobe Journey Optimizer is optimized for the latest version of Google Chrome. Although it works with other solutions, you might have trouble using certain features on Chrome’s older versions or other browsers.

What languages does Adobe Journey Optimizer support?

Adobe Journey Optimizer’s user interface is available in 8 languages:  English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean.

What is the default language of Adobe Journey Optimizer?

The preferred language specified in your user profile determines your default interface language in Adobe Journey Optimizer.

How to change language preferences in Adobe Journey Optimizer?

You can change language preferences in Journey Optimizer as follows:

Click your avatar on the top right.
Click Preferences.
Click the language displayed under your email address.
Select your preferred language.
Click Save.

Note that it is possible to choose a second language in case the component you are using is not available in your first language.