Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 Release Notes

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magento 2.4.7 release note

Today, we explore the latest features introduced in Magento 2. Below, you will find the new enhancements introduced in Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-beta1 and Magento Open Source 2.4.7-beta1, which will be a part of the stable 2.4.7 release. While Magento Open Source 2.4.7-beta1 introduces over 140 quality fixes and enhancements, Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 goes even further and includes over 200 improvements. Along with that, both platforms are associated with updated core Composer dependencies and third-party libraries. Support for Composer 2.5 has been added too. And don’t forget about renewed GraphQL coverage for custom attributes and enhanced GraphQL caching abilities. Check our Magento 2 Release Notes for more information. Continue Reading

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics: Revolutionizing E-commerce

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adobe Customer Journey Analytics

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses have to build a strong online presence to survive. It is no longer a competitive advantage. It is a matter of existence. And the ability to understand your customer’s journey is among the key components of a successful online enterprise. So, how to comprehend your buyers? Numerous solutions all over the Internet let you explore and analyze your audience. For instance, Adobe Experience Cloud, in general, and its Customer Journey Analytics, in particular, can help you gain valuable insights into your customer’s behavior, preferences, and needs. In this article, we will explore what Adobe Customer Journey Analytics is and how it can help you enhance your e-commerce business.  Continue Reading

Adobe Journey Optimizer: Unlock True, Real-Time Personalization

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What is Adobe Journey Optimizer?

Let’s talk about Adobe Journey Optimizer. It is an Adobe Experience Cloud product that provides marketers with full control over personalized customer journeys in real time. It provides you with a single space where you can manage scheduled omnichannel campaigns and one-to-one moments for millions of customers so that the entire journey can be enhanced and optimized with intelligent decisioning and insights.

Below, you will learn what Adobe Journey Optimizer is. We explore the platform’s editions and core features. You will also learn how Adobe Journey Optimizer looks from within in our interface exploration. After that, we proceed to the platform’s benefits. Also, the article slightly unveils the mystery of Adobe Journey Optimizer pricing. Continue Reading

Adobe Real-Time CDP: Unleashing the Power of Customer Data in Real Time

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adobe Real-Time CDP overview

In today’s high-tech era, businesses gradually move towards digital transformation, making customer data their most valuable asset. Customers, in turn, crave personalized interactions with brands and companies that cater to their unique preferences. Under these circumstances, businesses must collect, analyze, and leverage customer data way more effectively than they used to do before. And Adobe Real-Time CDP is here to help along with other Adobe Experience Cloud Products

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform is a game-changing tool designed to help businesses unlock the full potential of their customer data. It provides a centralized location for managing, organizing, and activating information in real time. In this article, we dive deep into Adobe Real-Time CDP and explore how it can help you deliver personalized customer experiences, improve marketing ROI, and drive business growth. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Experience Cloud

adobe experience cloud guide

In the following article, we explore Adobe Experience Cloud a suite of digital marketing tools designed to help businesses deliver personalized experiences across various channels. The platform combines customer data, analytics, and content management capabilities to help companies better understand their customers, creating tailored experiences that meet their unique needs. 

You can use Adobe Experience Cloud to run marketing campaigns, track customer interactions, and analyze real-time performance data. The platform also offers a range of tools for creating and managing content for web and mobile apps, emails, and social media. 

Below, we explore all Adobe Experience Cloud tools and provide their closest competitors. You will find a table of  Adobe Experience Cloud products defined. After that, we describe the most essential instruments in more detail. You will also discover a section that highlights Adobe Experience Cloud benefits and competitive advantages. And there is a short explication of Adobe Experience Cloud pricing. Although you won’t be able to find particular  Adobe Experience Cloud prices, we explain how they form. Continue Reading