Why you should get Improved Import & Export for Magento 2 by Firebear Studio

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Firebear helps you get ANY data in and out of Magento 2 store. Integrate your Magento 2 with any CRM, ERP, warehouse management software, or your daily Excel or Google Sheet table.

With Improved Import & Export extension you automate import and export processes with the help of cron scheduler, control the data with attribute mapping and filters. Everything via backend interface.

Improved Import & Export helps you save money and resources by automating data synchronization processes, by avoiding monthly service payments, by serving as a one-step solution for data transfer.

In this blog post we highlight the reasons and points why Improved Import & Export is better than competitors.


Why Firebear better than native Magento 2 import tool

  • It works. As simple as that, we have resolved duplicate URL issue, incorrect values in the attributes can be skipped, only six required attributes for products.
  • Faster for millions of records. We have introduced bunches of 100, which allowed to reduce memory usage, and allowed for several hundred Mb files import.
  • All Magento 2 entities. Including B2B companies and shared catalogs, product reviews and URL rewrites, orders and MSI warehouses.
  • Debug and logging. Every import and export run creates a success log, which can be accessed at any time.
  • Table and attribute mapping. CSV file structure can be mapped for separators, and every entity attributes can be mapped for their names.
  • The extension is constantly growing. In 2019, we have started supporting 10 new entities, improved import speed, and introduced numerous useful tools.
  • CLI and Magento 2 backend supported. You can run import and export from both, command line, and Magento 2 backend.
  • Friendly user interface. Every step is represented with a separate section.
  • Explicit import and export documentation. Top search entries in Google, and Google tips, for every Magento 2 entity import and export.
  • Useful import and export tools. Like specifying image import source, custom logic for configurable products, and other suggested by our customers.

Why Firebear better than IPAAS, and other SAAS solutions for Magento 2 import and export

  • One-time purchase. No SAAS, no recurring payments, no IPAAS. You get what you pay for.
  • 100% control over your data. The data transfers are processed on your Magento 2, no data is sent to third-party servers.
  • Better ROI. No subscriptions and constant updates mean that you in the long term you will save much more.
  • Build your own business processes. The extension is open source and deployed at your Magento server, meaning you are not dependent on the workflow dictated by the SAAS services.

One extension, open code, useful scripts

  • One extension means that we have every import and export tool gathered in a single software. Orders, cart price rules, customers, every basic Magento 2 entity supported, you do not need to purchase parts of the extension.
  • Because we have every entity supported you do not have to use the extensions from multiple vendors, which eliminates the risks of custom code conflicts.
  • Best Magento 2 and PHP practices. A team of certified developers, always looking for implementing latest technological advantages.
  • Support all latest Magento 2 versions. We constantly adjust the extension’s architecture to support latest Magento 2 releases.
  • Any custom API. The extension can serve as a basis for custom API request integrations.
  • Single dashboard for all import and export processes. The import and export job grid supports Magento 2 filters, views, and custom column selection.
  • No conflicts with native Magento 2 import tool. The extension runs alongside the native tool, and inherits the data structure, preventing mysql deadlocks and data inconsistency because of custom attribute naming.

Built to integrate your management software via API

  • Fully customizable. The extension is open-code, and comes with customization end points, meaning you are free to customize the behavior and make it work the way you want.
  • We test the extension with the latest Magento 2 releases. Meaning you can be sure the extension will be installed on the Magento 2 with the latest security patches.
  • We consult, we develop, we customize. With thousands of projects in transferring data, we can consult you and build you the best connector for your project.
  • Connect with major ERP, CRM, PIM systems. We are building connectors with NetSuite, SAP, Salesforce, and other. Using other software, – contact us.
  • Dropshipping start for you for FREE. We are constantly looking for pilot customers for building Magento 2 dropshipping integrations. Send us a message and let’s get started.
  • We support. You can rely on Firebear Studio support team in customizing your solution, providing knowledgeable advice, and handling your data transfers.

Why Firebear is better in general

  • 100% open code, and comes with customization endpoints
  • Knowledgeable support. Assistance with installation, suggestions on file mapping, help with custom file formats.
  • Best coding practices. Firebear is also a blog, we highlight the latest technologies, study them, and implement in our coding practices.
  • ROI and thinking of the future. You may start with migrating to Magento 2, and continue with integrating your warehouse, and connecting your CRM to import customers and sales.
  • We are dedicated to importing and exporting Magento 2 data. Have been working on the solution for several years, dedicating the team solely to import/export projects, and we know what we want and doing and what we are best at. We have a focus, rather than creating multiple small add-ons.
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