Firebear Becomes Magento Extension Developers Network Partner

Being active community members for years, we’ve finally become a part of an outstanding project developed to make the Magento ecosystem better. Here at Firebear, we are super proud to announce that we’ve just joined our new and old friends within the amazing initiative – Magento Extension Developers Network or just ExtDN! Our strong aim to deliver top-notch solutions to our customers and partners always pushes us towards supporting various Magento community projects, especially ones focused on the extensions quality!


So, what is ExtDN, you will ask? It is a community of both professionals and enthusiasts willing to improve the whole Magento ecosystem. Their goal is to help the Marketplace team, extension developers, and merchants to get better products. To achieve this goal, ExtDN and its members provide a unique view, opinions, and ideas on how to improve the existing experience of both merchants and developers.

Thus, ExtDN is the voice of two absolutely different but always connected groups: merchants and extension developers. Note that the number of entrepreneurs in the ecosystems is more than 100k. And all of them want better products! As for extension developers, the ecosystem is full of companies aiming to help merchants meet their needs. In this situation, ExtDN is a place where you can find, compare and install quality Magento extensions from trusted solution providers.

With the aim to push the Magento ecosystem to guide merchants of all sizes to success ExtDN cares about the 170,000+ Magento 1 websites and 27,000+ Magento 2 stores despite their size. Even the smallest market players are essential.

ExtDN purposes include:

  • Better Magento extension;
  • Continuous innovations and improvements;
  • New extension coding standards and practices;
  • Improved technical support;
  • Close collaboration between members;
  • Multiple coding standards;
  • Competition as a source of continuous improvements.

As a part of ExtDN, we have the following aims:

  • Finish tests coverage of all our extensions. We always control the quality of our products, but there is an opportunity to reach new milestones with ExtDN. Thus, our modules will be even more reliable!
  • Finish our Cypress integration project for Magento 2. We are going to continue our development of the Magento 2 Cypress integration which will make tests easier. Currently, the project is aimed at the Improved Import & Export module, but it will let you make any Magento 2 part testable!
  • Write more blog posts about Magento 2 extensions. We already write lots of new materials reviewing Magento 2 modules and tools, but our plans are much broader. Here at Firebear, we also want to cover various aspects of Magento extensions development, security, code quality, tests, marketing, etc. The partnership with ExtDN is a good reason to share our knowledge and resources with the whole community!
  • Write security, UX, performance, and code quality improvements guides targeted at extension developers and providers to make the ecosystem better!

For further information about ExtDN, read this article: ExtDN – Magento Extension Developers Network.