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We are ready to announce another new partner! Meet Convert Digital – an e-commerce web development agency from Australia. The company has considerable experience in creating online stores on Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce from scratch. Convert Digital relies on leading tools and technologies to solve any problems that occur when you create a fully integrated, scalable, functional, and high converting e-commerce website. Now, our Improved Import & Export extension will help the company’s specialists to migrate data between Magento 2 and other platforms.


Strategy & Goals

The global strategy of Convert Digital is based on an individual approach to every customer. The agency creates unique solutions suitable for the specific needs of each industry and business case within it. What fits one client doesn’t always fit the others. That’s why Convert Digital focusses not only on Magento but also on BigCommerce and Shopify, developing exceptional e-commerce experiences.

  • Design. The very first company’s goal is to achieve a balance between top-notch shopping adventures and a brand aesthetic. Both a website owner and its clients should enjoy a website they interact with. Therefore, Convert Digital places the human at the center of all processes to deliver end-user experiences that engage and delight.
  • Development. The next goal is to turn a good-looking e-commerce website into a fully-featured, highly-performative, and reliable machine. Convert Digital applies a modern approach to full-stack web development to turn exceptional designs into functional stores. With top-notch Magento certified developers, Shopify Plus experts, and BigCommerce partners, the company easily achieves this goal.
  • Integration. A good looking and accurately working website is often not enough to achieve the best e-commerce website. Integrations with other marketing channels and third-party systems are necessary, especially when you’re looking to scale your business. Improving efficiencies through system integrations is another e-commerce goal Convert Digital helps to achieve. Now, the company leverages our Improved Import & Export module to simplify and automate Magento 2 integrations with any external systems.
  • Migration. If you need to switch a current platform, replacing it with a more potent e-commerce solution, you can also rely on Convert Digital. When it comes to Magento 2, our Improved Import & Export is also at play.
  • Ongoing Improvements. Another critical aspect of Convert digital is that the agency has a Client Success team that builds collaborative roadmaps to improve the performance of the company’s clients on an ongoing basis, delivering recommended features, necessary website enhancements, and bug fixes if any issues occur.

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Below, you can see the key processes Convert Digital involves building websites that combine scalability, performance, and longevity.

  • Analysis. Before starting any development efforts, Convert Digital specialists analyze the unique conditions of a client to gain a thorough understanding of their requirements. Next, technical experts team up with the design and UX specialists in engineering solutions that deliver the best functionality, highest productivity, and most engaging forms.
  • Planning. The next vital step is to create a good user experience and design that reinforce the brand’s credibility and create a trustworthy shopping environment that, in its turn, converts first-time visitors into buyers. Thus, the company’s specialists develop e-commerce solutions with the design goals and UX challenges in ming from the very beginning.
  • Development. With the best experience and platform expertise, Convert Digital specialists proceed to the next level – website development. At this stage, well-laid plans are turned into actions that lead to excellent results.
  • Testing. Exceptional quality is impossible without testing. All websites Convert Digital is responsible for go through a rigorous testing process. They face numerous challenges of all possible devices and platforms. The company combines internal and user acceptance testing to deliver the highest reliability.
  • Launch. When a website passes all tests successfully, it enters a post-launch era. Note that Convert Digital offers a 30-day warranty for this period.

Magento Experience

Convert Digital knows what Magento development is. The company’s specialists will help you leverage the exceptional range of features the platform delivers out of the box. Complex integrations, unique customizations, brand-specific design solutions are under your disposal. Convert Digital will help you streamline such Magento benefits as:

  • Exceptional Flexibility. Leverage the power of open source technologies with Magento 2. You can rely on its excellent flexibility and customizability to deliver the best possible customer journey to your store visitors. At the same time, numerous third-party extensions and solutions are on their way to solving problems of any complexity.
  • Support For Global Markets. Magento 2 provides the ability to create numerous versions of your website providing localized solutions. The platform offers multicurrency and multilingual capabilities so that international expansion is no longer an unachievable point of your business journey. Convert Digital will help you create multiple store views with various languages and currencies on top of your Magento website with the same login, catalog, and place for managing orders and numerous e-commerce processes.
  • Excellent Performance. A Magento 2 website can be quick as a flash with Magento 2 Varnish Cache and other default performance optimizations. At the same time, third-party solutions and techniques deliver exceptional speed and productivity to the platform. Specialists at Convert Digital know for sure how to implement them on an e-commerce website.
  • Growth Without Limits. Magento 2 lets your business grow with no limits. Add any extra features and capabilities any time you need them. Convert Digital can help you choose the best options and implement them in the most efficient manner. One of the best things about the platform is that you don’t need to enable all its features from the very beginning, rather add the necessary modules as you face the real necessity.

Magento is the number one e-commerce platform all over the globe. It delivers unrivaled flexibility and scalability as well as numerous other opportunities every e-commerce business deserves. With Convert Digital, you can leverage the platform’s potential, converting it into a highly engaging e-commerce experience.

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