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Magento 2 Technology Stack Complete Overview

- Magento 2

Technology Stack  of Magento 2

In this post, we provide a complete overview of the Magento 2 technology stack. The new version of the popular ecommerce platform has been essentially revamped, so you will discover a lot of new features and requirements in comparison with 1.x. Below, we describe all major elements of the technology stack as well as provide some useful links. Continue Reading

Full Page Cache Warmers/Crawlers For Magento 2

- Magento 2

Magento 2 cache crawlers warmers

A single Magento full page cache is not enough to leverage a full capacity of your FPC solution (if it is not PotatoCommerce FPC that includes warmer by default). It is necessary to add a full page warmer/crawler to the system. This was true in case of Magento 1 and despite full page cache is now a part of Magento 2, nothing changed, since no Magento cache warmer is available on the platform by default. Therefore, we’d like to draw your attention to the best full page cache crawlers/warmers for Magento 2. Such extensions crawl your website to ensure that all its pages are fresh and load as fast as possible. As a result, visitors get the most relevant content at the highest possible speed. Continue Reading

How to Use Grunt in Magento 2

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Magento 2 Grunt tutorial

Grunt is a contemporary JavaScript task runner which essentially simplifies repetitive tasks by automating compilation, minification, linting, unit testing, etc. It can do most of the aforementioned routine processes with zero effort, you only have to configure the task runner through a Gruntfile. And while the purpose of the tool looks quite intriguing, its versatility is even more promising, since you can easily utilize it within all possible platforms and projects. Below, we will explain how to use Grunt with Magento 2. Continue Reading

Magento 2 Hosting Services

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Optimized Magento 2 Hosting

Since Magento 2 introduces a bunch of brand-new features and improvements, it also has updated requirements related to hosting. Hence, solutions optimized for 1.X are no longer suitable for the new version of the ecommerce platform. Although they can still work with Magento 2, 1.X optimized hostings never provide the highest possible performance. That’s why we’d like to describe Magento 2 hosting services, but let’s discuss new system requirements first. Continue Reading

How to Pass the Magento 2 Certification

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Magento 2 Certification

If you are going to pass the Magento 2 Certification, it is time to start preparing. In the following post, you will find the most reliable sources of information about Magento 2. Please note that Magento 2 has been essentially refined in comparison to 1.X, so you will have to master a lot of new aspects to pass the Magento 2 Certification. Continue Reading

An Introduction To The Magento 2 API

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Magento 2 API

Today, we are going to shed light on the Magento 2 API, so let’s explain what this term means. Application program interface is a special interface which consists of protocols, routines,and tools designed to simplify the process of software development. Since APIs’ major purpose is to specify the way how different software parts interact within a system, they are often used to program graphical user interface components. Good APIs provide all building blocks necessary for developing an application, so a programmer only have to put them together. Although Magento 2 APIs incorporate the same principle, there are tons of nuances related to the ecommerce platform. So, what is the Magento 2 API? Continue Reading