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The Ultimate Magento 2 Developer’s Resource List

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The Ultimate Magento 2 Resource List

In this post, we’ve gathered the best resources about Magento 2. If you are looking for important information related to the platform, you will find the most reliable Magento 2 resources below. The article is divided into 4 parts: Learning Magento 2; The Real Magento Community; Magento 2 Extensions; and Magento 2 Virtualisation. The Magento 2 Developer’s Resource List will be updated with the appearance of new  resources related to Magento 2.

The Ultimate Magento 1 Developer’s Resource List

Everything about Magento 2 on Firebear

Packagist – The Magento 2 Package Repository

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Magento 2 DIY – New Magento 2 Book By Firebear Studio

- Magento 2

Magento 2 DIY. The Complete Guide - Magento 2 Book

We are glad to announce Firebear’s second book! Meet Magento 2 DIY – one of the first books about the popular ecommerce platform. It provides an overview of Magento 2 and describes its features, benefits, and opportunities. Since the Magento 2 platform is absolutely new, the available information is not yet enough to write a book which is as informative as our Magento DIY, but Magento 2 DIY is an ongoing project, so we will update the book when new information is available. Thus, having bought it, you get free lifetime updates as well as useful tips and recommendations from the Firebear team.

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Packagist ( – The Magento 2 Package Repository

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Magento 2 Packagist

With this post, we’d like to draw you attention to Packagist ( – the Magento 2 community package repository. Being the main repository for Composer, it is used to aggregate some installable via Composer public PHP packages. As a result, you can easily find necessary packages as well as provide Composer with important data. For further information about the Magento 2 Composer tandem, follow this link: Magento 2 Composer Guide. And don’t forget to  check the source on GitHub. You can use the same repository to report issues or contribute code. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Magento 2 Tutorial

- Magento 2

Magento tutorial

If you are a developer, an ecommerce merchant, or just a tech enthusiast with a goal to learn everything about Magento 2, you’ve come to the right place. The following blog post consists of Firebear’s articles related to Magento 2. Our team is always working on new materials, so this Magento 2 tutorial is always growing. Continue Reading

Magento 2 System Requirements

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System Requirements for Magento 2

Today, we will shed light on such an important aspect of the platform as Magento 2 system requirements. The topic is hard to overestimate, since compliance with the below conditions will help you utilize all new features and opportunities introduced in the Magento version 2. Overwise, the new ecommerce platform will be hulking and you will never get all its benefits. Now, when the importance of the following article is obvious, we can discuss Magento’s updated technology stack and its requirements. Continue Reading