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"Shopware 6"

Exploring Shopware: Integrations in Shopware 6 Settings

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

This material is dedicated to another section of Shopware 6 SettingsIntegrations. By default, you get the ability to connect third-party systems to your Shopware 6 website. Below, we shed light on how to apply basic configuration in the admin and what alternative approach to utilize.

The following article will help you learn how to manage integrations in Shopware 6. We start from such basics as where to find Shopware 6 Integrations and proceed to more complex tasks, such as how to create and edit integrations in Shopware 6. The last chapter unveils a reliable third-party tool that is much more powerful than the default data transfer solutions of Shopware 6.
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Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration Extension

- E-Commerce, Our extensions, Shopware

Shopware sap business one connector

As we’ve already mentioned, Firebear extends its borders by reaching new ecosystems. We’ve started as a company focused on Magento and done a lot to make it better in several directions: import/exportconfigurable productscryptocurrencies, etc. However, it is time to get to new dimensions, so we are very excited to announce the Firebear SAP Business One Shopware 6 Integration extension. We develop this project along with our Improved Import & Export Plugin for Shopware. What are the key features and characteristics of our new tool? You will find out below.  Continue Reading

Shopware 6 – The New Era of Open Source E-Commerce

- E-Commerce, Shopware

Although Magento 2 remains the core ecosystem that we explore, we cannot ignore other e-commerce platforms. This time, our attention has been captured by Shopware 6. If you are already familiar with the system’s previous versions, you will be surprised how level 6 differs from them. The gap is even more considerable than the one that exists between Magento 1 and Magento 2. So, let’s find out why Shopware 6 is the new epoch of open source e-commerce.  Continue Reading