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If you want to migrate to Magento 2 but still don’t know how to do that, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we shed light on our new partner Beecom – a SaaS platform that lets you enter the e-commerce market fully armed within just three months. Our Improved Import & Export extension, as well as its Magento 2 Migration Add-on, participate in the migration. Let’s see the platform’s key characteristics.


Although the SaaS platform is localized for the European market, Beecom is focussed on companies that sell internationally. Its main customers are midsized and big businesses. It also helps Magento 1 clients migrate and build new Magento 2 stores without any struggles. To achieve these goals, Beecom provides the following features:

  • SaaS platform;
  • Configuration with no coding;
  • Page builder;
  • Customizable design template;
  • PWA website;
  • Cloud-based infrastructure.

With Beecom, you can create a brand new Magento 2 website with no coding skills. Furthermore, you don’t even need design skills, since the system lets you apply any changes within a user-friendly page builder, customizing the existing template. The platform not only provides you with the tools but also supports throughout the entire journey. Special migration tools that also include our Improved Import & Export extension and its Magento 2 Migration Add-on simplify your transition as much as possible. But you don’t even need to master them – Beecom specialists will do all the heavy lifting on the tech side.

beecom page builder

You will go to market within three months with Beecom. The platform implements the headless approach to Magento 2. It means that you get a PWA website that works equally well on all devices. Leverage the latest design trends, combining them with time-proven Magento 2 backend – the most powerful e-commerce solution on the market.

Another essential feature is the cloud-based infrastructure of the platform. Beecom provides you with the highest flexibility and availability. If any issues occur, there is a reliable technical support department that works 24/7.

Also, note that the platform provides new features and updates on a weekly basis. Furthermore, you can connect additional features via API integrations with 3rd party systems.


Beecom lets you leverage these essential benefits: 

  • Save money. It is much cheaper to get a new Magento 2 storefront from Beecom than developing a website from scratch. 
  • Configure everything without headaches. You don’t need a team of developers to configure and customize your brand new e-commerce website. Beecom offers a drag-and-drop interface and flexible templates. No coding skills are required.
  • Focus on what’s really important and go to market within less than 100 days. While Beecom does most of the technical work done for you, you can concentrate on preparing your store and taking care of your customers.
  • Choose stressless migration. With Beecom, you can seamlessly transfer your old Magento 1 website to Magento 2 and relaunch it with support along all stages.


The following products are under your disposal:

  • International E-commerce. Beecom lets you reach buyers all over the globe with localized online storefronts. You can have multiple local stores operated from the same admin. Target any country with support for any language and currency.
  • Multi-store. As we’ve just mentioned, Beecom lets you create numerous e-commerce websites and manage them from the same place. Get one catalog and spread it through multiple stores.
  • B2B E-Commerce. If you are looking for a B2B solution, Beecom also knows how to help you. Get access to integrated tools, advanced customer segmentation, complex ordering, and other B2B functionalities.
  • E-Commerce Automation. The SaaS platform provides the ability to automate numerous processes. Thus, it lets your employees spend less time on routine operations and concentrate on more important things. Beecom offers automation in such areas as segmentation and tagging, content scheduling, product management, etc.
  • Headless E-Commerce. Your shop can now have ANY custom frontend but still rely on the Magento 2 backend with its comprehensive set of features. Due to the PWA functionality, you can achieve seamless designs across all devices and go to market faster than ever.
  • Omnichannel. Spread your business ideas across multiple channels, no matter how disconnected they may seem at first sight. Beecom lets you connect them and access them via an online map. Use multi-source inventory, a POS application, and other tools to control sales everywhere. Manage all processes from one place.

beecom multiple devices

Beecom’s Ultimate Guide to Magento 2 Migration 

We’d also like to draw your attention to a practical guide available on the Beecom website. The e-book is written to help you manage your store’s migration to the Magento 2 platform, making it efficient and cost-effective.

The guide shows what to expect and look out for during the migration to Magento 2. And what else makes it helpful is a checklist of all the best practices to include in the routine. You can get the e-book here:

Get Beecom Migration E-Book


Although pricing details are available upon request, all Firebear readers can get 20% off of any annual fee. Just contact us:

Migrate to Magento 2 with Beecom

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