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Node.js NLP

Node.js offers enough resources to run various natural language processing projects taking the area of human-computer interaction to a new level. Node.js natural language processing mainly involves human language understanding. As a result, Node.js applications can derive meaning from the language input. Currently, there are 4 most prominent Node.js natural language processing projects in the ecosystem: retext, franc, leven, and natural. All of them are described below.  


Node.js Natural Language Processing with retext

Being an extensible Node.js natural language processor, retext is able to analyse and manipulate multiple languages in JavaScript, Node.js, and the browser. The project is useful for such purposes as decoding emoticons and checking texts for insensitive words. Since retext is inherently modular, you can easily enhance its functionality via plugins, making the processor absolutely suitable for your particular needs. So don’t forget to check lists of plugins and utilities to get a better understanding of opportunities available with this Node.js natural language processing project.

You can easily install retext via npm:

Besides, retext is available for duo and bower. Alternatively, you can use it as an CommonJS, AMD, and globals module,both uncompressed and compressed.


Node.js Natural Language Processing with franc

Another important Node.js natural language processing project is franc. The aim of this tool is to detect the language of a text. Franc understands even more languages than Google knows. Moreover, if there are more that 1 million speakers using a new language on the web, the project  detects and learns it. Besides, you can easily fork this Node.js human language processing application to support more than 300 languages.

To install franc, you can utilize npm:

Alternatively, the NLP project is available on Component.js, Bower, Duo, AMD, and Browser globals.


Node.js Natural Language Processing with LevenWith the help of this Node.js natural language processing project, you will be able to measure the difference between two strings as quickly as possible. The Leven Node.js project is based on the fastest JavaScript implementation of the Levenshtein distance algorithm. If you are not familiar with the Levenshtein distance, it is the minimum number of deletions, insertions, and other single-character edits necessary for getting a new word from the existing one. Human language processing is easier with this Node.js project!

Use the following command to install leven via npm:


Natural is a powerful Node.js natural language processing tool that supports offers such features as:

  • tokenizing
  • stemming
  • classification
  • tf-idf
  • phonetics
  • WordNet
  • string similarity
  • inflections

Node.js Natural Language Processing with natural

The project is still under development, so bug reports and contributions are welcomed. Natural is partly based on node-nltools by Rob Ellis, and the most of its algorithms are English-specific, but there is also Russian and Spanish stemming.

To install this Node.js human language processing tool via NPM, run the command below:


Please let us know in comments if we’ve missed any useful Node.js natural language processing projects.