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"Node.js tools"

Node.js Natural Language Processing Projects

- Node.js

Node.js NLP

Node.js offers enough resources to run various natural language processing projects taking the area of human-computer interaction to a new level. Node.js natural language processing mainly involves human language understanding. As a result, Node.js applications can derive meaning from the language input. Currently, there are 4 most prominent Node.js natural language processing projects in the ecosystem: retext, franc, leven, and natural. All of them are described below.   Continue Reading

17 Node.js Tools To Streamline Your Operations With File System

- Node.js

Node.js Filesystem Tools

Utilities described in this article will essentially improve your daily work with a file system. Below, you will find 17 time-tested Node.js filesystem tools, which are widely used within the community. If you are going to streamline routine tasks related to a file system, you’ve come to the right place. Additionally, we recommend you to check the 75 best Node.js command line apps and utilities. Continue Reading

The Best Node.js IDEs

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IDEs for Node.js development

If you are a Node.js developer, then you’ve come to the right place, because below we describe the best Node.js IDEs. Luckily, the ecosystem offers enough software solutions to get your job done. Various testing tools, frameworks, and IDEs for Node.js essentially simplify application development, but it is often difficult to find a solution that absolutely satisfies your coding needs. Therefore, in the following post we will help you find a Node.js IDE that suites best to your habits. Continue Reading

Node.js and The Internet of Things

- Fire development, Node.js

Node.js as the best tool for The Internet of Things development

Smart companies never stands still trying to determine new technologies and leverage them. Therefore, as tech enthusiasts, we always try to dig something interesting; and this time our attention is focused on two modern trends: The Internet of Things and Node.js. Each one provides tons of new opportunities when used separately, but both can be combined within a single system as well. Below, we explain how these phenomenons are used together, demonstrate why Node.js is ideal for the creation of the  Internet of Things ecosystems, and talk about some Node-based services related to the IoT development. Continue Reading

The Best Node.js Frameworks and Tools

- E-Commerce, Node.js

The Best Node.js Frameworks and Tools

In a continuation of our journey into the world of Node.js, I’ve studied a bunch of tools and frameworks aimed at extending the functionality of the platform. Since solutions like Hapi.js and Express.js simplify some routine processes and lead to better results, I’ve described the best Node.js frameworks and tools below. If you are not yet familiar with Node.js, examine the following posts:

The Ultimate Node.js Tutorial

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