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A study by SaleCycle reports that 75.8% of the customers abandon their cart? 

Moreover, 23% of buyers said that they abandoned carts due to issues with shipping. It means that your store lost 1 in 5 potential customers who leave the cart before completion due to inconvenience or other delivery problems. Thus, optimizing the delivery step should be considered as a priority for retailers. 

By implementing more advanced features to your store’s delivery service, you can reduce the number of cart abandonment and increase customer shopping experience.  

Mageplaza Delivery Time/ Date extension allows store owners to enhance the checkout page performance on their e-stores. This module makes the delivery step more convenient and easy for buyers with just some simple clicks. Customers can specify their desired delivery date, as well as leave a comment and security code for the transportation company.


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Why Delivery Service In E-commerce Is Vital

Technology is raising customer expectations. If customers only cared about the speed and cost of shipping in the past, they now want their deliveries to seamlessly fit their everyday lifestyles and schedules. It means that buyers want to be more controllable on how, when, and where to receive their goods. 

That is why the uncertainty involved in the delivery date and time is always a prominent problem with order deliveries. Therefore, if your business isn’t providing a variety of delivery options, you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers.

Some advantages of excellent delivery service in online business:

  • Increase customer satisfaction 
  • Encourage repeat customers and increase business reputation
  • Make it much easier for store owners to manage stocks and track their deliveries

Why choose Mageplaza Delivery Time Extension for Magento 2

Smart Calendar in Delivery Date

magento 2 delivery time extension

What Mageplaza Delivery Time extension does is enable customers to choose the time and date to receive the exact delivery they expect. 

The smart calendar board is hidden in the calendar icon put in the shipping methods column. Buyers can choose the suitable delivery date and time just with some clicks, which makes this step easier. In the smart calendar, the sellers are able to set up some fixed time frames that limit the days they can choose. 

What Mageplaza Delivery Time can do:

  • Enable customers to decide which day is suitable for them to receive their parcels.
  • Reduce the possibility that the packages are returned to the store because customers are not there. 
  • Make customers more confident and willing to keep purchasing from your shop.

Giving customers as much flexibility and convenience as possible is the key to improve customer experience by satisfying their expectations. Admin doesn’t not only benefit from a higher conversion rate, but they can also manage delivery time better.

Delivery Comment

magento 2 delivery time extension

With the Mageplaza Delivery Time extension, merchants can:

  • Enable buyers to leave their delivery notes
  • Gain more valuable information about the parcels for the shippers 
  • Provide additional value to enhance their experience via the extra information they note 

Some necessary information that customers can type in the comment box can be their location, means of contact, preservation. 

Days/Dates Off

magento 2 delivery time extension

70% of online shoppers said that they are ready to pay extra to ensure the speed and convenience for their delivery, such as one-hour or same-day delivery, etc. 

If businesses want to meet all customers’ demands, everything might be a mess and uncontrollable. Of course, you also have to pay more to manage the delivery process smoothly.

So how can businesses meet customer expectations while managing the delivery systems seamlessly? 

With “Days/ Date off” feature, admins can:

  • Stop customers from selecting some days or time frames in a week
  • Configure the time frames with ease in the backend 
  • Have full control over which days your delivery service can serve customers and which days are off
  • Don’t let shoppers waste time waiting for their parcels delivered while your store’s off
  • Help customers find suitable time frame to get their goods delivered
  • Reduce the disappointment of customers as they are announced beforehand the specific days your delivery service doesn’t work

Fully compatible with One Step Checkout

magento 2 delivery time extension

Do you know that an easy and simple checkout process can create 80% online customer satisfaction?

We can claim that the compilation of the checkout process has a significant impact on customer purchase decisions. Considered as the final decisive step of an online customer journey, the checkout page needs to include all the required information in the simplest form. It has to be easy to track and allow customers to view and finish the checkout process only on one page.

Understanding customer’s insight, Mageplaza Delivery Time extension is totally compatible with Mageplaza One Step Checkout, bringing customers a fulfilling checkout experience.

What’s special is that the Delivery Time extension is included free of charge in Mageplaza One Step Checkout, bringing you a perfect combination for reducing the cart abandonment rate and increasing sales.

Extra features

House security code

Shippers will not meet the problem with the customer’s house code while delivering anymore. The module lets shoppers leave their house code which makes the delivery process much easier.

Support Rest API & GraphQL

Fully support  Rest API & GraphQL in Delivery Time extension

Date formats

Provide a wide range of available date formats so that store owners can configure and make a change from the backend

magento 2 delivery time extension

Multiple time frames

Shoppers can receive shipping within configured time frames


Login to Magento Admin, then choose Stores > Settings > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > Delivery Time > General Configuration

magento 2 delivery time extension

General Configuration

magento 2 delivery time extension

To enable all the main features of the module, please choose Yes.

  • Enable: Set Yes so that customers are able to choose the delivery time/ date 
  • Enable Delivery Time: Choose Yes to let customers choose their time frame for products
  • Enable House Security Code: Choose Yes if you want customers to leave their house code on the frontend
  • Enable Delivery Comment: Choose Yes to display the comment as well as notes field on the frontend.
    magento 2 delivery time extension
  • Days Off: Decide day(s) not in your official working time.
  • Date Off: Decide any date that admins don’t want to deliver.
    magento 2 delivery time extension
  • Delivery Time: Admin can set the time frame for delivery during the day.


The shipping method page

magento 2 delivery time extension

The shipping method section in One Page Checkout

magento 2 delivery time extension

Final words

As you can see, customers today have many choices when it comes to receiving the goods they buy online. Taking reasonable control of the delivery process to ensure the parcel is delivered to the customers on their expected time. 

The purpose of this action is to lead to the efficiency and reputation of the business. Furthermore, the amount of time and effort that business spends can be reduced in dealing with deliveries.

Mageplaza Delivery Time will be your great assistant in boosting customer loyalty, increasing sales, and reducing operational costs by giving customers more options & flexibility in the delivery process.

Get Magento 2 Delivery Time Extension by Mageplaza