Magento 2 abas ERP Integration

Magento 2 abas erp connector

With more than 30 years of experience, abas ERP is trusted by more than 3,600 customers all over the world. The company’s software is used by 100,000 people to leverage the business potential by managing the enterprise in an entirely new way. Below, we shed light on the Magento 2 abas ERP integration as well as provide a reliable Magento 2 abas ERP connector.


Firebear Team is glad to introduce an add-on for Improved Import & Export extension for Magento 2 which allows you to connect your abas ERP with Magento 2.

With abas ERP Magento 2 integration add-on you can synchronize all the entities you manage in the ERP with your Magento 2 store.

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Being a complete software solution, abas ERP provides tools necessary for managing all aspects of your e-commerce business including finance, purchasing, sales, cost accounting, warehousing, etc. Let your employees perform their daily routine in an entirely new way. Note that abas ERP not only offers an extensive set of tools, it also allows leveraging mobile technologies so that your employees can access vital data anytime and anywhere.

And it doesn’t matter what your company size is. The platform offers tools for everyone.  The smallest merchants can fully leverage abas ERP and get all benefits available for the most significant market players. Furthermore, the system is fully scalable, so that it can quickly grow with your business.

Magento 2 abas erp connector

Optimize your business processes and save time, money, and effort with the Magento 2 abas ERP integration. Streamline the following features of the platform:

  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling. Every ERP system allows improving the way you create plans and schedules, and abas ERP is not an exception. It not only simplifies your planning processes but also provides full visibility into your resources. Consequently, you can manage your production processes in a much more efficient manner.
  • Business Process Management. It is another critical aspect of every ERP system. Your employees have to carry out a large number of routine activities on a daily basis, and a right ERP should simplify their life. abas ERP offers the professional workflow management tools that revamp all business processes entirely. At the same time, the work of your team can be improved, standardized and simplified. Reduce processing times, eliminate errors, and achieve reliable release processes with the Magento 2 abas ERP integration.
  • Production Planning & Control. The ability to streamline your production processes with the help of the ERP system leads to multiple other opportunities related more efficient business operations. For instance, you can easily convert proposals into work orders with abas. Besides, the system lets you check for product availability as fast as possible due to a fully integrated system that combines all departments. That leads to another benefit: you can effortlessly identify bottlenecks and prevent issues as early as possible.
  • Financials & Accounting. The Magento 2 abas ERP integration provides the ability to gain in-depth insights into the financial health of your company. A fully integrated finance system of abas ERP is designed to automate tasks and at the same time provides full visibility into all your financial transactions. And don’t forget about a user-friendly interface!
  • Mobile Support. As we’ve already mentioned, abas ERP provides the ability to leverage your mobile device to control various business processes. The corresponding mobile apps improve the efficiency of your e-commerce store and optimize the essential parts of the business routine.

Now, let’s concentrate on various tools provided by abas ERP. First of all, it is Sales Management & CRM apps. With the help of this suite of tools, you can manage your sales and customer relationships more efficiently. Get instant simplified access to vital business information and always stay responsive and organized.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling is another category of tools that help you manage the business better. Improve planning processes, control resources,  and manage your production processes according to the latest industry standards with abas ERP. Integrate your Magento 2 store with the platform and make your e-commerce website more competitive.

Magento 2 abas erp connector

abas ERP’s Purchasing tools are designed to simplify your decision making and make it more precise. Get access to all the necessary information and interact with suppliers accurately.

With Materials Management tools, you can manage your warehouses in a more efficient way. Always know your stocks and get the guaranteed availability of resources.

And with abas ERP Service Processing, you can achieve an optimal view of all activities, appointments, and resources. React to service requests as fast as possible.

ERP Software für Finanzwesen und Buchhaltung abas ERP

Other tools and features are:

  • BI & Analytics;
  • Document Management;
  • EDI & High-Performance Logistics;
  • Multi-Company Accounting;
  • Advanced Project Management.

To leverage all these features with your e-commerce website, you need a Magento 2 abas ERP connector.

Magento 2 abas ERP Connector

To integrate Magento 2 with any ERP system, your connector should be responsible for bi-directional data flow as well as multiple other features that simplify daily routine processes related to the integration. For instance, all data transfers should be automated, and the extension must solve issues caused by various attribute standards. Below, we describe everything on the example of the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension.

Our module allows you to automate all integrations due to the availability of import & export profiles and cron support. Thus, you can create an unlimited number of connections (including the Magento 2 abas ERP integration) and make all data transfers autonomous. Below, you can see a grid with import profiles. A similar section contains export jobs.

As for the cron support, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension allows creating any custom schedule of updates with the help of the standard cron syntax. Alternatively, you can select a predefined value and customize it if necessary. Note that the Magento 2 abas ERP connector lets you create profiles designed for a manual run only. At the same time, you can launch every scheduled update asynchronously. For instance, you need to import a vital update right now, but it is planned for tomorrow. There is no problem with that due to a manual mode which is available with every profile.

Next, it’s worth mentioning that the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension offers an extensive mapping interface. The appropriate section is available in all profiles. It allows you to match Magento 2 attributes to any third-party systems and requirements. In case of the default import/export or most Magento 2 abas ERP connectors, it is necessary to edit data files before moving them to Magento 2 or exporting from your store to an external system. Our module completely eliminates this time-consuming routine.

Due to the extensive mapping functionality, it is only necessary to create a mapping scheme that will be applied to all further updates. You match attributes in a much more user-friendly manner and do that only one time per integration.  

Furthermore, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension offers the ability to simplify this process by introducing mapping presets. The module provides premade mapping schemes developed by our specialists. You only have to select a necessary scheme to eliminate manual data file editing. Unfortunately, the extension does not offer presets for all integrations. Contact the support regarding your particular case.

To provide robust connectivity, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension offers support for several integration standards. First of all, you can use the default file transfer to synchronize Magento 2 with any external system. Our module supports the following file formats:

  • CSV – a standard format used by Magento 2 and multiple other platforms;
  • XML – a popular format used by a broad range of systems;
  • TXT – a less popular file format that may be still required for specific integrations;
  • JSON – a default format of Shopify and some other platforms;
  • XLS & XLSX – native excel files.

It is the most extensive list of file formats supported by other similar modules. In addition to them, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension provides multiple file sources. The module lets you import/export data files from/to a local or remote server due to the FTP/SFTP support. Besides, you can also choose a Dropbox account for the same purpose. When it comes to data import, it is also possible to use a direct URL. In case of a data archive, a file will be unzipped automatically.

The second possible way to run data exchange is based on Google Sheets. The Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension allows you to eliminate file exchange using the popular service.

Magento 2 Google Sheet import

Alternatively, you can rely on the REST API connection. It is often used in case of complex integrations with ERP systems. Contact our support team for further information regarding the Magento 2 abas ERP integration via REST API. For details about the extension, watch the video below.

As for the Magento 2 abas ERP connector, it is available as a part of the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension at no additional cost. Purchase the module and get multiple free connectors. Contact our support for more details and follow this link:

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