abas ERP Integration Add-on for Magento 2

This is the abas ERP & Magento 2 integration add-on of Magento 2 Improved Import & Export. The add-on allows synchronizing data between Magento 2 and abas ERP by means of API. The synchronization works both ways and is supported by the Improved Import & Export extension logic. The following entities are available for import and export with the add-on:

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Extension compatible with all recent versions of Magento 2.4.5 Open Source (Community), Adobe Commerce (Enterprise), Cloud Edition include B2B & Omnichannel!

NOTE: Magento 2 versions 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 no longer receive updates by Adobe Magento

Extension works on hundreds live Magento 2 stores worldwide!

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If you are looking for a way to connect abas ERP with Magento 2 — you have come to the right place

The abas ERP and Magento 2 connector serves as a workflow enhancer to small and mid-sized e-commerce businesses. It brings together practices of the most trustable platform — Magento 2 and a seasoned enterprise resource planning system — abas. The Magento 2 Improved Import and Export extension provides a channel for the system synchronization so, on top of getting a powerful data management solution, you can increase the coverage of your business issues with the extensive feature list of the parent module.

The following entity list is supported for transfer with the add-on:

  • Products - full catalog including all product types, quantity, attributes, categories.
  • Orders - order statuses, credit notes, invoices, shipping and billing addresses.
  • Customers and customer groups - account info, contacts, and addresses.
  • Prices - product price listing, tier and special prices.
  • Companies (B2B) - full company structure, including customer roles, and company administrator account.
  • Quotes and negotiable quotes (B2B) - cart composition, discounts, and special prices.
  • Requisition lists (B2B) - full product lists with required quantity amounts.
  • Shared Catalogs (B2B) - custom product listings per customer group with special prices.

abas ERP Magento 2 two-way synchronization benefits

We offer a solution that gives you the ability to administer all the Magento 2 processes in a single system. SAP HANA is aimed at delivering real-time access to working with massive data amounts. The platform is stable in showing high-level performance thanks to its in-memory nature. With the system implementation into your e-commerce business, you will be able to manage sales, analyze service execution, and build precise predictions on the data collected with all the changes registered.

How it works

The abas ERP and Magento 2 integration add-on functions on the base of the Improved Import and Export module. For successful work with the add-on, you must install both the parent extension and the add-on to your store database. To provide the most user-friendly import or export processes we have developed specific rules — jobs. Spend little to no time on configuring jobs and see the most potent results of your data transfers.

  1. Receive abas ERP credentials to establish the API connection.
  2. Select an import or export entity from the variety supported by the Magento 2 Open Source and Commerce editions.
  3. Schedule cron for future automatic updates. Refresh data manually if you prefer the way.
  4. Prevent data loss, overlapping, or duplicating with the attribute mapping.

High speed of data transfers with Improved Import and Export — 3000 products/min — reduces the amount of time and efforts involved. Moreover, with the abas integration add-on, your abilities are not limited to simple data exchanges. While you implement a stable synchronization channel you acquire a flexible management tool altogether. Advanced mapping settings allow controlling even the tiniest bits of data and inserting or extracting them in any way that fits your goals.

What you get with the abas ERP & Magento 2 integration

  • Effective business process management — Automate the workflow in your store. Regulate sales lifecycle, keep up with accounting data. Maintain multiple store views easily.
  • Streamlined monitoring practices — Analyze performances of your business departments, from financial to customer care. Plan and schedule marketing activities based on the data gathered. Receive insights on your business prospects to constantly upgrade your services.
  • Substantial ROI increase — Invest smartly. Save time and costs with management automation. Avoid purchasing extra software as the Improved Import and Export extension is able to cover issues of multiple origins. Explore the features of the integration to organize a workflow with the minimum admin involvement.

abas ERP Magento 2 integration benefits

Improved Import & Export for Magento 2

Firebear Improved Import & Export for Magento 2 is a complete solution that extend the opportunities for any business growth. With the extension, you don’t need to avoid working with massive data. All the processes following the extension logic are automated so any user, regardless of their level of expertise, can set up a rule once and forget about manual engagement. Magento 2 Improved Import and Export is of flexible, scalable nature that means any store owner can arrange an enhanced workflow on the base of the extension.

A few words about what Improved Import and Export for Magento 2 presents:

  • Functionality for all-type data administration and multisource data transfers.
  • Cross-platform integration channel.
  • ERP and CRM implementation provider.
  • Migration tool, and many more.

Aim for new height and leave all the routine for Improved Import and Export to handle.

  • Process Magento 2 entities of all types.
  • Manage the database manually or automatically via cron.
  • Transfer data via API and from a file, Google Sheets, URL.
  • Maintain database stability with data mapping.

Improved import export Magento 2 possibilities flow use cases

Key features of Magento 2 Improved Import & Export

  • All product type support.
  • B2B and B2C entity import & export: inventory, customers, orders, companies, quotes, etc.
  • Cron scheduler.
  • Import and export of the most common B2C and B2B entities: products and MSI, customers, cart price rules, companies, requisition, etc.
  • Bilateral synchronization via Rest and SOAP API.
  • Import and export available for CSV, XML, Excel XLSX, ODS and Json files.
  • Category, attribute and attribute value mappings.
  • Direct import from Google Sheets, FTP/SFTP, URL, Dropbox.
  • Intuitive interface suitable for users of all level proficiency.

abas ERP competition

abas is a company with almost a 40-year history and the ERP is the cornerstone of their expertise. The robust enterprise resource planning module supports the growth of small and mid-sized businesses by providing effective data management practices in various areas. The software can be implemented on-premises and in the cloud and grants access to the system from any device.

Mobile Processes

Do not fall back, get access to your abas ERP account anywhere, anytime.

EDI & High-Performance Logistics

Establish clear communication with suppliers and stay in control throughout the relationships.

Business Process Management

Stabilize the business workflow. Increase your staff efficiency and reduce the number of possible fails.

Multi-Company Accounting

Run an international business with ease and manage all the processes in a single database.


Stop being dependent on location specifics. Unite warehouses across the globe and do not lose any data while managing related activities.

Project Management

Lead small and complex projects while visualizing and controlling every stage, from planning to production.

What people say about abas ERP

Reviewers at SoftwareAdvice note exceptional flexibility and customizability of abas ERP. It’s easy to navigate through for any user and advanced programmers feel comfortable working with it. The software provides advanced analytics on multiple business processes. And the fact attracts a lot of clients to the ERP side and, at the same time, makes it harder for new users to stay oriented in the data flow.

FinancesOnline rates the platform 7,7 and displays 100% of customer satisfaction with the functionality. The ERP is a part of the 100 Workflow Management Software list made up by the Finances Online specialists.

Capterra cites multiple users who share their experience with the successful system implementation. They are in awe with the abas team performance, thankful for quick responses and high-quality support.

Overall, abas ERP is recommended by reviewers. It is praised for seamless tool implementation and scalable nature. All the cons are looked at positively as the team is constantly upgrading the software and is improving at each step.

abas ERP Pricing

As far as the software pricing is concerned, abas follows the one-time license and subscription models. To get insights on the abas ERP fees you need to contact the company sales team. The costs can differ and depend on your business size, the number of users and tools included in the final suite. According to third-party sources, the starting price for the services equals $210/mo.

abas ERP Target Audience

abas audience is counted in 120000+ users, 45% of them have been supported abas for 10+ years. The current number of customers equals 4000+.

The ERP has been constantly improving mid-sized businesses in the custom manufacturing, industrial machinery, electronics, automotive, fabrication and assembly, distribution, biomedical, metal fabrication, serial production, process industries.

To see actual reviews on the abas services read the customer stories.

abas ERP API Overview

abas processes and transfers data via REST API. The API allows managing massive data volumes and exchange data dynamically. REST API answers HTTP requests and uses standard methods GET, PUT, POST, DELETE. User credentials can grant access to the system via OAuth 2.0, as well as the basic authentication. The API is compatible with multiple programs what opens the way for unlimited integration opportunities.

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