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 API Wrapper for Magento

The default Magento REST API system is very powerful, the same is about SOAP. If you are not familiar with both standards, check the following Magento API documentation: Magento REST API; Magento SOAP API. Although the system provides wide opportunities, you can always improve your current productivity with the aid of proper tools. Therefore, we propose you to check this article, since it describes the most reliable open source Magento API wrappers.

By using the following tools, you will be able to improve your Magento projects with new technologies and additional features. Find the wrapper of your choice below, cover the entire API, and turn it into a piece of cake to simplify your daily routine.

Magento Laravel

Magento API Wrappers: Magento Laravel integration

If you are looking for a tool designed to simplify Magento SOAP integration for laravel, pay attention to the Laravel Magento Integration package. A simple and intuitive tool will help you manage the Magento SOAP Api. The package is compatible with Magento SOAP v1 & v2 and Laravel 4.

Get Laravel Magento Integration Package

Magento SOAP API wrapper for Node.js

Node.js Magento SOAP API wrapper

Utilize the power of Node.js in your magento development. You just need the magento api npm package. Having installed this tool, you get the ability to talk to your Magento website via SOAP. All available API methods are listed on GitHub or npm; besides, there is a detailed installation guide there.

Download Magento SOAP API wrapper for Node.js

magento api npm package

Magento API Client (SOAP v1)

Magento SOAP API wrapper

With the help of this library, you will be able to implement the Magento SOAP API. The tool allows wrappers, dependencies injections, and code completion. Besides, it supports auto-updates via composer packaging. Follow the below link to find out what modules are supported and how to install the bundle.

Download Magento API Client (SOAP v1)


SOAP API wrapper for Magento

MagentoApiWrapper is a Ruby wrapper, which allows you to make calls to the SOAP API of Magento. With this tool, you get the following opportunities: order downloads right from a store as well as the ability to invoice orders and update them as shipped. To use MagentoApiWrapper, configure your Magento installation properly, since it requires creating a user with the access to the SOAP API. Follow the link below for further information.

Download MagentoApiWrapper


MagentoBundle - API wrapper for Magento

MagentoBundle is another great Magento API wrapper. Since it creates a bridge between Symfony 2 and Magento-Client API, you can call the Magento Soap v1 API with ease. MagentoBundle allows wrappers for each call, dependencies injections, and event listeners. Besides, there is an integration with debug toolbar and code completion. You can find

requirements and other useful information, such as wrapper’s installation and configuration, on GitHub.

Download MagentoBundle


Magento Rest API wrapper

If you are looking for an asynchronous C# Magento REST API client, pay attention to Magento.RestApi. Although the platform allows external apps to interact with it by SOAP and REST APIs, the REST API is only available from Magento 1.7, but you can leverage this standard with the client, which only uses the REST API. Besides, it is targeted to be used in background processes. The client relies on the 3-legged OAuth 1.0a protocol for authenticating the app to access Magento and simulates the login process without opening any new windows in a browser.

Download Magento.RestApi

Magento Python API

Magento API wrapper for Python

This is Python library for connecting to Magento Webservices. By using this tool, you will utilize Python features within your Magento projects. Check the GitHub page of Magento Python API for further information.

Download Magento Python API

Ruby wrapper for Magento

Magento API wrapper for Ruby

Need some Ruby in the Magento cart API? Pay attention to Tim Matheson’s tool, as it wraps Magento XMLRPC calls with Ruby classes. As a result, you get the ability to integrate your Shopping Cart into Rails apps. Unfortunately, this Magento API wrapper is not fully tested, so some functionality is still a WIP.

Download Ruby wrapper for Magento

Magento on Angular


Since default Magento has all chances to disappoint you due to its heavy SOAP APIs, we recommend you to check Magento on Angular which tries to solve this problem. Being an open-source web app framework, AngularJS is maintained by Google and a wide community. In its turn MOA was designed to providing a useful improvements to the most popular ecommerce platform, such as framework for client-side MVC architecture. As a result, the Magento project significantly reduces time and effort required for both development and testing.

Download Magento on Angular


Magja - API Wrapper for Magento

For those coders looking for reliable Java connector for Magento’s APIs, we recommend Magja. It is a Java interface designed to access Magento APIs for exchanging data. For further information, follow the link below.

Download Magja

Magento REST Cordova Mobile App

Magento REST API wrapper

With this HTML5 mobile app by Cordova you will be able to connect to the Magento REST API. The wrapper provides you with additional features which simplifies default development and enhance current opportunities of the platform.

Download Magento REST Cordova Mobile App


SGH Json Rpc for Magento

SGH_JsonRpc is a Magento extension which adds JSON-RPC API adapter. This option will be useful if you work with JavaScript clients. SGH_JsonRpc works the same way as XML-RPC; the only difference is in transport format. For further information, refer to the official API documentation or visit the extension’s page on GitHub.

Download SGH_JsonRpc


Laragento - API Wrapper for Magento

Laragento combines Laravel and Magento into a single system. The wrapper provides you with the ability to access Magento data directly via RESTful API by Laravel. Thus, Laragento combines a simple nature with endless opportunities.

Download Laragento

Magento Android Web API

Android API Wrapper for Magento

Magento Android Web API is a small module developed for working with the Magento REST API remotely. You can find more information about its installation and usage on GitHub.

Download Magento Android Web API

LogN Magento

LogN Magento API Wrapper for Magento

LogN Magento is another tool for connecting to the Magento SOAP API v1. Being an unofficial client library, it supports both Mac and iOS. To find out how to add LogN Magento to you project, check the following link.

Download LogN Magento

Did we forget about any reliable Magento API wrappers? Let us know in comments.