How to Create Conversions-Oriented Store with Magento

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Are you looking for the best ways to launch your own eCommerce site or a web project for your client? Well, the present-day web offers a wide choice of platforms and software to create and promote your eCommerce venture. In order to help you make the right choice and deliver an outstanding web presence for your business, let’s take a look at how you can build a Magento-based website.

Why should you consider working with Magento? Well, there are plenty of reasons to give preference to this eCommerce solution:

  • Magento is open source, which means that everyone who has some basic knowledge about Magento website development can use the platform to their advantage. 
  • There is an impressive community of Magento designers, developers, bloggers, SEO, and other specialists who help with the growth of Magento Community every day. 
  • There is a wide choice of impressive niche-specific Magento themes that you can use for the launch of your web store.

Download Impressive Niche-Specific Magento Themes

  • Magento is a great choice for multi-tasking. With its help, you can work on several tasks at the same time while monitoring the performance of your Magento website.
  • It also provides you with the needed flexibility that lets you take control over all functions of your web store. 
  • Magento delivers impressive mobile experience, which makes your web store fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  • Once launched, your Magento site is ready to be promoted through all popular social media channels. The task is simplified thanks to the availability of an impressive choice of ready-to-go social media templates.

Download Ready-To-Go Social Media Templates

With all that being said, let’s see how you can create your conversion-oriented web store using Magento. 

How to Get Started

Online trade has become prevalent in the present-day world. A website is an essential tool for every modern-day business, especially for those companies that sell their products and services.

Whenever you decide to launch a web store, there are several basic steps that are essential for the start of your site. 

Domain Name

The first and major step that you need to take is to choose a great domain name. 

Picking a unique and easy-to-remember domain name is critical for the future success of your site. A domain name is a key element of your web address. This is an essential marketing tool that you can use for your brand’s promotion.

In the perfect scenario, the domain name of your website needs to be short and simple. It should be unique and easy-to-remember. A great domain name makes your brand identifiable and supports SEO tools for a more effective marketing promotion of your venture.

Select a Hosting Provider

The choice of a reliable hosting provider for your website is critical. Launching a web store means that your web page will include multiple pieces of data of different types. In order to make sure that your site performs well and provides your customers with a quick access to all kinds of products they may want, you need to pick a reliable hosting provider for your Magento store.

Some of the best web hosting platforms that can support Magento include:

  • SiteGround offers shared, cloud, and dedicated hosting plans. If you launch a small Magento eCommerce site, then shared hosting plans will be a great choice for you. When your site grows bigger, you can upgrade to cloud or dedicated hosting. SiteGround has rather fast servers. They also provide free CDN  and SSL. You can use 24/7 support on email, live chat or phone.
  • BlueHost is one of the oldests web hosts, having been operating since 1996. The company is well-known for their high speeds, impressive support, and a great choice of features. They offer a number of hosting plans covering the needs of both small and large businesses. They also offer hosting plans with features that cater for the needs of all budgets and business size. Thus, you can pick shared or cloud hosting, virtual private server plan or a dedicated server hosting. 
  • InMotion is a popular business class website host with great customer support and hosting plans dedicated to all sizes of Magento eCommerce sites. The company has created a name for themselves in the hosting world owing to their wide range of services and lightning fast page loading speeds. It takes less than a second to load a page with InMotion hosting, which is 90% faster than other hosting services. 

Once done, get Magento installation package and host Magento files on your server. 

Choose & Customize Magento Template

One of the most popular ways to create your eCommerce site and make it accessible for the online community is using a ready-made Magento theme. Luckily, there is a huge community of designers and developers building impressive web themes for Magento. This is not an issue to find a pre-made design that matches your business niche and delivers a design that can be customized for your own branded look. 

One of such impressive ready-to-go solutions for Magento-based sizes is Landrager. This is the ultimate choice for getting started with eCommerce projects selling extreme and outdoor sports items.

Get The Landrager Magento Template 

By means of a fully responsive layout of the theme, you can create a mobile-friendly web store that provides your customers with a flawless site browsing experience on any handheld or desktop device. 

The theme’s download package includes a rich pack of all the essential modules that you may need to boost the performance of your web store, including:

  • AJAX search;
  • AJAX Catalog;
  • Google map;
  • MegaMenu;
  • Layout switcher with a variety of premade page layouts;
  • 3 fancy product page layouts;
  • 3 footer layouts;
  • The possibility to display various product types;
  • Advanced sorting options, and much more. 

In a word, a ready-made Magento theme provides you with all the tools and features that you may need during your site’s customization. The major rule that you need to follow while building a web store is making your eCommerce project as easy and simple as possible. In such a way you can provide your customers with the best shopping experience imaginable. 

Alongside with the adjustment of your site’s design, take care of the personalized presentation of your products. Pre-made Magento themes include several pre-designed product and category pages. Thus, you can pick a design that you enjoy the most and simply upload it with your data. While putting product details on your site, make certain that such details as fonts and colors are simple yet attractive.  

Increase Your Sales

Magento is proud to have a number of eCommerce extensions that let you increase your sales through a number of channels. 

For example, you can let your consumers to complete the purchase process conveniently. By means of One Step Checkout you can reduce the number of customers abandoning their carts because of the complicated payment process. 

Download/Buy The One Step Checkout for Magento

Also, make use of popular social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to communicate with your customers and convey your selling point in a conversational and easy-to-understand language. 

Keep your loyal customers with while presenting them with gift cards, coupons, store credits, and points to purchase more items from you.

Final Words

This is no longer overwhelming to get started with your own web store. Thanks to the opportunities delivered by Magento and an impressive web community standing behind it, you can create a conversion-oriented eCommerce project without investing too much cash and efforts in the creation of your web resource. Launching an eCommerce site with a ready-made Magento website templates can be a real time-saver for you. Just try and see how fast your web store will be brought online.

Download Magento Website Templates from Templatemonster