Enterprise Ethereum Alliance – World’s Largest Blockchain Initiative

- Cryptocurrency, Ethereum

The world will never be the same: Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EAA) has become the the largest open-source blockchain initiative with over 150 organizations on board. During the last two months, 34 organizations, including MasterCard, the Indian Government, and Cisco, joined the group that was formed in February 2017, and it’s just the beginning. Banking, healthcare, government, energy, marketing and many many more areas are now covered by EAA, but how could this happen within just several months?

Do you know that weird hypothesis that the blockchain technology was developed by manufacturers of graphic cards who decided to increase sales by promoting mining and making it mainstream? While nobody knows the true circumstances behind the blockchain, we can see how huge is the way it passed during the last few months. We are sure that such a rapid development illustrates the importance of the technology and shows how far it will go in the nearest future. And Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a great example of this tendency.

If you want to become a blockchain innovator the initiative will always accept your company. Supported by industry, EEA is a non-profit organisation that has a goal of building, promoting, and supporting Ethereum-based projects, standards, and architectures. All possible organizations are already gathered under the dome of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and many more will join the family in the nearest future. Everyone here is focused on pushing Ethereum to the new level of privacy, scalability, stability, and security. Furthermore, there is a goal to investigate some hybrid architectures designed to combine two opposite phenomenons: permissioned and public Ethereum networks.

As we’ve mentioned above, the most prominent newcomers are Mastercard, the Indian Government, and Cisco. Besides, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance combines such companies and organisations as Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK), HashCash Consultants, OTP Bank Plc., QIWI Blockchain Technologies LLC., Technical University of Munich, TokenCard / Monolith, etc. You can find the whole list of new EEA members here: EEA Becomes World’s Largest Open-source Blockchain Initiative.