Best Zend Framework Books

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Since Zend Framework enjoys consideration among various developers, we decided to provide you with some outstanding books which are able to help you master this framework with ease.

Learn ZF2: Learning By Example

Best Zend Framework Books

With the appearance of Zend Framework 2, the PHP programing has seen a drastic change in its nature, therefore, to take full advantage of this revolutionary moment, one should get a handle on its application.

Having downloaded the “ZF2: Learning By Example” book, written by a senior consultant at Zend Technologies, Slavey Karadzhov, you will be able to immerse in the world of ZF2 and learn how to appropriate apply it. The experience of the author will definitely prevent you from making common mistakes and will shed light upon some challenges that you might come across during the development process. The guide provides you with all essential elements of ZF2 and clearly explains how to utilize them in an efficient manner. Besides, as the book proceeds, you will be able to create your own application, following example codes in each chapter.

In short, it is a must-read guide for all developers who are thinking of mastering the framework and those ones have already obtained some experience, however, are willing to know more. As we know, perfection does not have limits.

Give a glance here below to find out what people, who have bought this book, think of it:

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Zend Framework 1 to 2 Migration Guide: a php[architect] guide

Best Zend Framework Books

When Zend Framework appeared and came in wide usage, it actually provided many developers with new principles of object-oriented programming for PHP applications development. In fact, there are lots of programmers that preferred utilizing the framework as a basis for their applications, because they found it a reliable and well-architected one which they had no trouble to deal with. Nevertheless, since it was the first version of the framework, it certainly comprised some bottlenecks, therefore the Zend team tried to do its best and optimized all the deficiencies discovered, introducing a new version – Zend Framework 2. Thus, in comparison with the first release, in ZF2 we observe considerable improvements such as re-design of the essential components as well as code re-utilization by modules application. However, if you are still using ZF1, sooner or later, you will have to migrate to the Zend Framework 2. And this book will be of a great asset for you to smoothly effectuate this transition.

The guide provides you with all necessary tips on how to avoid common problem which you are likely to come across during the migration process as well as explains how to appropriately update your application. For you to be able to understand what exactly have been changed in the new version, Zend Framework 1 to 2 Migration Guide offers to you the comparison of the principal components of ZF1 and sheds light upon how much they differ. In consequence, with the assistance of this book, you will be able to benefit from all the outstanding features available in ZF2.

Moreover, the book comprises the expertise of Bart McLeod who is a well-known PHP and Zend Framework developer.

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Zend Framework, A Beginner’s Guide

Best Zend Framework Books

Well, in case you have never had experience with Zend Framework, then this book will be of a great asset for you to master all its fundamental components. In essence, this practical guide provides you with a detailed theory, however, at the same time makes sure you learn how to practically apply it during PHP applications development. With the assistance of this manual, you will be able to learn how to benefit from Zend Framework’s features, dramatically simplifying and diminishing the cycle of application development. Thus, you will be able to save your time and efforts as well as provide a higher quality product.

The book comprises a great variety of code examples, therefore the learning process will be not boring at all. Furthermore, the fact that this guide was written by a popular columnist, Vikram Vaswani, makes it even more precious since you can enjoy his experience while development process.

In short, having read the book, you will be able to learn the following:

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Download the book, master Zend Framework, and make your applications extensible, scalable, and flexible.

Customers’ reviews on the Zend Framework, Beginner’s Guide:

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Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development

Best Zend Framework Books

The following book is known for its simplicity, comprehensiveness, practical knowledge, and abundance of code examples. With the help of the guide, you will be able to learn how to develop a web application on the basis of Model-View-Controller, getting into tiny details of the development process in order to be able to evade common mistakes.

Therefore, even if you are not familiar with the Zend Framework at all or you have already developed some applications with its assistance, the manual does have something to offer you so that you could start producing decent applications. In case you know the fundamentals of object-oriented design, it come will come in handy while reading the manual.

So, enjoy the best practices of outstanding PHP developers.

Let’s take a look what its readers think of the manual:

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Zend Framework 2 Cookbook

Best Zend Framework Books

Provided you have already got some experience in PHP development, the following manual is a perfect source of information for you to get a handle on Zend Framework 2 features. With its help, you will be able to learn how to create, test and optimize a PHP application in a short time frame. Apart from it, it perfectly explains Model-Viewer-Controller fundamentals and provides various tips on what can be done it avoid common mistakes.

Moreover, we are sure you will enjoy the approach it applies to deliver a new material since it provides you with a great deal of code examples so that you could see how to practically use the theory.

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Therefore, if you believe you are a confident PHP developer, this book will give you everything you need to expand your programming capabilities.

Customers’ reviews:

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Final words

Obviously, there is a huge deal of cool, practical, Zend Framework books out there, which you might fit you better, however, we did our best to provide you with the ones that enjoy consideration among developers.

If you have any question regarding the Zend Framework guides, do not hesitate to leave a comment below, we will be there to help the best we can.