Why Magento Stores Should Run on Cloudways

Magento Cloudways

The Magento ecommerce software has become synonymous with online stores. It has captured a major chunk of the online store development market. With its host of features, convenient development, and thriving community, Magento is a great choice for your online business needs.

The choice of hosting also has a rather significant effect on your bottom line. Clunky and archaic hosting providers are the cause of low SERP positions, slow load time, and a generally frustrating experience for your visitors. Not only that, you have to hire technical staff to manage the server. This creates red tape in the running of your store. What if there was a way to not have to deal with a command line interface to accomplish a simple server related task and yet keep the headcount low?

The answer is cloud hosting, specifically, managed cloud hosting. Among the reputed managed hosting platforms, Cloudways stands out because of its credibility and the increasing number of satisfied customers. Here, we’ll take a look at the reasons why hosting a Magento store on Cloudways is a great business strategy. Whether you’re looking to host Magento 1, or Magento 2, both versions work flawlessly on Cloudways.

Let’s get down to it.


Lots of Infrastructure Choices

Cloudways provides you the choice to host your Magento store(s) on any of the four top-rated infrastructure providers: Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, DigitalOcean, and Vultr. In addition, you can choose from 30 unique locations across the world to host your web app. That means, your store is hosted closest to your target audience, resulting in significant performance improvements.

Servers can be provisioned in minutes. Just a single click is required to launch a server with a pre-installed and optimized application.

The Thunderstack

To ensure that Magento web app performs at the optimum on your Cloudways managed server, their engineers have come up with an optimization formula known as Thunderstack. Already, many previously struggling web stores have turned their fortunes around by deploying a managed server over the Thunderstack formula, a concoction which is the result of extensive testing and user feedback.

It comprises of Varnish, Apache, Memcached, Nginx, and optional Redis. These technologies are structured in such a way that your web store will outperform your competitors in terms of speed and user experience. The best of each stack element is combined to cut loading time by as much as 100%.

Varnish HTTP accelerator is fully compatible with security certificates. And, this brings me to the next advantage of using Cloudways.

Ultimate Security

Trust me, you don’t want to get bogged down in handling the security of your server. It’s a real headache and as a Magento store owner, I’d gladly give up this responsibility to someone who knows what they’re doing. And this is where Cloudways come in. They will patch your firmware and operating system with security updates at appropriate times. The server is under constant watch by Cloudways engineers and if a threat emerges, it is promptly handled and the disaster is averted.

However, the platform is not responsible for your website. Therefore, you need apply to SUPEE patches on your store.

Let’s Encrypt certificate authority is fully integrated on the Cloudways Platform. With a single click, you can install this free SSL certificate for your Magento app. Not only that, by toggling a switch in your Cloudways Platform settings, you can start using HTTP/2—currently, a beta feature.

And so much more…

I could go on for a fair bit longer, but the space is limited. So let me quickly mention some of the other awesome features that you get with Cloudways Managed Magento Hosting.

The Platform console is designed to make server and application management tasks easier. For example, domain pointing is an easy task that is taken care of through the console. You can establish browser based SSH connections without any trouble.

You can deploy your Git repositories to your Cloudways server to create the easy workflow.

To keep your mind at ease, the Cloudways Platform has automated off-site backup system. Your data can be backed up as frequently as every hour. Plus, you can download manual copies of your store for safekeeping.


The pricing brackets are market competitive. From staging environments, to production servers, to large enterprise servers, every Magento cloud hosting use case is catered for with reasonably priced options.

Production servers start at $14 per month. Billing is based on the pay-as-you-go model, so you’re always charged only for how much resources you use.

Efficient After-Sales Support

There are times you just want to bang your head on the keyboard. But, that’s unlikely to happen if you’re hosting your Magento store on Cloudways. Technically competent (and very human!) support staff is available to answer your questions and to act and resolve any issue you’re facing.

Support is available 24/7/365 using Live Chat, and Ticketing system.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of focusing on your core business, selling stuff online, then launch your free trial on Cloudways Magento Managed Platform and free yourself from mundane hassles and security issues.