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Mirasvit Shipping Price Rules for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Every online store faces the issue of delivery. There is no perfect delivery method in the world, so some customers may have difficulties with the method of your store. Today we’ll look at a plugin that helps you set clear rules and frameworks for your shipping and help customers avoid unnecessary costs. Mirasvit Shipping Price Rules for Magento 2 is an extension that allows you to create convenient delivery rules that take into account the shipping address and the buyer’s cart. You can change the standard shipping costs, which will depend on the specifics of the order, and put special delivery terms on groups of products or individual customers. A plugin that will help you increase the trust of your customers and prevent unnecessary delivery costs. In the article below we will look at the features of the plugin and its functionality. 

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Mirasvit Blog MX for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Today we will look at a useful extension for the eCommerce platform. Blog MX for Magento 2 extension that allows you to integrate a blog into your store. It gives you the opportunity to share store news, do a variety of articles, and attract more and more customers into the store’s life. You can use any kind of content you want, be it photos, videos, articles, and more. The Blog extension is fully integrated into Magento 2. You don’t need to use any third-party programs or sites to use it. It’s a great way to provide buyers and visitors to your site with valuable content, increase the natural traffic to your site and increase the comfort and usability of your store. In this article, we will look at all the features and functions of this extension, what it gives your store and how it can improve its performance. 

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Mirasvit Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

In this article, we take a closer look at an extension that can help a store increase its revenue without deep technical knowledge. Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel for Magento 2 – is an easy way to see eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics. It allows you to see the actions of almost every customer in your store. With this extension, you can deep-dive your customers’ behavior while shopping on your website. Tag Manager does not require any coding skills, but it gives you all the analytics features you can think of. This extension will improve your store’s performance and help with customer analysis. This is a good solution for anyone who wants to connect their store to Google Analytics but does not have certain skills.

Below, we will look at the main functions of Google Tag Manager and explain its backend options.

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Mirasvit Extra Payment Extension for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Many Magento users may have encountered unexpected costs because the platform does not provide convenient tools to leverage the option for additional fees on orders. This may have affected the work on the platform. We have a solution.

Today, we will look at an excellent plugin for Magento 2, which will save you from unplanned expenses and provide transparency in the conduct of purchases – Mirasvit Extra Payment for Magento 2. It is a support tool that allows you to manage additional payments that may arise when you make a purchase. This plugin offers customers to see additional payments on the account and choose a convenient way to pay for them. It also helps store admins. They get the opportunity to monitor all additional payments in one panel.

In this article, we will describe all the features of the Extra Payment plugin and show its backend settings.

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Your First Acquaintance With The Platform: What is Shopware?

- E-Commerce, Shopware

what is Shopware

Shopware is working incredibly hard to win over merchants not only in Germany, where it originates from a small and unknown project, but also all over the globe. In the following article, we shed light upon the e-commerce platform, which gains more and more market share across the EU countries. You will learn what Shopware is and why it is worth planning your migration to Shopware 6 from other e-commerce platforms. 

Note that this article starts the series of Shopware cookbook blog posts dedicated to the platform. We’ve already explored the administration interface of its cloud version, and now it’s time to provide more facts about the system. So, what is Shopware Continue Reading

MageWorx Gift Cards Extension for Magento 2 and 1

MageWorx Magento 2 Gift Card Extension

Offering gift cards on an online store is a great marketing solution that helps increase customer engagement and promote an ecommerce brand. Allowing online shoppers to buy and use gift cards and certificates will certainly generate extra profits, particularly during the holiday season.

With the help of the MageWorx Gift Cards Extension, you can make the gift-giving process more comfortable by introducing the ability to purchase gift cards right on your ecommerce website. The extension supports physical and online gift card types (we will describe them below), provides flexible pricing schemes & values, and offers full backend control. You can create an optimized and user-friendly gift-giving process on your Magento store by providing a wide choice of gift cards and pricing options.

The whole section of this post is dedicated to the module’s admin interface and sheds light on Magento 2 gift card configuration, but let’s have a look at the tool’s features first.

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Magento 2 Gift Card Extension by Aheadworks

AheadWorks Gift Card Magento 2 Extension Review; AheadWorks Gift Card Magento Module Overview

In the following post, we describe a flexible tool for crafting gift cards. The Magento 2 Gift Card extension by Aheadworks lets you add both physical and virtual gift cards to your catalog. It is possible to use a custom design for all gift cards crafted with the module. Furthermore, your buyers can add personal messages to the cards they purchase on your website. Also, due to a gift code grid, you can track all issued cards and their usage right in the Magento admin. Below, we review the core features of the Magento 2 Gift Card module by Aheadworks and show its backend and frontend interfaces. If you are interested in similar solutions, check Amasty Gift Card Extension for Magento 2 and 1.
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Amasty Gift Card Extension for Magento 2 and 1

Amasty Gift Card Magento 2 module review

It’s not a secret that everyone loves gifts, but it is often difficult to decide what gift to choose. As a store owner, you can help your customers solve this problem by introducing something entirely new – Magento gift card product type. However, it is necessary to install the appropriate Magento 2 module to get the revolutionary functionality. Today we’d like to draw your attention to the Amasty Gift Card Magento 2 extension. Below, we shed light on its core features and provide useful tips on Magento 2 gift card configuration. Also, check this: Magento 2 Gift Card Extensions Comparison. Continue Reading

Wyomind Mass Order Export for Magento 2 and 1

Wyomind Order Export Magento 2 Extension Review; Wyomind Order Export Magento Module Overview

Third-party tools can essentially simplify the default Magento order export management. We’ve already gathered the best import/export modules in the appropriate posts here: Magento import/export extensions; Magento 2 import/export extensions. Today, we’d like to draw your attention to the Order Export extension by Wyomind. Below, we will introduce you to the module’s features and backend functionality.   Continue Reading

Magento Order Export Module by Xtento

Xtento Order Export Magento Module Review; Xtento Order Export Magento 2 Extension Overview

In this post, we explain how to export all sales data from Magento 2 and 1 in any file format to connect your ecommerce storefront to almost any external system, such as ERPCRM, warehouse, dropshipping system or carrier, and others. By installing Magento Order Export Module by Xtento, you can reach these goals. The extension adds a highly reliable export manager to the Magento backend and incorporates a flexible output creation technique. As for supported formats, they include Text, CSV, XML, Tabbed, JSON, SQL, and ASCII/Fixed-Length-Files. Order Export Module by Xtento works well with Magento 2 and Magento 1, so it doesn’t matter what version of the ecommerce platform you use. So, let’s look at the extension’s core features and backend functionality first and then discuss its price tag. Continue Reading