Exploring Shopware: Getting Started With The Platform

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Here at Firebear, we are always passionate about e-commerce technologies and platforms. From the very beginning of our history, we were dedicated to the Magento ecosystem. However, it’s time to exceed the existing boundaries, exploring new solutions. This time, Shopware captured our attention with an incredible amount to discover, especially after the switch to Shopware 6. Below, we describe how to get started with the Shopware e-commerce platform. The article contains a basic guide to the ecosystem and platform as well as links to other materials that explore its admin and features. Continue Reading

Magento 2 Pre Order Extension by Mageplaza

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Magento 2 preorder extension

Customers may feel very disappointed when they cannot buy their favorite products because they’re out of stock. They may leave your site immediately to find another store on the market. 

Offering pre-order is one of the most effective ways to keep customers on your site. Magento 2 Pre Order extension by Mageplaza would allow shoppers to place the products which are not available in the stock. Shoppers will feel it easy to process checkout with those unavailable items.  Continue Reading

Nestlé: Good Food, Good Life, Good E-commerce

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This company needs no introductions! Nestle is our partner for a quite long period of time. Its history begins in 1866, with the foundation of the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. A year after, Henri Nestlé developed a breakthrough infant food, and in 1905, the Nestlé Group appeared. A company with a history that covers more than a century uses our extensions to enhance its data exchange needs and e-commerce opportunities. Continue Reading

Magento 2 Custom Stock Status Extension by Mageplaza

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magento 2 custom stock status extension

When it comes to product status, it is considered an introduction and grabs the customers’ attention when clicking to see a specific product. However, in Magento 2 Default, the number of stock status is limited in In stock or Out of Stock only. Besides, it does not allow adding more attractive texts or images at the place of stock status, which can contribute to making customers stay still with the product longer.

Understanding those weaknesses, the Mageplaza Custom Stock Status extension was created. It supports store owners to generate unlimited stock status and labels for any products. Thanks to the detailed information about the product visibility, it will enhance customers’ experience significantly.  Continue Reading

Improved Import / Export Magento 2 Extension Manual

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Manual for
Improved Import / Export extension for Magento 2

Improved Import and Export extension allows importing csv/xml/json files with products data and product images to Magento 2. The files can be imported from a remote FTP / SFTP server, Dropbox, direct URL of a source CSV file, and starting from 2.1.1 version Google Sheets (Read about Google Sheet Master Table). In addition, the extension offers a dedicated category import from CSV files, import of attribute values and new attributes on the fly, import job scheduling with cron jobs, and other.

Besides, you get advanced export capabilities, including order export and export jobs, with attribute and table field mapping.

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Aheadworks Abandoned Cart Email Magento 2 Extension

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AheadWorks Abandoned Cart Email Magento 2 Extension Review

Every store owner faces the situation when online shoppers leave their carts after adding some products. For an ecommerce merchant, the result of such customer’s behavior is the loss of sales and profit. With the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email extension by Aheadworks, you will seamlessly convert abandoned carts into orders. The module automatically sends personalized messages to customers based on the flexible conditions you create, inviting them to return to your ecommerce storefront and complete the checkout. It is possible to create multiple rules to target different customer groups, either based on specific products in the shopping cart or cart total. Moreover, you can motivate cart abandoners to get back to your web store by offering them discount coupons in reminder emails.

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Magento 2 Payment Restrictions Extension by Mageplaza

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Undoubtedly, Payment is an essential stage in any purchase procedures of customers in your store, especially in online eCommerce stores where all the transactions need to be performed accurately and carefully. Therefore, organizing and managing payment methods effectively can guarantee a seamless checkout for your customers and reduce the risk of counterfeit transactions. 

When it comes to payment methods, there are various options available, each of which, with its own strengths and drawbacks, will be suitable for specific customers, products, and orders. Instead of only limiting the display of payment methods based on the store view with some offline methods like Magento 2 Default, Mageplaza Payment Restrictions module has marked significant progress when providing multiple conditions to restrict payment methods such as customer groups, product attributes, time frame, or sales rules. Continue Reading

Perficient – Your Partner In Achieving Accelerated Business Growth & Smarter Engagement

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

We are so excited to introduce you to our new partner – Perficient. It is a global digital agency that aims to provide your business with the experiences it lacks. The consultancy specialists can help you move faster and engage your clients smarter, growing your enterprise. Perficient transforms how the world’s biggest brands develop and your business is not an exception. You can easily join the roster of the company’s happy clients. Drive your business forward, leveraging the following Perficient’s achievements:

  • Almost 300 clients among Fortune 1000;
  • The repeat business rate is up to 90%;
  • The current revenue is $565 million and it is growing continually;
  • The industry experience is more than 20 years;
  • 35 offices all over the globe;
  • 4,500 colleagues are bound to Perficient.

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Magento 2 Order Attributes Extension by Mageplaza

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Magento 2 order attributes extension

It is said that a data-driven approach always wins in engaging customers. Obviously, the more information you collect at every touchpoint with customers, the better shopping experience you can create, which leads to higher benefits for your own business. 

Acquired this principle, Mageplaza Order Attributes for Magento 2 is designed with the hope to overcome the most severe drawback of Magento Default Checkout – limited information. Besides primary customers’ insights such as name, addresses, payment & shipping methods, this module allows you to gain extra attributes for order information, aiming to personalize each order and improve the order processing procedure.  Continue Reading

Magento 2 Store Switcher extension by Mageplaza

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magento 2 store switcher extension

For multinational businesses, one of the best ways to target international customers is to provide them with familiar languages and currencies when it comes to shopping on your website. As a result, the conversion rate and customer shopping experience will be enhanced dramatically. 

Mageplaza Store Switcher extension is a must-have tool for any store with the aim of expanding its business in many countries. It supports identifying the customers’ location based on their IP addresses and then redirecting them to the relevant store views. Thus, it will bring more convenience to shoppers when surfing on your website. Continue Reading