Node.js vs Java

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Node.js and Java

You must have noticed that due to recent discussions over Node.js competitiveness, we have been comparing it to other programming languages to find out what contemporary developers should learn and subsequently work with. Therefore, we have made up our mind to talk about advantages of creating web-applications with the assistance of Node.js and Java. Continue Reading

Beware of Nginx and Magmi Data Import Tool

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Security vulnerabilities: Nginx and Magmi Data Import Tool

Two potential security vulnerabilities have been discovered recently in the Magento ecosystem.

The first one is Nginx, but don’t panic, as this problem affects only some misconfigured Magento sites. Because of the misconfiguration, hackers get access to the Magento cache system. Please note, that cache files can contain such sensitive information as Magento database passwords: with this data, malefactors can access your Magento installation and as a result customer information. Continue Reading

Node.JS Debugging Tools

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Debugging Tools for Node.JS

In software development, the process of finding and resolving bugs is called debugging. Since various defects prevent whole systems from correct operation, the role of debugging is difficult to overestimate. The complexity of this process depends on several factors, such as the size of the system, its structure, the way how it interacts with other systems, etc. Therefore, modern developers know and use a lot of debugging techniques and tools. In the following post, we discuss basic aspects related to this complicated process and introduce you to the most reliable debugging tools for Node.js. Let’s start our journey with the debugging algorithm. Continue Reading

Zend Framework 3 – The Next Generation of The Most Powerful PHP Framework

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Zend Framework 3: PHP 7

Zend Framework is an object-oriented web application framework for PHP. Its goal is to simplify the language and at the same time make it more mature. Since Zend Framework brings discipline to the development process, coders spend less time and affort performing their tasks with this tool. The digital world is always changing, so Zend Framework 2 is unable to cope with new requirements. Therefore, Zend is working on the third generation of their legendary tool. Continue Reading

The Best Store Credit Magento Extensions

Store Credit Extensions for Magento

There is no permanent need of interacting with bank accounts of customers or necessitating them to visit the store directly — sometimes it’s preferably to return their order values to their credit accounts. Thus, the chance of them returning to the store and buying new stuff is increased. This article provides the general overview of four of the latest Magento extensions focused on credit systems.

The Best Store Credit Magento 2 Extensions

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How to setup cron in Magento 2

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Magento 2 Development

To execute the Magento 2 cron job, use the following code:

If you want to automate the process, add it to /etc/crontab. For instance:

More tips from Magento 2 Developer’s Cookbook

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