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Cross-Platform Development tools

As a well known fact, our today’s world is changing, constantly trying to acquire new technologies, approaches, and attitudes. And the reason for that is the desire to satisfy the demands of the contemporary society. We can easily state that this is the era of computers and mobile devices which certainly has been affecting the modern business policy. Therefore, in this post we would like to touch upon cross-platform development tools, as an irreplaceable aspect of adapting to the current conditions of the market.

That is why, we sorted out 7 incredible representatives which will definitely captivate your attention by its amazing features and the ability to utilize web-application development tools.



Awesomium – is a great platform for developing desktop applications, which perfectly integrates the work of HTML and provides you with drop-in widgets for .NET, allowing you to broaden your abilities during the development process. Besides, it is surely worth mentioning that Awesomium team doesn’t charge you with anything unless you make more then $100 000, otherwise you need to make a payment in a sum of $2900 to acquire the license. We can assume that the company enjoys trustworthiness since such world known companies as Microsoft, Intel, Lego, Ncsoft etc, have found the tool adequate to be applied in their own businesses.               The Best Cross-Platform Development Tools: Awesomium


Cappuccino – is another open source framework which appeals to various developers due to its astonishing features such as Objective-J language (comprises a huge set of Javascript), Stunning controls and Interface builder. It is simple and at the same time powerful, therefore it will be great pleasure to work with the tool.

The Best Cross-Platform Development Tools: Cappuccino


Appcelerator – is a extremely powerful desktop application tool that allows you to write in JavaScript and provides you with the ability to create attractive APIs (utilizing Arrow). In fact, it includes integrated MVC framework that makes code maintenance easier and doesn’t disturb developers to build fully reusable elements in JavaScript. Besides, it performs outstanding results when it comes to mobile testing, since it has actually replaced manual testing to automized one, consequently decreased its time consumption by 90% and number of possible errors during the process. Furthermore, Appcelerator is nice assistant in regard to providing instant support for each new OS release. Apart from it, it provides lots of analytics tools.

The Best Cross-Platform Development Tools: Appcelerator

Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR – is an amazing cross-platform created to provide you with the ability to develop high-quality desktop applications. The tool is widely spread and extremely respected by programmers since it features optimized content, enhanced rendering and advanced bitmap control. The platform allows developers to perform the combined power of HTML and JavaScript to design attractive and original APIs. The tool has been successfully applied to create such apps as eBay desktop, TweetDeck, Adobe Media Player, Angry Birds, the fame of which is known to whole world. If you have any problem during Adobe AIR installation, no worries you will always be able to get Adobe AIR support. The platform, theoretically is free, however, we know that there ain’t such a thing as a free lunch, therefore some features of it are restricted.

 The Best Cross-Platform Development Tools: Adobe AIR


AppJS – let us a present a marvelous combination of huge potency and use simplicity which creates an awesome tool for developing desktop applications. As the matter of fact, there is no necessity to learn other programming languages to master the platform provided you are a good JavaScript (Node.js), CSS or HTML user. No need to get preoccupied with restrictions we are usually faced with during open-source platform utilization. Besides, the moment you download it, you already get everything you need for performing your work since its out-of-the-box package will definitely satisfy your demands. However, it is still a developing platform, therefore there may be some drawbacks, like in any other framework, programming language or platform.

The Best Cross-Platform Development Tools: AppJS


NW.js – is a nice cross-platform for desktop application development which utilizes V8 engines, providing the tool with the ability to perfectly cooperate with Chromium. Previously it was called as “node-webkit”, however the name was changed when it migrated to io.js. What is really convenient about the platform is that with its assistance you are able to call all modules of Node.js just right from Document Object Model.

The Best Cross-Platform Development Tools: NW.js


Electron – is an outstanding open-source cross-platform, also known “Atom Shell”, which adequately combines the power of CSS, HTML and JavaScript with Chromium and Node.js, thus allowing you to create amazing desktop applications. It is highly regarded by different world-known companies such Facebook, Microsoft, Slack, Docker etc. Since Electron is used among “celebrities”, basically we can assume that it is a great platform to be applied. The tool attracts by its simplicity and potency. Nowadays, it finds itself in constant updating, providing its users with unique features.

  The Best Cross-Platform Development Tools: Electron


The principal idea of this post was to demonstrate you what kind of tools you may utilize for desktop application development. All of them are nice, you just need to find out what suits you the best.

We hope the aforementioned things were quite informative for you and you will subsequently apply them during your work. However, if you have any question as regards the candidates or anything else, you are welcome to ask us. We would be really glad to answer you.