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Subcategories Grid/List for Magento 2 by Apptrian

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

In this post, we are describing a third-party module that improves default navigation on Magento 2 websites – the Subcategories Grid/List extension by Apptrian. The module enhances user experience on a storefront by adding a block with product subcategories on the home page, category pages, and CMS pages. This way, the Apptrian solution simplifies browsing through a catalog with a significant number of items and helps online shoppers find the desired products in less time. Below, we have a closer look at the main features of the Magento 2 subcategories module and explore its configuration from the admin perspective.
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Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extensions Comparison (Amasty, Magestore, OneStepCheckout A.S.)

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Amasty One Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension

We’ve just reviewed Amasty One Step Checkout, and now it is time to compare it with another reliable OSC solution for Magento 2 – Magestore One Step Checkout. Both tools combine all checkout steps on a single page and provide a bunch of features that improve the default procedure even more. So, below, Amasty and Magestore get to close quarters. If you are looking for the best Magento 2 one step checkout extension, check this post. Continue Reading

OneStepCheckout Magento Extension Review

OneStepCheckout Magento Extension Review; OneStepCheckout Magento Module Overview

Today, we are going to shed light on the most popular one page checkout solution for Magento. Although there are tons of reliable extension designed to simplify the default checkout procedure (you can see all of them here: The Best One Step / Page Checkout Extensions For Magento), the most successful one is OneStepCheckout. Below, you will find our review on this vital for every ecommerce merchant tool. Continue Reading

Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extensions

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one page / step checkout Magento 2 extensions

Although the default Magento 2 checkout procedure has been significantly revamped in the new platform version, there is still a room for improvement. Therefore, the new generation of Magento 2 one step checkout extensions attracts more and more attention from merchants. If you still don’t use such tools with your Magento 1.X website, quickly check our digest: we’ve already prepared a list of the best one page checkout Magento extensions. But let’s return to our mutton – the new generation of Magento 2 one page checkout extensions. Designed with both store visitors and backend administrators in mind, they provide complete Magento 2 checkout customization. Below, you will find a short description of each Magento 2 one page checkout extension. If you are looking for a corresponding Magento 2 one page checkout tutorial that describes more details, follow the appropriate link in the description of each module.

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OneStepCheckout Magento 2 Extension Review

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

OneStepCheckout Magento 2 Extension Review; OneStepCheckout Magento 2 Module Overview

We’ve already reviewed the best one step checkout solution for Magento and you can check it here – OneStepCheckout Magento Extension Review. As for the following post, it is dedicated to the successor of the aforementioned module – OneStepCheckout for Magento 2. Below, you can see its core features reviewed. Besides, there is a complete overview of the frontend functionality. As for already available Magento 2 one page checkout modules, they are gathered here: Magento 2 One Step / Page Checkout Extensions. Continue Reading

Restore Cancelled Orders for Magento 2 by Addify

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

If you run your online store on the default Magento 2 platform, it is not possible to restore cancelled orders in case such need arises. To add the missing functionality and improve overall orders management on your ecommerce site, you can install the Restore Cancelled Orders Magento 2 extension by Addify. Addify presents a simple solution for Magento 2 websites allowing to uncancel particular orders within a couple of clicks. Below, we explain how the Magento 2 uncancel order module works in more detail. 
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WebPanda URL Rewrites Regenerate and Customize Extension for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

URL rewrites regeneration is one of the critical aspects of operating an online store. Magento 2 store owners might face the need for extended functionality related to URLs reindexing after migrating from another website, importing products, updating names of products or categories, and performing other configuration changes. To simplify the process of rewriting product and category URLs, we recommend installing a third-party solution with a corresponding toolset. One of such solutions is URL Rewrites Regenerate and Customize for Magento 2 by WebPanda, which features and settings we explore below.
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OuterEdge UK Ltd  – Magento E-Commerce Experts

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Let us introduce you to another UK based company that specializes in Magento development. OuterEdge UK Ltd is passionate about helping merchants achieve their long term e-commerce goals successfully. Specialists behind the agency build creative, strategic, and integrated websites based on our favorite platform. So if you want to engage consumers and transform your business, you know the reliable partner. Continue Reading

How to fix Magento 2 item with the same ID already exists error

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 item with the same ID already exists error

In the following post, we shed light on how to fix the “Item (Magento\…) with the same ID already exists“ error in Magento 2. The problem occurs when you delete a product manually, and the product with this entity_id is no longer available on either the frontend or backend. You can find more information about other Magento 2 errors here: Magento 2 Developer’s Cookbook Continue Reading