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How to optimize private content blocks in Magento 2 for better performance

Magento 2 export CLI

Chances are, your private content blocks don’t let your store visitors enjoy a seamless shopping experience at maximum speed. In the following article, we describe the most common issue that slows down Magento 2 in terms of private content. Different _isScopePrivate variables degrade the performance of the platform. Let’s see how to optimize private content blocks in Magento 2, improving page speed. You can find more useful tips in this blog post: Magento 2 Developer’s Cookbook Continue Reading

Amasty Dropshipping Magento 2 Extension

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If you are just starting your ecommerce business or looking into extending sales channels, dropshipping can be your solution. In case of a new business start, dropshipping allows merchants to significantly cut costs on maintaining warehouses and logistics and save time on inventory management. Besides, the concept helps to optimize shipping processes and build a suppliers base. However, if you are running your online business on the Magento 2 platform, you will need a reliable third-party module to efficiently manage inventory, order fulfillment, and other aspects related to shipping from remote warehouses.

Today, we are presenting a brand new tool that enables ecommerce store owners to set up a multi-channel business and efficiently manage several warehouses – Amasty Dropshipping for Magento 2. The extension provides a comprehensive toolset for starting a successful dropshipping business with minimum cost and effort. Below, we look closer at the dropshipping possibilities, as well as the features of the Magento 2 dropshipping extension by Amasty.
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Firebear Improved Import & Export Plugin for WooCommerce

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improved import and export extension for woocommerce

We already simplify the life of WooCommerce merchants who want to transfer their e-commerce stores to Magento 2, providing the WooCommerce Migration Add-On that works on top of the Improved Import & Export extension. The tool delivers extended automation capabilities, transforming numerous data exchange processes. However, it is not our only attempt to interact with the WooCommerce ecosystem. Today, we are proud to introduce you to our brand new project – the Firebear Improved Import & Export extension for WooCommerce Continue Reading

ITEGRATION – Full-Service Solution Provider For Magento 2 Ecosystem

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Meet ITEGRATION – a full-service provider of solutions for the Magento 2 ecosystem represented in five locations across the USA and Hungary and also our new partner. The agency focuses on implementing e-commerce projects and integrating them with any external systems. From now, the company will use our Improved Import & Export extension to simplify data transfers to and from Magento 2, enabling automated migration from other platforms and the most complex integrations with other systems. Besides, ITEGRATION provides consultancy services and mobile development. Let’s say a few more words about the company. Continue Reading

Amasty Jet Theme for Magento 2

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If you want to attract more customers to your ecommerce site and increase your client base, the professional-looking design of the storefront should be one of your main concerns. Luckily, there are robust Magento 2 templates that you can implement on your website. Today, we present you one of the powerful solutions for fine-tuning your website appearance developed by AmastyJet Theme for Magento 2 stores. Amasty Jet Theme enables Magento 2 store owners to upgrade the frontend design with a rich set of features and boost the website performance. The Magento 2 theme ensures a high loading speed of your website pages and offers stylish design suitable for all kinds of stores along with impressive functionality. Below, we provide a review of the template’s main features.

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Mirasvit Store Credit & Refund for Magento 2 and 1

Mirasvit Store Credit & Refund Magento 2 extension review; Mirasvit Store Credit & Refund Magento module overview

We’ve already reviewed several Mirasvit Magento modules available for both versions of our favorite ecommerce platform. Now, we want to draw your attention to the company’s Store Credit & Refund solution. Appropriate Magento 1 extensions are gathered here: The Best Store Credit Magento Extensions, and if you are looking for more Magento 2 store credit tools, we have collected them in this post: The Best Store Credit Magento 2 Extensions. Today, we are going to describe Mirasvit Store Credit & Refund for Magento 2 and 1 in more detail. Continue Reading

Convert Digital: Your Gateway to Highly Converting E-Commerce on Magento & Other Platforms

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We are ready to announce another new partner! Meet Convert Digital – an e-commerce web development agency from Australia. The company has considerable experience in creating online stores on Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce from scratch. Convert Digital relies on leading tools and technologies to solve any problems that occur when you create a fully integrated, scalable, functional, and high converting e-commerce website. Now, our Improved Import & Export extension will help the company’s specialists to migrate data between Magento 2 and other platforms. Continue Reading

How to Fix Invalidated Cache Performance (Response Time) Degradation in Magento 2

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In the following material, we talk about the influence of invalidated cache on Magento 2 performance – page response time to be more specific. Since it usually slows down an e-commerce website, we also provide recommendations on how to fix that. So, let’s see how to solve invalidated cache performance issues in Magento 2. You can find more useful tips in this post: Magento 2 Cookbook. Continue Reading

Mirasvit Advanced Product Feeds for Magento 2 & 1

Mirasvit Advanced Product Feeds Magento Extension; Mirasvit Advanced Product Feeds Magento 2 Module

The Internet is full of various shopping engines and marketplaces, where you can find lots of new customers and significantly increase sales. But there is one obstacle on your way onward new sales channels – it is necessary to create a comprehensive product feed. Although it is possible to master new platforms manually, we don’t recommend to choose this approach, since it is time-consuming. Instead, you can utilize the Mirasvit Advanced Product Feeds Magento extension, which is available for both 1.x and 2.x.

The best Magento 2 extensions

The best Magento extensions

The module is fast and flexible, supports Google Analytics integration (so you can freely measure your campaign results), and provides over 50 ready-made configurations. Below, we describe how this tool works.

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