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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Amasty Promo Banners Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Amasty Promo Banners Magento 2 Extension Review; Amasty Promo Banners Magento 2 Module Overview

Showing banners on web store pages is one of the most effective ways to timely inform online shoppers about running promo campaigns and special offers. Unfortunately, the default Magento 2 platform doesn’t provide an easy way to display catchy banners on store pages. Therefore, not all website visitors are informed about promotions and hot deals you offer. To solve this problem, we recommend you paying attention to the Magento 2 banner extension by Amasty. The Promo Banners module allows merchants to configure flexible conditions for promotion rules that will act as a basis for banners display. This way, you can set up targeted campaigns and reach your marketing goals more easily.  Continue Reading

Mirasvit Custom Form Builder Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 Custom Form Extension

Today, we will talk about creating custom web forms on a Magento 2 site. If you are looking for an appropriate third-party solution with a comprehensive set of tools, pay attention to the Magento 2 Custom Form Builder extension by Mirasvit. With the module. online store managers can quickly build custom forms for various purposes and tweak their design and layout. The Magento 2 custom form module comes with a drag-and-drop form constructor, a rich selection of elements, support for various field input types, and other handy features. Below, we have a closer look at the Mirasvit Custom Form Builder extension’s functionality and describe how it works in the backend and frontend.
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Exponentially Faster Magento 2 Hosting with LiteMage Cache

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 LiteMage Cache extension

Looking for the fastest, most scalable, and secure hosting for Magento 2? Look for a hosting provider that offers LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) and LiteMage Cache.

By now, everyone knows that Magento itself recommends Varnish to cache your Magento 2 store. There are many reasons for this, mostly it boils down to the fact that NGINX+Varnish is free and widely used due to that fact. So, what other options are there? Continue Reading

Magento 2 GeoIP Extension by Mageplaza

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

magento 2 geo ip extension

Magento 2 GeoIP is a powerful extension that can track the customers’ location via their IP addresses. Any customer access your site will be redirected automatically to the relevant store view for their convenience and best user experience.

Magento 2 GeoIP by Mageplaza facilitates customers by creating a personalized user experience with straightforward operational merchandise.  Continue Reading

SAP Business One In-Depth Review: Business Partner Master Data

- E-Commerce

sap business one tutorial

The following material continues the topic that we brought up in this article: SAP Business One Master Data Essentials. Now, we focus on SAP B1 business partner master data, continuing our SAP Business One tutorial. It is a long-term project aimed at exploring the ERP system in the smallest details. As for the post below, you will find out how to create and manage business partner master data in SAP Business One Continue Reading

Amasty Automatic Promotions for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 promotions module

Online shoppers love discounts and special offers that allow them to save money. Today, we present a powerful tool that helps online store owners create unique promo campaigns and attract website visitors’ attention using various design elements. Meet Amasty Automation Suite – a solution for Magento 2 stores that offers a comprehensive toolset for setting up exclusive marketing campaigns and automates work with promotions. Below, we describe the functionality of the Magento 2 Automatic Promotions extension. 
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Magento 2 Product Alerts Extension by Mageplaza

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

magento 2 product alerts extension

These days, customers are too busy and don’t want to waste their time paying a visit to your store only for updates. 

With the support from Mageplaza Product Alerts for Magento 2, you can send alerts to your existing and potential customers automatically and systematically. 

The most important thing about this module is customers opt-in receive alerts about their subscribed products, which makes your notification effort more receptive to the audience.  Continue Reading

SAP Business One In-Depth Review: Master Data Essentials

- E-Commerce

sap business one tutorial

In the following article, we explore the backbone of all operations in SAP Business OneMaster Data. The ERP system’s corresponding element lets you adjust the information about your partners, clients, and products and store it most efficiently. The following material sheds light on how to use Master Data in SAP Business One, including SAP Master Data creation and management processes. Besides, we shed light on how to set up predefined values and defaults for master data in SAP Business One. Since Business Partner Master Data and Item Master Data creation is a complex process, we give special consideration to it via two separate articles.  Continue Reading

Magento 2 Shipping Rules Extension By Mageplaza

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

The e-commerce environment is always complicated and changing every day, creating lots of difficulties for e-store owners to increase their competitive edge in the market. 

One highly-competitive aspect that has significantly impacted businesses’ bottom line is shipping rates. 

Mageplaza Shipping Rules for Magento 2 is a powerful tool designed to make that competitive edge for e-commerce businesses. A perfect assistant for the store’s admin to modify shipping rules with no difficulty, set up unlimited shipping rates, and so forth.  Continue Reading