SAP integration services of Firebear Studio

As a SAP partner we are offering integration services, analytics, and consultations services for SAP B1 ERP users. With experience integrating e-commerce platforms with SAP, and setting up business processes, we offer support and best development practices.
Firebear Studio can build integrations using SAP Integration Framework or via IPAAS, whichever is more convenient for you.

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What SAP integration services we offer

As a SAP, Magento 2/Adobe, and Shopware partner we offer our expertise at your services. We are working as proven domain experts in analysis, solution specialist, and integrator.
We offer 100% open code solutions with the solution code ownership belonging to your company.

SAP integration with e-commerce

  • Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce and Cloud integration with SAP
  • Shopware integration with SAP
  • Shopify integration with SAP
  • BigCommerce integration with SAP

SAP integration with management software

  • Salesforce integration with SAP
  • Knak integration with SAP
  • POS systems integration with SAP
  • PIM integration with SAP

SAP consultation service

  • Building proper business processes
  • Taking advantage of the available functionality
  • Using SAP for daily routine
  • Integrating SAP into your business processes

SAP integration use cases

Integration with e-commerce system

This type of integration saves tens of hours of the management time, and allows your team to work inside SAP leaving the backend management of the store for a single manager. The e-commerce integration automates product, catalog, and customer management processes by automatically syncing the data between your SAP and store, be it Magento 2, Shopware, Shopify, or BigCommerce.

SAP integration with CRM applications

One of the most often used SAP integration patterns. Automating the work of the sales manager by syncing new prospects and customers between CRM and ERP systems save hours of manual labor. With the help of Firebear Studio you can ensure that the data is synced in a timely manner and that all performance, sales and other critical business data is being carefully managed.

SAP integration with supplier systems

A warehouse management system or any third-party management tool your supplier is using to send you the updates - everything can be integrated and synced with SAP. For example if you are low on particular supplies your SAP can automatically send a purchase requisition to your supplier with the assistance of our developers.

SAP integration with POS systems

If you are having an offline store every purchase order needs to be accounted for. Here you can integrate your POS software with your SAP to automatically sync new orders from your offline stores and keep track of your sales automatically saving management and processing time.

We are trusted by our customers

About Firebear Studio GmbH

Firebear Studio is a SAP partner company with passion for e-commerce projects. We have been working with SAP and e-commerce integrations for years, took care of different businesses, and delivered proper integration solutions that benefited the end company in terms of sales and management improvements.

We already offer solutions for the major e-commerce solutions for data import, export, and management, and want to provide our services and development expertise to your business.

Sync products, customers, orders, and other with SAP ERP
Sychronize product, order, customer from MS Dynamics with Magento 2
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Magento 2 integration with Salesforce CRM, supports all entities

Benefits of SAP integration

  • Direct connection of SAP with the end solution - an ecommerce store or any other software
  • Real-time data sync between SAP and your store
  • Integration of any iteration of SAP - Business one, ERP, Hanna, SCM, FI, HCM, BI; with any 3rd party system - E-Commerce platform like Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce, any ERP, CRM, BI, PIM system
  • Use of the proven practices with SAP Integration Framework
  • Support of all SAP and your ecommerce entities
  • Enable access of enterprise applications to access any integrated functionality

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