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Firebear Studio is a certified Shopware 6 developer and Shopware App Contest winner of 2021. We offer a full spectrum of custom Shopware development and integration services with any management software. Drop us a line, and get a quote.

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Custom Shopware development services by Firebear

Firebear Studio is a development agency with more than 10 years of data import and export expertise. With Shopware 6 hitting the market, we have invested heavily in the development practices and become Shopware App Contest 2021 winner with Improved Import, Export & Mass Actions app, and earned Shopware Certified Developer badges.
We have been working with Shopware 6 as a plugin and app developer, taking advantage of the Shopware API-first and headless approach. Now, we have our services available for your projects and integrations.

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About Shopware

Shopware is the new Magento. Shopware is everything Magento aspired to be. Created in 2003, Shopware 6 is the best e-commerce open-source system out there, which raised over $100,000,000 in investments in 2022 marking a year of growth and success.

With intuitive content management capabilities, drag-drop design layouts, and flexible product and catalog management tools - Shopware 6 became one of the main e-commerce players. Same for the integration capabilities with the “API first” approach Shopware shines even more.

Shopware is a go-to platform for creating customizable online shops which are expected to grow and handle thousands of products, and customers. The platform is open for developers and offers both self-hosted on-prem installation and cloud subscription.

Shopware 6 store development cycle

Gathering information and analyzing the data

We establish communication, make several calls and try to gather as many requirements as we can to make sure the end store with the products meets every acceptance criteria.

Planning and designing

Once the specification for the project is finalized, and we have discussed every crucial aspect, we begin planning the development. The approval calls on the deadlines, technology stacks and other means of delivery are being conducted until a prototype is accepted.


Based on the specification Firebear Studio Shopware development team starts working on implementing the project. Tasks are put into epics, epics are assigned to the teams, and are put into sprints. The development starts with the MVP, which can be used a reference for further adjustments of the project.

Testing and optimizing

Testing is an ongoing process that is conducted by our team internally. Every testing iteration is reviewed for potential code optimization and delivery time optimization. Another testing aspect is the security of the Shopware store, which is additionally tested with the latest security patches.

Deploying and going live

Once we get your approval, and you have put your hands on the store it can go live if no other tasks are available and discussed. Depending on the dealines, availability of the resouces, and expected traffic we make necessary adjustments.


Once the Shopware store is deployed and customers start using it there may be additional use cases or bug fixes which have not been considered beforehand. That’s where we finalize and polish the developed solution and make sure it meets the expectations of your customers.

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